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Tamers Episode Guide
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The Battle Within

As the episode starts, we see Guilmon and Takato Biomerging to Gallantmon, as in the last episode. The other Tamers are astonished - Henry points out that it must be Guilmon's true Mega form, and Rika wonders where Takato went. They don't seem to realize that Takato has merged with Guilmon.

Gallantmon tells Beelzemon that he cannot forgive him for killing Leomon, and for betraying the Devas, and Beelzemon replies that he doesn't recall asking for forgiveness, and that Gallantmon will ask for forgiveness when Beelzemon would destroy him. Gallantmon does not seem shaken, and with a "So be it", they charge towards each other...

Gallantmon charges at Beelzemon with his lance, and they both jump in the air to attack each other. After Gallantmon hits Beelzemon with his lance, he remarks that "This is not gonna be easy!", while Beelzemon thinks that Gallantmon is strong. Henry analyzes Gallantmon: "Exhaulting Knight Digimon. His Lightning Joust and Shield of the Just attacks are unstoppable!"

Renamon points out that at last they have a Mega on their side. Gallantmon and Beelzemon are pushing each other - Gallantmon seems to be winning. Kenta, Kazu & Guardromon are looking on, and Kenta notices that Takato's not there. Switch to Jeri, who's still really depressed on Leomon's death.

Then, Beelzemon and Gallantmon charge at each other so powerfully that they rebound off each other, and Gallantmon falls near the Tamers, with Beelzemon in front of him. Beelzemon tells Gallantmon to get out of the way, and Gallantmon replies that if Beelzemon has no remorse for what he's done, he's got no choice but to destroy Beelzemon.

Beelzemon's Bike falls out of the sky, and Beelzemon charges with it towards the Tamers, while shooting at Gallantmon. Gallantmon protects them with his shield, and charges towards Beelzemon. Beelzemon hits Gallantmon, but he manages to stand up again. Beelzemon goes on towards Gallantmon once again...

Kenta is worried about Takato, and tells Kazu that he's gone. Kazu wonders if he fell down the waterfall, and Kenta replies that he's serious - Takato could be dead or murdered. Renamon says that she failed protecting Rika, but Rika replies that Renamon's job is to rest - she hasn't failed anyone.

Gallantmon is confused - Beelzemon is driving round him in circles, and Gallantmon can't get a lock on. After jeering him, Beelzemon jumps off his bike, and attacks Gallantmon, who's hurt.

Terriermon points out that if he could just digivolve, he would help Gallantmon fight. Suzie's moving backwards, but Henry tells her to stay right where she is - she'll probably fall if she moves too much. Jeri uncovers her D-Power, and says that she can't believe Leomon is gone. She says it's her fault - and she was not strong enought to be Leomon's Tamer, and she's sorry.

Back to Gallantmon, Beelzemon is charging with the bike once again, and Gallantmon is on the ground. Just as he's about to be run over, Gallantmon disappears, and his mantle falls off. Beelzemon wonders where he's gone, and Gallantmon fires an attack from the sky - the attack is so powerful that once again it rips up the ground, and Henry and Suzie are seperated.

In Zhuqiaomon's lair, Caturamon is listening to him - Zhuqiaomon points out that maybe Beelzemon is worthy of the powers he has - but there's another one who betrayed him, and orders Caturamon to destroy the traitor, who turns out to be none other than Lopmon the once-Deva.

Back to the Tamers, Lopmon feels Caturamon's presence, and Caturamon points out that it's a tragic waste that a Deva befriended humans. Suzie asks Lopmon is she did something bad, but Lopmon replies that it's Caturamon that's bad. Suzie hugs Lopmon, saying that she can't go away, but Lopmon tells Suzie to back off, or Caturamon will destroy her too.

Caturamon turns into a hammer and plummets towards Suzie. She seems petrified, but Terriermon jumps in and gets the blow instead. Renamon goes near Suzie & Lopmon and takes them near the others. Gallantmon comes, and tells Caturamon that he might be able to defeat a Rookie, but not him. He turns his arm into the lance, and kills the Deva, who shouts out "Long live the Soverign" in a heroic way.

Beelzemon jumps up and steals Caturamon's data. Suzie goes near Henry and starts crying that she was scared, and Terriermon got hurt. Henry tells Suzie that Lopmon's a Deva - and dangerous, but Suzie tells Henry that she's her partner and shows him her D-Power. Henry gets really mad, and stops the conversation, saying that Suzie shouldn't be there.

Renamon tells Rika that she'll retrieve Terriermon. Back to the battle, Gallantmon can't hit Beelzemon, although they're pretty close to each other. Down in a chasm, we see a hurt Terriermon, and Renamon picks him up, and takes him to safety. Terriermon tries to Momentai...

Kazu & Kenta are at the edge, and call Takato, although they think that if he really fell down he wouldn't be able to answer. Beelzemon jumps up from the edge, and scares the two Tamers to death. Guardromon says that he'll protect them, but Beelzemon just kicks him away, and Kazu goes running towards Guardromon saying he will never be able to beat Beelzemon.

Kenta is still watching the furious battle, and is quite near Gallantmon, who tells him to run away. Kenta is paralyzed, as Beelzemon shoots him. Gallantmon bends over Kenta, trying to reassure him, and Kenta's amazed because Gallantmon protected him, when he notices that Gallantmon sounded like Takato.

Gallantmon charges towards Beelzemon and hits him, throwing away one of his guns. Guardromon is carrying Kazu & Kenta, when Kenta, who seems in a trance, tells everyone that he's sure that Gallantmon is actually Takato. He says that Takato is part of Gallantmon now, as Gallantmon charges towards Beelzemon. Kazu says that it's weird.

Beelzemon seems to be winning, and Kazu points out that if Takato's really in there he's toast, and they have to help him. Beelzemon charges at Gallantmon, dropping him to the floor... Beelzemon picks up his gun again, and Kazu wants to help Takato. Beelzemon points his gun at Gallantmon's head, and Takato starts screaming. The other tamers hear him, and wonder how to help him, although Renamon states that he's on his own.

A whistle comes by, and hits Beelzemon - it appears that Guardromon is protecting Gallantmon - trying to give him a chance to stand up again. It works, and Gallantmon charges towards Beelzemon, hitting him. Takato thanks Kazu, and Rika & Henry say that Kenta was right - Takato and Guilmon really have merged.

Gallantmon attacks Beelzemon and blows him in front of Jeri, who's crying and asking them to stop. Beelzemon fires at Gallantmon, who's not hurting, and waits until Beelzemon runs out of ammunition, and fires a Shield of the Just attack, almost finishing Beelzemon off, who can't believe that he's defeated.

Gallantmon is about to finish Beelzemon, because Takato can't accept what he did to Leomon, and that Beelzemon shows no remorse, but before Beelzemon is hit, Jeri shouts out to them to stop, because she couldn't bear anyone else getting hurt. Beelzemon reminds Jeri that he destroyed her partner - and Jeri, who's almost crying, tells him that she hates him for that. But she adds that if Beelzemon died, Leomon wouldn't come back, so it's not worth it. Jeri tells them that Leomon's death is her fault, and if Gallantmon and Beelzemon destroyed each other it would be her fault too.

Jeri starts crying, and Gallantmon digi-de-volves to Takato & Guilmon. Takato tells her that he's really sorry. Beelzemon has some flashback of Ai & Mako, Calumon, and his hatred of humans. He remembers his craze to digivolve without a Tamer. He remembers digivolving to Beelzemon, his agreement with the Soverign, and his Double Impact training on lots of digimon. He remembers Leomon saying that power is not everything, and remembers killing Leomon.

Back to the present time, Beelzemon goes away, and Takato points out that they actually did it, but it feels good to be acutally him again. Guilmon points out that he was happy to fight with Takato, and says that "My me would be happy to be with you me again", which should mean that he'd like to do that again. A D-Power appears before them, this one's gold, not red, with lightning carvings - in Japan known as the Ultimate D-Arc.

Takato knows that whatever happens, they'll always be together. The other Tamers minus Jeri are cheering and calling Takato and Guilmon, who thank them for helping.

Switch to a smokey shallow lake, we now see Ryo and Cyberdramon, who have no idea where they are. Cyberdramon's sensing the presence of a new opponent, but he's not eager to fight him, which, as Ryo points out, is strange for Cyberdramon. Thus, they continue walking through the shallow lake...
No Mon is an Island

Takato, Rika, Henry, Suzie & digimon are looking towards the Soverign's lair, which is really huge. Takato & Rika are over-awed, but Henry says that there's no sense in being scared. He also adds that they have to get Calumon back, so as to get Suzie home.

Lopmon points to a bridge, and announces that it will lead them to Zhuqiaomon's castle - where Calumon is. Takato feels danger, but thinks that they have no choice but to go there. Henry adds that sometimes it seems like they never have a choice.

Henry says that all he ever wanted was to become a Tamer and have some fun, but now that Suzie's life is in danger, he feels responsible, and does not know if they'll get home. Takato understands, and asks how Terriermon is, as in the last episode he got hit pretty hard by Caturamon.

