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MZ Digivolution 03
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Download all Tamers' Fanmade BioMerge sequence by MZ!!

 Guilmon: Digivolutions

-- Jyarimon
-- Gigimon
-- Guilmon
-- Growlmon
-- WarGrowlmon

 -- Gallantmon

-- Megidramon Dark Digivolution

 Terriermon: Digivolutions

-- Zerimon
-- Gumimon
-- Terriermon
-- Gargomon
-- Rapidmon
-- Mega Gargomon

 Renamon: Digivolutions

-- Reremon
-- Viximon
-- Renamon
-- Kyubimon
-- Sakuyamon

 Leomon: Jeri
In Digimon Tamers, Jeri's Leomon dies. It has been confirmed (by Episode 51 of the Show) that Leomon will not come back. However, some people are hoping to see him return in the 6th Movie: "Digimon Express Runs Wild". However, we do know that he will always be in Jeri's heart.

 Lopmon: Suzie
Antylamon the Deva? Lopmon?
In Episode 33 Suzie searches for Terriermon, and ends up in the DigiWorld. She finds Antylamon (Rabbit Deva) and pesters her. Antylamon starts playing with Suzie, and ends up fighting Makuramon, the Monkey Deva, to protect Suzie/. As a punishment, the master reverted him to Rookie - Lopmon, and took away the power to digivolve. However, Suzie became the holder of the Pink D-Power, and Lopmon's Tamer.

 Guardromon: Kazu
An Andromon is hurt in the series, and reverts to Guardromon. Kazu wants to help it, and eventually becomes the holder of the Copper D-Power, and Guardromon's Tamer. This is a great idea as in the beginning, Kazu showed lots of offense power, and now has a digimon with a great defense.

 MarineAngemon: Kenta
MarineAngemon is a tiny Digimon, who Evolved with Calumon's Shining Digivolution into a Mega. However, he just fits in Kenta's pocket, and that's where Kenta found out that he's a Tamer, the holder of the Pearl D-Power. MarineAngemon has the awesome ability to walk through the D-Reaper bubbles without hurting himself, and can also heal others.

 Cyberdramon: Ryo
- Monodramon
- Strikedramon
- Cyberdramon
- Justimon

Ryo & Cyberdramon had been in the Digital World for 10 months, and then they met with the Tamers, and travelled to the Real World with them. Cyberdramon digi-de-volved to Monodramon, and back again. Then, Ryo fuses with Cyberdramon to form Justimon, the Mega Warrior. Strikedramon is confirmed to be Cyberdramon's Champion form, but never appeared in the show.

- Impmon
- Bogeymon
- Phelesmon
- Beelzemon
- Beelzemon Blast Mode
Impmon was originally a semi-bad guy, but, when his Tamers want him back, he starts to care for them, and Evolves to Beelzemon. Not only that, but he Mode Shifts to Blast Mode with a toy gun that Mako (Tamer) gave him. Bogeymon & Phelesmon are rumored to be his Champion/Ultimate forms.