Terriermon replies that he's feeling better, and they'll soon get home, but he only does this not to worry Henry. They meet with Kazu, Guardromon & Kenta, who are all ready to go, but Takato and Rika move to where Jeri is sitting.

Takato asks her if she'll be OK, and says that he doesn't want anyone else to be destroyed, which is the primary reason that he's got to fight the Soverign. Rika adds that Jeri never wanted to fight, and tells her that she doesn't find fighting fun anymore, but there are some fights that no-one can run away from.

Takato tells Jeri to wait there, and when they come back, they can all go home. Sadly, Jeri replies that not everyone will go home as Leomon probably won't come back. Then, they hear Henry shouting.

Takato & Rika run over, and find him talking to Suzie. She wants to go to the castle too, but Henry, worried for her safety, doesn't let her. She says that Lopmon would be going, but Lopmon says that she'll try to make Zhuqiaomon understand. Then, she asks Terriermon to stay behind, as he's hurt, but he says he's fine, and adds that they'll be fine without her, which was a mistake.

Suzie starts crying, and says that they can't leave her alone, while Henry shouts at her to stop crying. She squeezes Lopmon, and says that she's not crying, which gets on Henry's nerves, who's all set to go without her. Suzie runs over to him, and says that she wants to go, but Henry goes in a rage, and tells her to be quiet, after knocking her away.

Sadly, Suzie starts crying again. Henry adds that a little girl is of no use against Digimon, and it's going to be up to him alone to save Calumon. Renamon wonders what Henry's talking about, and Rika wonders what the rest of the Tamers are, if not a team.

Kazu & Kenta offer to stay behind and take care of Suzie, as gentlemen of the Team. Henry thanks them, while Rika's amazed that they had a good idea. Suzie whimpers that she'll be OK, and Takato decides that they should start moving.

Guilmon wonders if they'll have to walk the whole way to the castle, and Lopmon tells them to Momentai, and runs into the unroofed tunnel. Rika, Takato, Henry & digimon run over, and suddenly, a bubble surrounds them, and starts moving them down the tunnel.

Henry starts asking why Suzie came to the Digital World - and Lopmon says that Suzie came for her. Henry then, half angry, asks why Lopmon couldn't go to the Real World instead of Suzie coming. Henry wonders what his parents must be going through without him & Suzie, and Rika wonders about her mum & grandma.

Takato replies that Rika's relatives must be feeling just fine - he did send them an e-mail after all. Rika asks when he did so, and he replies that a while ago, when he, Terriermon & Henry were seperated from the others, they got e-mailed from the Real World. Then, he couldn't find a way to say something, and Rika said it instead - Takato pretended to be Rika and sent an e-mail to her mum & grandma.

Hastily, Takato tries to convince her that he did it because if he said anything else, they'd have gotten worried. Rika then thanks him for doing it, but then, she asks him if he signed the e-mail with a girly heart. We see a flashback of the e-mail:
“Hi. This is Rika. Takato finally gave me the stupid stylus so I can write. I'm fine.YYY”

Takato starts to stammer, and Rika guesses that he did put a heart.  He says that he doesn't even know what a heart looks like. Rika starts raving about how when she'll be done with him, the Devas would seem like cuddly little kitty cats. (There aren't any Devas left actually… except Lopmon, who's a traitor to the Devas & the Soverign).

Henry asks Terriermon if he's OK, and if he's up for the challenge. Terriermon replies that he's so ready that his ears are popping. However, they don't notice that one of Terriermon's ears is slowly fading away…

Rika goes on about how she hates to sign with a heart, and even a smiley face would've been better. Takato says that he put a smiley face, not a heart. This gets Rika going on that she can't believe Takato used a smiley face.

We switch to Zhuqiaomon's castle, where he says that humans are fools, and they'll pay for destroying the Devas and turning other Digimon to the side of humans. He then adds that he's waiting for them, so he can show them the true power of a Digimon.

We switch outside the castle, where the bubble pops open, and the Tamers arrive. Rika's still going on about the smiley face. Takato thinks that the castle's really huge, and the doors open. The Tamers enter, and the Digimon turn to their hidden wild side. Renamon explains that there's a very powerful digimon, like they had never seen before.

Lopmon suggests to keep moving, and Takato thinks that they should move away from danger, not closer to it. They arrive to another big door, and Lopmon says: “My Soverign, hear my humble request.” Then, the doors open, and they come face to face with the Soverign Zhuqiaomon.

Rika & Takato start to tremble with fear, as he says that he'll soon undo the mistake of letting humans in the Digital World, but Henry, who's an overload in anger, moves forward, asks for Calumon.

Zhuqiaomon plainly refuses, saying that the “Catalyst” must remain in the Digital World. Renamon thinks that by “Catalyst” he means Calumon. Henry isn't going to be scared, and tells this to the Soverign, but Takato, Rika & digimon ask him what he's talking about - did he forget that they were a team?

Henry thanks them, and asks Terriermon if he's ready. Terriermon replies that he is, while his ear continues to fade… unnoticed… Suddenly, 3 Cards are slashed. “Matrix Digivolution Activate!!” Terriermon, Renamon and Guilmon digivolve to their Ultimate forms of Rapidmon, Taomon and WarGrowlmon.

Zhuqiaomon mocks them, and Rapidmon's gun shooter starts to fade. This time, Henry notices. With a breath of fire, the Soverign knocks all the Digimon down, and Takato wonders how he can be so powerful. The Soverign then asks the Digimon why they depend on humans for strength, and adds that if the Digital World crumbles, it's all fault of the Digimon partners. He then proceeds to shoot another breath of fire.

This time, only Rapidmon and WarGrowlmon go to attack him - Taomon is busy in keeping up a shield to protect the others. Rika tells Taomon to try and digivolve to Mega level, but Taomon replies that if she lets go they will be roasted. Takato wonders how he could Biomerge to Gallantmon again, as we switch to Jeri, staring at the static D-Power.

Kazu tells Guardromon to watch Suzie, and runs over to Kenta & Jeri. Jeri's thinking that if it wasn't for her, he'd still be alive. Back in the castle, WarGrowlmon and Rapidmon attack Zhuqiaomon, but, as Rika says, his heat is like a barrier, and nothing can get through to him. Zhuqiaomon proceeds to fire another attack. This knocks both Digimon down, and causes WarGrowlmon to fall on Taomon's shield, breaking it.

Zhuqiaomon fires yet another attack and WarGrowlmon tries to protect the others. Rapidmon tries to attack, but his gun shooter diappears, and Zhuqiaomon slams him into a wall. Now most of him is fading. Lopmon says that without the power to digivolve she's powerless, and Zhuqiaomon asks Lopmon to join him again, and he'll forgive her betrayal, so they would destroy the humans together. Lopmon says that she can't serve someone who believes in violence, and Zhuqiaomon proceeds to destroy her, as she tries to shield herself in vain, and shouts out.

Suzie, who's closely watched by Guardromon, hears Lopmon's shout, and takes out her D-Power. She sees Lopmon, and then the screen fades out. She makes a move towards the castle, but remembers Henry's anger, and stops. She climbs to the top of the structure above the unroofed tunnel, and Guardromon asks if she's sure it's safe. She replies she isn't sure, and he says “OK!”. Suzie wishes to be near Lopmon, and holds the D-Power tightly, when she's lifted in the air by the force of the D-Power, and taken towards the castle. Kazu comes back and asks Guardromon where Suzie is, and he replies that she flew away. Kazu tells him that he was supposed to be watching her, and he says that he watched the whole thing.

Back to Lopmon, we see that WarGrowlmon's protecting her from the flames. Zhuqiaomon asks if it's enough, and proceeds to continue attacking. Rapidmon fires a weak missile, and says that they'll never give up, while he's fading. Henry blames himself for sending Rapidmon in battle while hurt, and says that he's the worst Tamer ever. Rapidmon denies it, and tries to fight Zhuqiaomon. This time, the attack hurts Rapidmon, and he digi-de-volves back to Terriermon.

Henry picks Terriermon up, and tells him that he's sorry. Terriermon replies that Henry must realize something, and tells him that he can't do everything alone. Terriermon tells him that the Tamers are his friends and he must let them help him. Just on cue, Suzie comes flying in, and as everyone's astonished, she says that Lopmon called her.

Then, Terriermon tells Henry that if he ever got lost he would meet back at Henry's house, which meant that Terriermon would never leave Henry. Suzie asks Lopmon if she's coming too, and Lopmon asks if she really can join them, as she was a Deva. Suzie, Taomon, Rika & WarGrowlmon all agree that she can join them, and Takato says that they only have to get past the turkey. Terriermon asks Henry if he's going to be beaten by a turkey, and Henry tells Terriermon that they have to fight together.

“Biomerge Digivolution. Biomerge Activate! Terriermon Biomerge to… MegaGargomon!!”

Together, Henry & Terriermon Biomerged to MegaGargomon, a Mega level Digimon who's very high, and resembles a cyborg robot. Then, we see Calumon climbing up, out from his prison… Rika reads MegaGargomon's status from her D-Power - “MegaGargomon. His special attack's Gargo Missle!”

Takato points out that it should be called “Humongously Enormous Seven Stories Tall Missle” from the looks of it. Inside MegaGargomon, Henry wonders if he really became a Digimon, and Terriermon's voice says that they became one together. Henry & Terriermon both feel each other's power. Terriermon feals healed.

Zhuqiaomon is disgusted that Digimon & Humans digivolve together, and starts to destroy everything. Taomon protects everyone except WarGrowlmon and MegaGargomon with a shield, and the castle starts crumbling. MegaGargomon and Henry proceed to attack Zhuqiaomon with a Power Pummel, and many karate kicks, and blasts. Zhuqiaomon is in pain, and tries to attack, but MegaGargomon attacks with the Humongously Enormous Seven Sto… OK, with the Gargo Missles, and cuts through the attack, hitting Zhuqiaomon, who says that he won't be defeated that easily, and the floor beneath him crumbles, and he falls down too.

MegaGargomon decides to go and look for Calumon as soon as he digi-de-volves. Henry wonders if they can just go home, or if there are other battles they have to fight. Henry then says that they are a team as Tamers, and Lopmon is striken by the fact that Digimon & Humans together can defeat the most powerful Digimon. Henry decides to go and look for Calumon, but… it's not over. Zhuqiaomon rises from the pit, more angry and powerful than before, ready to destroy the Tamers & their Digimon…
Azulongmon Explains It All

The Monster Makers are woring on the Ark to transport the Tamers back to the Real World, and Henry's dad comments on how it must be perfect. Then, he adds that it takes a lot of time to be finished, and Yamaki agrees. The Monster Makers comment on how exciting the building of the Ark is, and how similar it is to when they were creating the Digimon. However, Henry's dad is afraid that the time left is not enough for the Tamers to return.

Back to the Tamers in the Digital World, Zhuqiaomon has just revived, and is very angry, because the Tamers believed that they had beaten him. He goes on about how they have just sealed their doom. He attacks them, and they are sent flying in the air. However, Rika slashes a Blue Card, and Renamon matrix digivolves to Taomon, creating a shield in which all the Tamers land.

Rika notices that Zhuqiaomon is preparing for a second attack, and Taomon starts to move the shield away from him. Guilmon asks Taomon how long she can keep up the shield, and Taomon promptly collapses to the floor. Guilmon guesses that the shield will soon vanish, and Suzie notices Zhuqiaomon coming back.

Taomon moves the shield, and Zhuqiaomon bumps into it, causing the shield to topple away. Henry comments on how they can't beat him because they're always running away, and Takato tells him that they'll never beat him if they're destroyed either. Guilmon and Terriermon jump out of the shield to distract Zhuqiaomon, and attack him, but Zhuqiaomon isn't affected. He tells them to surrender, and bumps into them, causing Guilmon and Terriermon to fall in the water below.

Takato tries to make Zhuqiaomon understand, but the Soverign is in no condition to hear him. He goes on by attacking Guilmon and Terriermon, who are swimming to the shore, and Lopmon says that no-one can withstand that attack. The two digimon grab onto some rocks, and Taomon tells Takato that she cannot help them. However, just as everything seems lost, a blue bolt of thunder comes from the clouds, and stops Zhuqiaomon's attack.

A huge blue cloud approaches, and Zhuqiaomon wonders who dares defy him. A great, blue digimon tells Zhuqiaomon to cease his attacks, and roars. Everyone seems surprised. Zhuqiaomon and the digimon start to argue. Back on the shore, Kazu, Kenta, Guardromon and Jeri are watching the whole thing, and wonder what the blue cloud is.

In the shield, Takato analyzes to Digimon - “Azulongmon - He's one of the four Soverign.” No-one can understand why Azulongmon is fighting Zhuqiaomon, and Lopmon hopes that they won't join forces, because two Soverign can wipe them out in one shot. Rika wonders how they can beat two Soverign if they can't even beat one of them.

Zhuqiaomon tells Azulongmon to stop - the humans may ruin the Digimon's chance of survival, but Azulongmon disagrees, as not everyone believes as Zhuqiaomon does. Azulongmon asks the other Soverign to put aside his senseless quest to destroy the humans, but Zhuqiaomon does not want to do so, and promptly attacks Azulongmon. This one fires a beam, and sends the Tamers in the shield flying again, so they are away from the range of attack. Thus, the Tamers wonder if he really did save them.

The other 3 Tamers hope everything is OK, as the battle continues. Azulongmon tells Zhuqiaomon to stop the attacks and vendetta against the humans. Zhuqiaomon tells him that the humans destroyed the Devas, but Azulongmon reminds him that it was Zhuqiaomon who sent the Devas to the Real World, and destroy the humans first.

Then, Zhuqiaomon continues that if they overcome the humans, they will be powerful enough to Digivolve and fight the True Enemy. Azulongmon tells Zhuqiaomon that it was the Digivolution that left them vulnerable. He also says that they've got to stop advancing. Zhuqiaomon asks him if it was him that turned the Catalyst into a Digimon. Suzie cannot understand, but Rika thinks that Azulongmon turned out to be their ally.

Henry wonders who the “true enemy” is, and Lopmon answers that no-one knows - it's not a Digimon, but not a Human either, or a DigiGnome. She goes on to say that it's a big mystery.

Zhuqiaomon and Azulongmon continue to argue, and Zhuqiaomon tells Azulongmon that the Catalyst might save them. We then see Calumon still climbing the wall of his prison. Azulongmon says that Zhuqiaomon is playing a very dangerous game. Zhuqiaomon says that he will use the Catalyst to save them.

Calumon is still wondering why no rope or ladder is in this prison, and slips. Fortunately, he manages to hold on, and reumes his climbing. Henry asks Lopmon if they're sure the Catalyst is Calumon, and Lopmon says yes.

Zhuqiaomon says that Humans and Digimon work seperately, but Azulongmon says that a powerful creature is born when both Digimon & Humans work together. Zhuqiaomon replies that Biomerging is wrong, and he refuses to acknowledge it as an answer. He is so sure of it, that he's ready to risk the existance of the entire Digital World.

Guilmon grabs onto another rock, after swimming for a long distance, and Zhuqiaomon challenges anyone to prove that Biomerging is right, and proceeds to attack Guilmon. Takato asks Zhuqiaomon to stop, and remembers Jeri & Leomon. Takato says that he's got to make Zhuqiaomon understand, and Guilmon calls him. Then, Takato leaps out of the shield and beyond Zhuqiaomon's attack, and with the power of the D-Power, starts shining…

”Biomerge Digivolution. Biomerge Activate!! Guilmon Biomerge to… Gallantmon!!”

Gallantmon uses his shield to stop Zhuqiaomon's attack, and manages to destroy it. Zhuqiaomon admits that the Biomerge is powerful, but, as Gallantmon charges towards him, Zhuqiaomon says that the digivolution is not powerful enough. However, Takato says that Zhuqiaomon must realize that Humans & Digimon are powerful when working together, and starts attacking him.

Zhuqiaomon proceeds to attack Gallantmon, who stops it with his shield, and says that they want to protect the world as much as Zhuqiaomon wants to, but Zhuqiaomon says that they are lying, adding that Humans will never take over the Digital World, and Gallantmon says that Zhuqiaomon misunderstood everything.

Takato, in a rage, tells Zhuqiaomon that if the only way to make him believe is to destroy him, then he'll destroy Zhuqiaomon, and Gallantmon proceeds to attack. Azlumongmon stops the fighting, and says that they should fight the “true enemy”, and not each other. He then asks Zhuqiaomon to give the humans a chance.

Ryo and Cyberdramon are flying towards the White Castle, home of the Soverign Baihumon, and arrive on a cliff overlooking a forest. However, Ryo is not sure that they should fight Baihumon. Cyberdramon wants to knock down the forest to see if Baihumon's in there, but Ryo thinks it might be a trap.

The forest starts moving, and two turtle heads appear. Ryo analyzes it. “Ebonwumon - Mega Beast Digimon. He's one of the Soverign!” Cyberdramon wishes to fight Ebonwumon, who points to the left. There's a gorge, where some pretty wild fighting is going on. Cyberdramon thinks there's a battle between Baihumon and something else.

Kazu, Kenta & Jeri are on Guardromon, who's flying over to the other Tamers. Takato & Guilmon (who aren't Gallantmon anymore) greet them, and Takato asks Jeri how she is. Jeri announces that all they've seen is pain, and puzzles the others. Henry asks Jeri to bear the pain, and asks Azulongmon who the “true enemy” is.

The Soverign explains that none of them had contact with it, they don't know its name, or what it is. Zhuqiaomon says that it wants to destroy them & the Digital World. Rika asks where it came from, but Azulongmon does not know anything, except that it was created in the creation of the Digital World, and that it hid beneath the layers of the Digital World. Takato is amazed at that.

Azulongmon spreads a circle in the water, and several smaller circles are shown. He explains about the formation of the Digital World, and Kazu and Kenta crack some jokes which annoy Azulongmon and the others. He explains how the “true enemy” destroyed the DigiGnomes and ancestors of the Digimon back in the past, and that it is their greatest fear…

Back to Ryo, he says the battle in the gorge has quietened down, and Cyberdramon says that the powerful thing is still in there, and Ryo wonders how something could scare a Soverign so much.

Back to Azulongmon, he says that the “true enemy” had just disappeared, and so, the Digimon started to Digivolve, each creating new worlds, or planes of the Digital World. He says that they lived in peace and harmony. He says the Soverign built their domain to protect the Digital World, but all this progress awoke the “true enemy” once again, so it was their own fault.

Back to Ryo & Cyberdramon, the battle in the gorge resumes, and the rock crumbles down, almost making Ryo fall. Ryo is curious to see what's happening, but after some time, he loses his confidence.

Zhuqiaomon explains that the Catalyst allowed them to Digivolve beyond what they were, and destroys a bunch of rocks, revealing a red pyramid, similar to Calumon's “Crystal Matrix” symbol on his head. Azulongmon says that the Catalyst was hidden in the form of a Digimon. Back to Calumon, he's still climbing, and wondering when he'll reach the top.

Azulongmon approaces Zhuqiaomon, who asks him how Azulongmon turned the Catalyst into a Digimon. Azulongmon says that it was his idea, and the DigiGnomes made it true. Right on cue, the DigiGnomes arrive, bringing a transparent figure with them. It's Shibumi Mizuno, whom Takato recognizes. Takato says that the DigiGnomes grant wishes, and Azulongmon says that “it's a correct way to put it.”

The other Tamers wonder who Mizuno is, and Henry replies that Mizuno is a friend of his dad's. Takato asks him if he knows the name of the “true enemy that lived with the Digimon & the DigiGnomes when the Digital World was first created.”

In the Real World, the real Mizuno is hooked up to a machine, and seems sleeping, while pronouncing that it's name is “D-Reaper”. The Tamers hear this, and ask what the D-Reaper is.

Mizuno tells them that originally it was a program to control the growth of Artificial Intelligence, but somehow it mutated, and evolved past the levels of the Digimon, so it is more powerful. Rika starts to ask Mizuno something, but he vanishes from the Digital World, and wakes up in the Real World. The DigiGnomes fly away.

Ryo wonders what is in the gorge, but isn't sure if he should investigate.  He feels powerless, but Ebonwumon tells him that powerless it better than dead. Cyberdramon keeps on growling.

Calumon finally gets to a ledge, and looking upwards, he sees an exit. However, lots of red bubbles start going upwards. By instinct, Calumon thinks they are dangerous, or even more dangerous because they're pretty, while the episode ends.

Song of Sakuyamon

Rika starts the episode by commenting on how they can't save Calumon if they don't move from where they are. It seems as if finally, Zhuqiaomon and Azulongmon will help them, although Zhuqiaomon still doesn't trust the humans.

Zhuqiaomon has a sudden vision, and starts roaring. Takato asks him what's wrong, and Zhuqiaomon replies that he saw the Chaos increase in his mind's eye. Henry thinks that the “true enemy” - D-Reaper, is closer than they thought, and Takato is worried for Calumon.

Guilmon asks Azulongmon to help, and Azulongmon agrees, and says that the Catalyst must be retrieved, then, he blows a sort of cloud from his body, which sucks the Tamers. Rika pokes her head through the cloud, and finds out that they're flying - apparently, Azulongmon is taking them to where Calumon is.

The Tamers are surprised, but Takato is looking on at the depressed Jeri, and asks her if she's OK. He then goes on to say that he misses her cheerfulness and kindness. She replies that she isn't the nice person Takato knows.

Jeri says that when her real mother died, she swore to herself that no-one would take her mother's place. She says that her step-mum always wanted to be her friend, but Jeri never let her. Takato says that she's the nicest person he knows, and leaves.

Renamon & Rika discuss how Jeri was powerless to save Leomon, and so, is now depressed, and Rika feels sorry for her. Jeri sinks to the floor, and wonders if her destiny is to be alone.

Switch to Ryo. Apparently, the furious fighting stopped, and he asks Cyberdramon if the enemy left. Cyberdramon says that his enemy was there just a while ago, and Ryo wonders where Baihumon is. Ebonwumon tells him that Baihumon never gives up fighting, and, right on cue, Baihumon comes up.

Baihumon looks awful, and Ryo analyzes him. “Baihumon - A Mega. Guardian of the West. He's one of the four Digimon Soverign!” Promptly, Baihumon collapses. Ebonwumon says that Baihumon was fighting D-Reaper. Ryo thinks that whatever did that to a Soverign is not a Digimon, and Cyberdramon says that he wants to defeat him.

Misunderstanding, Ebonwumon says that no-one will defeat Baihumon unless they defeat Ebonwumon himself first, but Ryo explains that Cyberdramon wants to defeat whatever Baihumon was fighting, and leaves, going down in the gorge.

Back to the others, they arrive at the place where Calumon was being held, and Azulongmon hopes they're in time to save him. Then, he places the Tamers upon a floating ledge. They don't see Calumon or the bottom to the chasm, but Henry spots some crimson bubbles - the Chaos.

The Tamers see Chaos (a form of D-Reaper) disintegrate a floating ledge, and notice its destructive powers. The Soverign are surprised that D-Reaper is already nearby, and Zhuqiaomon attempts to destroy Chaos by going down in the chasm.

Azulongmon comments on how the Catalyst is both the source of power, and the source to destruction. He says that the D-Reaper is drawn to the Catalyst's powers, and that the enemy will always be near Calumon. It seems as if someone's always trying to kidnap Calumon.

Promptly, Cyberdramon & Ryo appear, and the Catalyst is forgotten for a while. Ryo asks Rika not to leave again because of him, and tells her that she's looking good and that she hasn't changed a bit.

Zhuqiaomon comes up, with a broken wing, and it seems as if the Chaos is too powerful for him. Azulongmon says that the Chaos cannot be destroyed, and Kazu comments on how the Chaos might have reached Calumon already.

We zoom down to Calumon, who's just slipped again, but grabbed hold of the ledge before falling. He's in the middle of the Chaos bubbles, and is trying to re-assure himself, and saying that he's brave, but soon loses his own will-power, as he wishes for someone to help him.

Azulongmon notices the Chaos' increase, and moves the Tamers' floating ledge to the wall, in which it promptly crashes. Jeri says that they seem destined to fail, as the Tamers comment on how the Chaos will soon reach them. Rika & Renamon decide to go further down on their own, ignoring the other's pleas to go back up. Ryo & Cyberdramon go down too, trying to save Rika.

Multiple times, Rika is about to fall down, but Renamon always steadies her. The others glimpse the Chaos down below. Rika wonders how long it would take to fall to the bottom, and asks Renamon if they can change their destiny. Renamon replies positively, and Rika asks if they can change Leomon's destiny. Renamon says that no-one can change the past, but they can choose to accept it and become stronger. She says that Jeri is left indipendent to choose whether to remain sad, or to accept Leomon's death.

Rika reveals that she wants Jeri to be OK, and they meet Calumon, who's trying to cheer himself up by imagining he's a train - “Chugga chugga chugga… whoa!! Aw nuts…”. He runs up to Rika, who grabs him. Calumon says that he was all cold, lonely and scared, while Rika understands, and re-assures him.

Rika's backpack gets sucked by a Chaos bubble, and one of them is about to hit Rika, when Cyberdramon attacks it, and Ryo pulls Rika & Calumon in a cave. Rika thinks they can't get out, but Ryo has an idea. He goes out, and slashes a card. “DigiModify!! Avenging Knight Activate!!” In the Japanese version, it was known as “Knight Device”. This is the second Device card we see Ryo use, the first being “King Device” or “Goliath”.

Cyberdramon holds two spears, knocks them in the wall, and drops lots of rocks to block Chaos. However, Ryo says it won't last for long, and urges Rika to go back up.

Back to the others and the two Soverign. Azulongmon is lowering Kazu, Kenta, Henry & Takato on his beard, much to Zhuqiaomon's disappointment. They are trying to go down the pit and get Rika & the others back. Azulongmon warns them that the Chaos will soon get them.

Then, the Chaos starts to break through the rocks. Ryo tells Rika to go up first, and they see the dangling Tamers trying to get to them. Rika is amused by the sight, but doesn't need any help. Ryo tries to hit a bubble from hitting him, and his gauntlet disappears. He urges Rika to go back up, but she doesn't answer him.

She says that there's no way that they can escape Chaos, and hands him Calumon. With Renamon, she continues descending down the pit. The others try to tell her to go back, but she doesn't take any notice.

Renamon asks Rika to go back, but Rika refuses. She asks Renamon why she's remaining there, and Renamon replies that she's a Digimon, and fighting is her way of life. However, Rika is not moved, and she tells Renamon that she'll choose her own destiny, and fight with Renamon. Together, they jump off the ledge.

Ryo shouts out, and Rika & Renamon start shining. Calumon notices what's about to happen and look happy. Rika & Renamon reach Chaos, and…

“Biomerge Digivolution. Biomerge Activate!! Renamon Biomerge to… Sakuyamon!”

Rika is overjoyed. “All right! So warm! Sakuyamon… I feel her strength, her power, her thoughts… I am Sakuyamon, and she is me.”

Calumon comments on how Rika & Renamon are beautiful, and says that they Biomerged. Then, Sakuyamon starts talking.

“I, Sakuyamon, protector of all things true, will do my duty.” We see Rika praying, and Sakuyamon starts to shine, and glides up.

“River of Chaos, oh Red Sea of Destruction! Follow now my voice, and feel the twin blades of beauty…” She then proceeds to shoot cherry blossom petals from her staff, and annihalates the Chaos bubbles. “… and of truth!! Then, fall before my light!”

The cherry blossom petals surround the whole pit, including Ryo, Calumon and the Tamers. They wonder who Sakuyamon is, and are moved by her beauty. Henry analyzes her. “Sakuyamon. A Shaman Data Type Digimon! Mega Level!” He then notices that Rika & Renamon Biomerged. Sakuyamon asks Takato if he's all right, and he manages to stammer out a “yes…”

Sakuyamon meets with Ryo & Calumon, and they go out of the pit. Zhuqiaomon says that they did well, although they're human, and Azulongmon takes the Tamers to the floor, and they thank each other.

The Tamers wonder if they can go home, and Jeri goes running to Rika, sad because she had thought that Rika had died. Rika was very sympathetic, and Calumon goes up to Jeri, but she doesn't smile or pick him up. Remember that Calumon doesn't know about Leomon's death, and knows Jeri as kind and nice, because that's the way he last saw her.

Suddenly, a D-Reaper geyser starts blowing Chaos bubbles all over the Digital World, and one of them falls near Jeri. Zhuqiaomon urges the Tamers to leave, and says that he'll fight to the bitter end.

Janyu's Ark

Zhuqiaomon starts this episode by telling the Tamers that the battle against D-Reaper is for the Soverign and wild Digimon - and not for the Tamers. Azulongmon agrees, and tells the Tamers to go back home as there's nothing left that they can do.

Takato protests, saying that if they leave, the Soverign & wild Digimon will have to fight the D-Reaper all on their own. Guilmon starts sensing something, and Zhuqiaomon gets out of the way as Chaos starts to go upwards from the prison Calumon was in.

Azulongmon tells them that they can and must go out of the Digital World, and as Chaos retreats, Azulongmon says that by staying there, the Tamers endanger their lives.

Jeri is talking to her puppet about how their lives are already endangered, and her puppet says that Leomon said that it was destiny. Then, Jeri says that destiny isn't very nice, and her puppet agrees.

Back in the real world, we see a helicopter belonging to some news company, who are broadcasting about unexplained earthquake activites that have occurred in West Shinjuku recently.

Yamaki, still flicking that annoying lighter, is thinking that nobody can imagine how dangerous it can become, and small things like unexplained earthquake activities are only the tip of an iceberg. He then proceeds to contact Janyu, Henry's dad, in the Monster Maker offices, and asks him how the Ark is proceeding.

Janyu replies that they only need abit more time, but it may be not enough to save the kids.

Back to the Digital World, we're in the desert plane once again, and there's a sandstorm going on. We can see Beelzemon, who's constantly thinking about Jeri. Lots of Chryalismon are looking on, and he's angry at them for doing so. They proceed to go all over him, and start to drain him of his power.

He tells them to take his power because he doesn't want it, and as they attack him, he starts to weaken, and the red bandana is blown away from his arm…

Renamon senses something, but she's not sure what it is. Chaos comes out of the hole once again, and gets on Zhuqiaomon's nerves, because it's just playing around with them. Suzie wants to “stop the playing”, and Lopmon comforts her.

Ebonwumon and Baihumon arrive, and ask Zhuqiaomon if the true enemy has appeared. He replies positively, telling them that the day that the Soverign feared had arrived.

Baihumon asks if the Catalyst will co-operate. Azulongmon says that the Catalyst must co-operate, or all Digimon will perish. He then tells Calumon that the time has come for him to acknowledge his true nature, which is the truth in his heart.

He tells Calumon that he is the light of digivolution itself, the power that was so dangerous that the Ancient Ones, presumably the DigiGnomes, granted Azulongmon's wish and created Calumon and the Catalyst in one. He then asks Calumon to give the Digivolution to the Digital World once again.

Calumon agrees, and flies up to Azulongmon. Terriermon comments on how Calumon looks really small besides Azulongmon, and Takato wonders what Calumon is about to do.

Ebonwumon asks Calumon if he will help them, and Baihumon says that Calumon is all that stands between Digimon and complete destruction. Zhuqiaomon tells Calumon that it is his duty to give back Digivolution, but Azulongmon says that it is the duty of the Catalyst, and as Calumon is also a Digimon, he has the right to choose his destiny.

Calumon says that he'll help them, and starts spinning around, slowly, trying to find the Digivolution inside him. The triangle on his forehead starts to shine, and the Tamers are awed by it.

The DigiGnomes arrive, and Azulongmon tells them to grant Calumon's wish. Takato says that there are lots of DigiGnomes there. Suddenly, Calumon finds the Digivolution in his heart, and remembers that it has always been there, and thinks that it's warm. A 3D pyramid like the one used for Matrix Digivolution from Champion to Ultimate back in the early 14 - 24 episodes appears, and Calumon is on it.

The pyramid, now removed from Calumon's forehead starts to go down in Calumon's paws, and Calumon shouts out. “Shining Digivolution!” The pyramid turns from red to yellow, and starts shining, and shooting out light of all colours.

The light is spread all over the Digital World, and we see digimon that the Tamers had met, like Chuchidarumon, Clockmon & Hagurumon. We see the Chryalismon form in 3 groups, and each group digivolves to Diaboromon, and they leave a wounded Impmon lying on the ground.

Suddenly, lots of Digimon, all at Mega level, start to appear near Calumon, the Soverign, and the Tamers.

“Gryphomon, Mega Level, Phantom Beast type Digimon.”
“Holomon's another Mega, a Sacred Beast type Digimon.”
“Boltmon, and Plesiomon! Jijimon & Babamon!”

The Tamers start to identify all the Mega Digimon, although Kazu knows the names by heart. Takato notices that the Digimon are all at Mega level, and thinks that they all Digivolved to help in the fight against D-Reaper.

The light stops shining from Calumon, and the triangle is back on his head. He then starts falling down, and feels tired. Rika catches him, and says that Calumon is her hero. Takato and Henry discuss how the DigiGnomes used Calumon's light and delivered it to the other Digimon by using their own light. They sacrificed themselves for the Digital World, and as Terriermon says, it was the biggest wish they ever granted.

A small digimon falls to the ground, and crashes in, literally. Kenta pulls it up, and wonders if the digimon is a Mega. Rika analyzes him. “MarineAngemon - Mega. Special Attack - Kahuna Waves.” Then MarineAngemon saluts Kenta - “Hi!!” In the Japanese version all he could say was “Pi!” and “Pu!” or merge the two together.

MarineAngemon starts to grab Kenta and tries to make Kenta like him, but Kenta misunderstands, and throws MarineAngemon back to the other Megas. Suddenly, Jeri's puppet starts talking on its own, and tells Jeri that sadness can be deleted. The puppet starts pulling Jeri away from the others.

In the Real World, Janyu announces that the Ark is ready, and Takato recieves an e-mail - “We're sending an Ark to bring you home.” Rika asks what an Ark is, and Henry explains that it's like Noah's Ark, only it's a Digital Boat that's being sent to the Real World.

The Tamers start rejoicing about going home. Kazu notices that Jeri disappeared, and Takato says that she can't have gone very far, and starts calling her.

In the Real World, Takato's parents receive a phone call. It seems as if they're being alerted that Takato's going back home. Takato wonders where Jeri is, and Guardromon points her out. She's hiding behind a rock. She comes out. She looks happy, and her eyes are all brown. Takato asks her what she's been doing there. Nobody seems to notice that she is not Jeri. In fact, she is one of the Agents of D-Reaper, and the real Jeri is captured.

However, no-one knows all that, and in the Real World, Riley says that she reached all the Tamers' parents and alerted them. She then asks Janyu what the Ark is. He gives a very confusing explanation about how the Ark was originally a program designed for humans to make direct connection with the Internet. Now, however, it has been modified into the Ark to bring the Tamers home.

The Tamers receive an e-mail. They have to reach the Track of the Ark before the timer reaches 00:00. Takato says that it sounds easy enough, and finds out that they have 40:00 minutes to reach the Ark. The time starts decreasing, and Rika wonders what happens if they don't reach the Ark in 40 minutes. Takato doesn't want to think about it.

Janyu says that the Ark took 3 weeks to build, and that they can't afford to make any mistakes in their first attempt, because there might not be another attempt. Azulongmon tells the Tamers that they can finally go home, because he feels that they have to help in the upcoming battle from the Real World.

Zhuqiaomon tells the Tamers' digimon that he still detests them for choosing life with Humans, and he feels that it is still opposing against Digimon. However, he respects the Digimon's decisions, and tells them to go with the Humans. Lopmon starts acting all graciously, “My Soverign, your generosity and wisdom are without bounds. Thank you!” Terriermon jumps in, and on the contrary of Lopmon, says, “Thanks Zhu-ster! It's been real!”

Henry guesses that they have to go back to where they entered the Digital World - in the desert plane. Azulongmon tells Calumon that he may live the rest of his life as a Digimon, if that's what he wishes. Calumon says that it's his biggest wish, so now, officially, Calumon is a Digimon.

Azulongmon bids farewell to the Tamers, and sends another cloud to take them to the Desert plane. Suddenly, the Chaos starts to come up again, and this time, part of it goes up to the Real World thing in the sky, strikes it, and disintegrates.

In Hypnos, the computers are suffering from lack of processing power, and Yamaki thinks that it can't be an accident because it's in perfect timing. The Tamers are back in the Desert plane.

Renamon catches Impmon's bandana, and says that she feels his presence. Rika wonders at the fact that Impmon is alive, and Renamon asks Rika to go with her. The Tamers oppose to them leaving, but Rika says that they'll be back by nightfall, and Renamon carries her away, and they leave.

In the Real World, Yamaki is distressed that the Hypnos system is down, but Janyu tells him to Momentai, because he has an idea. Rika asks Renamon if she actually heard Impmon, and Renamon says that there's always been a connection between them. She tells Rika that when they became Sakuyamon, she felt a deep, protective feeling for all living things. Rika felt it too.

She tells Renamon that there are many people who need there help, and Renamon tells her that they will start with Impmon, because every wave starts with a drop of water. Rika smiles and says that waves don't make good friends, and Renamon says that if Impmon protests they will gag him with his bandana.

In the Real World, we find that Janyu is sending e-mails all over the world in attempt to help the children. He says that is had been done before - thousands of small computers make up one super-computer, but it hasn't been tried in a crucual time of 15 minutes.

We see different people receiving the same e-mail - “Please help us save a large group of children.” Some think it's a joke, but it seems serious, so they help. Rika's mom tells Rika's grandma that they have to go to get Rika, and Rika's grandma suddenly recieves the e-mail - they may never see Rika again.

Janyu is relieved - it's working! Lots of people are now helping them from all over the planet, and finally they can save the Tamers. Yamaki says that everyone working together flawlessly is the perfect team, and finally, he puts down his lighter.

Ten minutes. Takato wonders where the Track is, and Guilmon spots it coming down from the Real World globe. It looks like a green data stream. The Tamers run towards it, wondering if Rika will come back in time.

Impmon's crawling on the ground, and Rika & Renamon reach him. Renamon asks him if he can stand, and with difficulty, Impmon proves that he can. Rika asks him to go home, and he starts to refuse.

However, Rika gives him back his bandana and ties it round his neck. Then, Impmon agrees. Nightfall covers the Digital World. Zero. The timer stopped, and the Ark's arriving. Another e-mail. “Hurry and get on. You don't have much time.”

The Tamers look towards the Ark and wonder if to board it or not - will they leave Rika & Renamon behind?

Homeward Bound

Takato and Guilmon are looking towards the Ark, their one-way ticket to the Real World. A sandstorm blows up, and the Ark crashes in the side of a giant rock. However, nothing seems damaged.

Henry picks up Suzie, Lopmon & Terriermon, puts them in the Ark, and tells everyone else to get on. Kenta is trying to persuade Jeri to get on the Ark, and Kazu tells Guardromon to take her on the Ark. Henry tells everyone to hurry up as the Ark could leave any minute.

The green beam that connected the Ark to the Real World disappeared, in it's place, what looks like 4 light beams surrounded by circles appear. However, Takato refuses to get on the Ark, as there's no sign of Rika.

Everyone except Cyberdramon and Takato's on the Ark, and Takato's being stubborn - they have to wait for Rika.

Rika is on Kyubimon with Impmon in her arms, and they're commenting on how they're risking the trip back home. Rika takes up a (speed) card, and Kyubimon jumps up high…

Calumon is trying to get Jeri to talk, but doesn't succeed. Kazu, Kenta and Calumon tell Jeri that they'll soon be home, and the Ark starts vibrating. It's moving… towards the Real World.

Takato starts running after it, shouting that Rika isn't back yet. Terriermon wonders if they should go after them, but Ryo jumps on Cyberdramon, and tells them not to worry.

Takato, who's still running, trips, and falls down. The Ark starts to go upwards, and Guilmon tells it to stop. Kenta tells Guilmon that the Ark cannot hear him, and Kazu tells Takato to try and jump on the Ark. Takato stands up, and Henry comments on how bad this looks.

Ironically, in the Real World, no-one has any idea that Takato is not on the Ark, and Yamaki says that it's great - the Ark's heading home. Janyu nodds, and hopes that everyone's on board. Riley and Tally are trying to pinpoint the Ark's landing point.

All those who helped the Monster Makers in powering up the Hypnos computer with the e-mails in the previous episode get another e-mail. “Thank you very much. Phase one successful. Next please proceed with remaining calculations”.

Rika's grandma and her mother click on the OK button, as a program starts to download. Her grandma says that Rika will be back in no time, and her mother hopes that Rika is on the Ark.

Takato is trying to grab Henry's hand, but misses. Guilmon almost jumps off the Ark, but Henry holds him. Takato starts to get tired, and loses speed. Guardromon takes hold of Henry, and keeps him on board. Terriermon, Lopmon and Calumon all hold each other (Terriermon and Lopmon by the ears), and Calumon reaches Takato, who grabs him.

Takato is lifted off the ground, but he's too heavy for Calumon. Takato notices this, and promptly leaves Calumon, but Calumon tries to grab him, and loses his grip with Lopmon. Takato & Calumon fall down, back in the Digital World. Guilmon tells the Ark to stop again.

This time, the Ark stops, and Yamaki is afraid that it's malfunctioning. Takato notices that it stopped, and hears Ryo's voice. Ryo, Cyberdramon, Rika, Kyubimon and Impmon are all coming back.

The Monster Makers say that the Ark's Artificial Intelligence is working on it's own, and Yamaki asks them what happened. Dolphin, one of the Monster Makers, gets a lot of papers, marked, “A-Project”. He talks about the program used to power the Ark being the same one used in creating the Digimon, and finds the core of the A.I program in his papers, but it shouldn't cause the Ark to think for itself.

Rika grabs Takato's hand, and they enter the Ark, Kyubimon digi-de-volving back to Renamon. Cyberdramon and Ryo get in too - Cyberdramon digi-de-volves back to his Rookie form, Monodramon. The Ark closes, and Kazu is angry at Rika because she went back for Impmon.

Kazu, Kenta and Guardromon hear a voice, coming from Kenta's pocket.  A shining light appears, and Kenta identifies it as a Digivice. It's followed by MarineAngemon. Kenta is all happy that he's a Tamer to a Mega Level Digimon. A DigiGnome, unnoticed by the others, is outside the Ark, and gets lost in the sandstorm.

Impmon thinks he doesn't deserve to go back to the Real World, and at Hypnos, everyone comments on how the Ark has changed it's trajectory point. Daisy says that someone should inform the parents that the Bio-Emerging point is now changed - Shinjuku Park.

Guilmon is talking, saying that Takato's dad will make a loaf of bread that looks like him, but it seems impossible because he doesn't look like a loaf of bread. Takato asks him who he's talking to, and Guilmon says that he's talking to the Ark, and that it stopped for Takato because Guilmon wanted it to. Takato thanks the Ark for stopping, and thinks that he will get Jeri back home.

Rika starts comforting Jeri, which surprises Takato a lot. Ryo asks Rika what he'll get for saving her life twice, and Rika gives him a playful punch, and they start laughing. The Ark stopped again, and it's heading slowly downwards.  The light track is disappearing.

Lots of Chaos Bubbles appear. Everyone starts talking about how they'll never get home, but Takato talks to the Ark, and asks it to go home, because everyone depends on it. Two wires appear, and attack themselves to Takato's Code Device that Yamaki had given him. Two letters appear on it… OK.

The Ark starts moving again, and hits the sky. Suddenly, we get a view of Shinjuku park at night-time… everything's quiet… Some ripples appear in the lake, and a beam of light shoots up. Lots of people are coming over. The Ark appears, and everyone is quiet… and waiting.

The kids and their Digimon get off the Ark, and start walking towards their parents. Everyone has a tearful reunion with their parents… except for Kazu, who gets a punch from his father, Ryo, who's father is really angry at him, and… Jeri, who has no-one waiting for her. Impmon leaves, thinking that no-one wants him, and Rika looks at him.

Riley tells Yamaki that Jeri's parents are staying with relatives in East Matsumoto. Then, Riley says that they won't pick her up, as she left on her own, she can go back on her own. Takato decides to take her home, and reluctantly, his parents agree, saying that they trust him, and they know where he'll be.

Yamaki tells Takato to take a train there, and the Ark disappears. It seems as if it's going back to the Digital World. Takato thanks it.

It's ten minutes to midnight, and Takato & Calumon board the train, loaded with food-boxes. Guilmon, Takato and Calumon start to move towards Jeri, but before they get there, they have a brief showdown with the train conductor who doesn't trust Digimon.

Near Jeri, Guilmon finally sleeps, and Takato asks her why she isn't eating. He proceeds to tell her that he likes her more than a friend, and imagines that she likes him too. When she doesn't reply, he starts crying, and says that all this is because he was powerless to save Leomon, and says that he just wants Jeri to talk.

Then, Jeri starts to read the nutritional information off the unopened food-box. “Energy - 688 Kcl, Protein - 26.4g, Fat - 15.7g, Carbohydrates - 102.2g, Sodium- 4.6g.” This puzzles Takato, and he's scared for Jeri.

It's a few minutes after half past 4 in the morning, and Takato wakes Jeri & Guilmon up, telling Jeri to watch her step, as he leads her to her father, Mr. Katou. He savagely drags Jeri into a taxi, and leaves. Calumon is with Jeri, in the car too.

Takato tells Guilmon to go, and they wait at the station for the next train. There's a news flash on TV - “reports on strange apparitions in the Shinjuku area”. Takato and Guilmon are sleeping.

The taxi arrives at Jeri's house, and Mr. Katou, Jeri, and Calumon head out. Jeri's stepmother rushes out to hug her, and tells her how worried she was, but now Jeri's finally home.

Takato wakes up at the station, his eyes fixed on the news flash on the TV. It's about the D-Reaper. It followed the Tamers… in the Real World.


Rika starts to worry because the D-Reaper followed them home and is causing trouble in the Real World. Rika's mother (Rumiko) recieves a phone call, and reveals that they're staying in a hotel until things clear up a bit. She also says that finally, Rika's back, looks at her daughter, and smiles.

Rika looks back at her, and thinks that her mother has changed even more than she has - she's not obsessed with dresses and photo-shoots like before. Henry, Suzie, their Digimon, his mother, brother and sister, and his Sensei are also watching the report on TV, and his mother is trying to call Janyu, but can't get through - the D-Reaper is interfiering with the phone connections.

At Hypnos, the power is constantly going up and down, and they can't seem to get it working right. Janyu is out right now, and phones his family. He asks to talk to Henry, and tells him not to get involved in the D-Reaper fight.

Takato and Guilmon, having boarded a train, start commenting on how weird it is to be back in the Real World again. However, Takato's afraid that Guilmon's being a Digimon will cause trouble on the train, so he throws his jacket on him to keep him hidden, and they jump off the train at the next stop.

Ryo, Monodramon and his father board a car to get away from all the reporters trying to get information about Ryo's whereabouts for all this time. Monodramon starts twiddling with the car equipment, and switches on the radio, who informs us that internet connections and some electronic equipment are malfunctioning because of the D-Reaper appearance.

Impmon goes back to his old neighbourhood, and when he enters Ai & Mako's room, he finds a note. However, he can't read it…

At Jeri's house, Calumon and Jeri's younger brother are playing “It”. Jeri's younger brother falls down, and her step-mother rushes out to comfort him.  Jeri appears, pushes her brother to the floor, and freaks her brother out.

At the train station, we find out that the trains aren't working, so Takato can't head for his aunt's house, where his parents are waiting. Takato phones his mother…

“Takato! Takato, is that you? It is, isn't it? Takato, come home, I know you want to go out there and save the world, please, just come home! Hello? Takato? Are you OK? Takato, I know you're there. Answer me!”
“I'm sorry mum, I love you, but I have to do this!”

Takato then proceeds to hang up the phone, and rushes away with Guilmon. At Shinjuku West Gate, the army are about to start an attempt to destroy D-Reaper. Rika & Renamon are seeing it on TV, and Renamon says that it can't be fought with guns. Rika decides to go out and fight, but she's stopped by her mother.

“You're going out there, aren't you? You know, back when I got married, everyone tried to tell me I was too young, but I didn't listen. Turns out that my daughter is as stubborn as I was. You should be allowed to make your own decisions, like I did. If you're going out there, maybe you could wear this for me?”
“Oh mum…” (It was a shirt with a full heart instead of the broken one)
“I just thought it might bring you luck. Besides…”
“Oh mum!”

Rika's mother reveals that her shirt has a full red heart on it, and that Rika's new one has a full blue heart, so they look the same. Rika puts on the new shirt and a jacket, and rushes off with Renamon. Her mother wonders if she did the right thing, and her grandmother says that she did, because now Rika left, knowing that her mother loved her.

The army is preparing to start the attack on D-Reaper. At the Hypnos substitute building (Hypnos is half-convered by D-Reaper), Janyu says that he has a record of Hypnos being taken over by something that's not a Digimon, that is, D-Reaper.

At Henry's house, Suzie is teaching Lopmon how to speak properly, in kid terms, that is, phrases like, “I don't want to go to bed.” However, Lopmon always says, “But I do…”, getting Suzie all frustrated up.

Henry tells his Sensei that the Devas weren't evil as they were seeing things with a different prospective. The Sensei says that they're like the clouds, which create darkness in light, and light in darkness according to their movement. He then says that their may be no border between the Digital & Real Worlds, because both contain life and living creatures.

Takato and Guilmon are trying to find a way to get through the army and near D-Reaper. We see a short scene of Rika & Kyubimon running, and switch back to Takato and Guilmon. Takato thinks that Guilmon shouldn't digivolve, or the army might attack them.

Switching to Henry, we see him talking to his mother. He seems confused about what he should do, and thinks that he has no choice.

“Oh Henry, I should have known you'd say something like that. It's amazing to me - every day you seem to get more and more like your father.”
“And that's bad?”
“No, it's good, it's just that sometimes it gets you into trouble. There was one time when your father was starting a job, trying to build a name for himself. His friend, who was living in Hong Kong, had his house burned down. Your father didn't hesitate one bit. He quit his job, even though he didn't know if he could get another one, then he went to help. Said that he couldn't call himself a friend, otherwise.”

Yamaki wonders if Hypnos marked a weak point between the Worlds, and if D-Reaper attacked them because of Hypnos. He wonders if it's all his fault. Henry's mother is still talking.

“So I guess I can't fault you for wanting to help your friends.”
“But I still don't want you to go!”
“Henry, I don't know what to tell you. I know that probably you have to go out and save the world, but we just got you back, and I don't know if I can stand the  thought of losing you again.”

Terriermon motions to Lopmon that he & Henry are going out to fight D-Reaper. The conversation between Henry & his mother comes to an end:

“Henry, if you have to go… then, go!”
“Don't worry, I'll be fine.”
I hope so, Henry. I really do.”
“I love you, mum, but I just… have to go. Just remember that, OK?”

The army is ready, and goes towards the D-Reaper. At Jeri's, her stepmother is looking all over for her, and cannot find her anywhere.

One of the army, who's holding a camera, is pulled away by the wire of the camera, and the others go to help him. Meanwhile, Takao & Guilmon arrive to a tunnel. Takato says that it connects to the underground waterway, and they should arrive back in Shinjuku park by following it.

Rika appears, and calls Takato. She admits that she was going to D-Reaper alone, and Takato tells her to join him. Henry arrives, and Takato tells him to come along too. The original Tamers are back together as a team! Rika takes off her jacket, and throws it to the floor.

The army are now stalking the camera that's being pulled by something, and the Tamers are in the underground waterway. The Digimon talk about how they should come up with a plan or something to surprise D-Reaper, and Guilmon thinks that Renamon's right about having to stay sharp. Terriermon starts chanting - “Renamon & Guilmon, sitting in a tree!”

Rika catches Takato looking at her, and he blushes, turning away. He tells Rika that the new shirt looks good, and it's her turn to blush. The army find lots of things that look like birds on lots of wires, all connecting to D-Reaper, and the “birds” start to move upwards.

The Tamers arrive at Shinjuku park, and see that the army has engaged battle with the “birds”. While wondering what the birds are, they know that the real battle has just started, and Takato says that the D-Reaper can destroy them all.

Beelzemon's Big Day

The 3 Primary Tamers have just arrived at Shinjuku park, and are watching the battle between the army and D-Reaper., who isn't taking any damage.  Then, just as the Tamers are debating whether to Digivolve or not, lots of birds-on-wires-connected-to-D-Reaper (a.k.a ADR-02 or “Searcher”) appear, and just remain there.

Terriermon says that they're not Digimon. Guilmon is about to touch one of them when Takato holds him back - it might have the same effect as the Chaos. The Tamers are scared that it's a sneak attack. They decide to run away, but the ADR-02 don't follow them.

Renamon says that the D-Reaper find them so unworthy that they aren't even worth chasing, and Takato has a brainwave - spend the night at the school, which is deserted…

The Tamers wake up - it's morning and they're hungry, not having eaten for a while. They decide to head over to Takato's bakery, which is uninhabited too, like most parts of the town.

After making sure that the water & gas are working, the Tamers decide to make their own bread, while the scene shifts to the Hypnos staff. They have carried almost all the necessary equipment into another building (hereafter mentioned as Hypnos II), as the original Hypnos was stuck inside D-Reaper.

We learn that D-Reaper is avoiding the park, and Yamaki decides to go to the park and investigate. Janyu agrees, and Yamaki heads off by himself.

Back to the Tamers. Guilmon sneezes, sending a lot of flour in the air. We get a rare view of Rika laughing, and the bread is put in the oven. A lot of bread is baked, and it seems as if Guilmon finally got his Guilmon bread.

Impmon is carrying the sign that Ai & Mako left him, in hopes of getting someone to read it, but every person he approaches runs away from him… except Henry's Sensei. He reads the sign for Impmon:

“Impmon, we've gone to visit our grandma in Hongo. Ai and Mako.”

Sensei tells Impmon to board the train, and get down in the 5th stop. Then, Impmon asks Sensei why he isn't running away from him. Sensei tells him that he's not scared because the outer form is never important, so he sees Impmon as an equal. Impmon leaves to get to Hongo.

At the army camp, Yamaki is arguing with them about how the D-Reaper cannot be destroyed by normal ammunition, and they ignore him, saying they're just going to fire a camera-missile to see what's inside it. It lasts long enough for everyone to see that D-Reaper is absorbing the buildings, then the camera is covered by D-Reaper goo, and the view disappears.

We get a short shot of Impmon on the train, and everyone is as away from him as possible, while he's pondering on what the Sensei said regarding the outer form.

Then, we shift to the Tamers. The bread was great, and Guilmon is still nibbling at his Guilmon bread. Renamon hears something, and says that it's a car. Next, they hear the door-bell. Takato goes to open the door.

Yamaki, Riley & Tally all greet Takato, and Takato recognizes Riley because she used to buy bread from them. The scene shifts to Hypnos II. Daisy seems stunned, and points upwards. It's Shibumi in flesh and bone, come to help them.

Back to the Bakery, now the Tamers say that D-Reaper followed the Ark and got to the Real World. Yamaki says that it's starting to make sense.

Back to Hypnos II, Shibumi says that D-Reaper is a malfuntioning program used to eliminate anything that exceeded it's allotted space and parameters. It then evolved, and started to destroy anything that exceeded it's parameters. Sadly, even humans exceeded their parameters, and so, D-Reaper is working against both humans and Digimon.

At the Bakery, Takato tells Yamaki that he knows nothing else about D-Reaper, and the army starts to attack it again. Everyone rushes out of the Bakery, and watch on…

Impmon is at Hongo, but he can't find Ai & Mako anywhere. He can feel that Ai & Mako are close by, and looks down from the roof he's on. There they are, playing with a puppy-dog. As they look up and spot him, they're all happy because Impmon came back.

The army are still attacking D-Reaper, and we see a sort of cloaked thing attached to D-Reaper by wires (a.k.a ADR-03 or “Pendulum Feet”) It doesn't receive a scratch from all the missiles fired on it, and it dawns upon the army that D-Reaper can't be destroyed by guns.

The 3 Primary Tamers, Digimon, Yamaki, Riley & Tally all arrive at the park again. Takato thinks that by defeating ADR-03, all D-Reaper will die out. They slash a blue card.

“DigiModify! Matrix Digivolution Activate!!”
“Terriermon Matrix Digivolve to…”
“Renamon Matrix Digivolve to…”
“Guilmon Matrix Digivolve to…”
”Rapidmon!” “Taomon!” “WarGrowlmon!”

Yamaki is amazed, as for the first time, he's seen Digivolution. Now in their Ultimate forms, the Digimon go on to face ADR-03.

Back in Hongo, Ai & Mako's grandma went out shopping, and Impmon is free to stay with the kids. At the battle-scene, WarGrowlmon defends himself against the ADR-03's attack, and Rapidmon attacks with “Rapid Fire”. Taomon uses a “Talisman Spell”, and all the attacks they do manage to stop ADR-03's attacks.

The army notices that the Digimon & Tamers are attacking, and the leader says that it's not a matter for kids. However, Yamaki appears, and tells him that they're doing better than him.

At Hongo, the kids take Impmon drinks and food, and then show him a teddy bear, which is now fixed. The bear had been torn in half when the kids used to fight, and they now share everything, in hopes that Impmon would come back. Impmon starts crying, and forgives them.

At the battle scene, WarGrowlmon attacks with “Atomic Blaster”, and Rapidmon with “Homing Blast”. However, ADR-03 does a shield, which Taomon recognizes as her own. ADR-03 proceeds to fire “Atomic Blaster” towards WarGrowlmon. It hits both WarGrowlmon, and Takato. It seems as if the Tamers are in synch with their Digimon again as they're Ultimates.

ADR-03 fires “Homing Blast” at Rapidmon, and Henry's hurt too. It proceeds to attack Taomon with lots of punches and scratches, and hurts Rika too.

At Hongo, Impmon is really spoilt by Ai & Mako, and they switch on the TV for him. There, they see the battle between ADR-03, WarGrowlmon, Rapidmon & Taomon. Impmon wants to go and help them, and the kids are worried because they're afraid they did something wrong.

Impmon says that he's going to go, but he'll be back soon. Mako gives him a toy gun, with hope that it will help, and Ai gives him a kiss on the cheek to show him their love for him. Impmon starts running towards the battle field, saying that he'll help the Tamers because of Ai & Mako. He then proceeds to Evolve to Beelzemon, and the gun in his hand grows larger and he grows wings. His eyes turn from red to green. He's a good guy - Beelzemon Blast Mode.

At the battle-field, Rapidmon wonders how ADR-03 can be beaten if it keeps using their attacks against them. Takato attempts to Biomerge, but it doesn't work. According to Henry, you can only Biomerge when you're Data. In the Digital World they were Data, but in the Real World, they're flesh & blood.

Suddenly, Beelzemon B.M appears, and joins the Digimon, who don't trust him. He says that he'll fight for his partners, and ADR-03 proceeds to attack. Before hitting, Beelzemon B.M fires a “Corona Blaster” at it, and the wire connecting it to D-Reaper disappears. Before it re-energizes again, Taomon, Rapidmon & WarGrowlmon attack it simultaneously, and ADR-03 is deleted.

Takato notes that ADR-03 wasn't D-Reaper's main body, so it's still there, but at least, part of it has been destroyed. Beelzemon B.M is thanked by the Tamers, and Rapidmon calls him “Impmon”. Beelzemon B.M tells them that Impmon belonged to the past, now it's Beelzemon, who's outer form matches his internal one.

Jokingly, everyone keeps on calling him Impmon again, and everyone starts laughing. However, in the middle of all this, Takato spots someone behind a tree. Could it be… Jeri??

The Messenger

The episode starts with a Special Report on “The News at 11pm”, shown on TV. The headline, of course, is “A Strange Mass Appears in West Shinjuku”, referring to the D-Reaper. The reporter says that the military can do nothing against D-Reaper, and we see a video footage, narrated by the reporter Miss Zaki.

She's wearing a coat, but she says that the D-Reaper emits lots of heat, and that it covered half of the train tracks at the station.

Back to the school, the Tamers are waking up. Takato is at the window, looking outwards, and Henry approaches him, asking him if something's wrong. Takato replies that he saw Jeri yesterday, at the end of the battle against ADR-03.

However, Takato says that he called Jeri's step-mother in Matsumoto, and her step-mother told him that Jeri disappeared in the evening. Takato saw Jeri in the evening, and no-one could go from Matsumoto to Shinjuku in a matter of minutes. Rika comes in, and Henry notices that the window is open.

He notes that he didn't open the window, and Takato theorises that it could be Jeri… or her ghost. He says that she looked… weird, and that no-one could travel such a distance as fast as she did. Rika hopes that Jeri's OK, and Henry notes that Jeri had been through a lot ever since she went to the Digital World. Takato says that it's like something's broken deep inside her… her heart.

Back to the TV Report, they are interviewing a Professor of Miscatonic University, Professor Tetsuo Uchiharato. He believes that the D-Reaper came through a government network system called “Hypnos”. Remember that everyone at Hypnos moved to another building, from now on known as “Hypnos II”.

Professor Uchiharato says that Hypnos used to monitor network activities through half the globe. The reporter asks the Professor if Hypnos had something to do with the giant pig that appeared a few months before, known as a Digimon, in fact, the Deva Vikaralamon. Professor Uchiharato says that Hypnos, Vikaralamon, and the D-Reaper are all linked somehow, and Hypnos should be retained responsible. He adds that the crisis can be only solved by a miracle.

We see a small shaded footage of a girl with a large dog… then the reporter shows us exclusive footage of the insides of D-Reaper, the one from last episode. We see lots of red goo covering buildings, and a large red, gooey tower in the middle, then the D-Reaper covers the camera, and everything goes dark…

The Tamers head to Takato's bakery to bake some bread and eat, but they find a piece of paper stuck to the bakery… “Kids, come to Rika's house at once”. They figure out that it's from their parents.

Back to the TV Report, we see a footage of the ADR-02 flying upwards, and ADR-03. The reporter says that they can be linked with D-Reaper, but wonders if they're flesh & bone, or vicious Digimon.

He then proceeds to interview Rob McCoy, also known as “Dolphin” by the Hypnos II team and the Monster Makers, the original Digimon creators. He starts by saying that Digimon aren't all bad - they are monsters, but not all of them are evil ones. He says that they originated from Aritificial Intelligence programs, and that they found a need to evolve through their relationship with children, because children's minds are rich with imagination.

The Digimon feel this creativity inside the children, thus they become smarter and stronger. He says that the D-Reaper and the ADR's around it (Agents of D-Reaper), are part of an old clean-up program which also managed to evolve.

Back to the Tamers, they're walking towards Rika's house. Rika's not OK with what they're doing as she fears that it's a trap set up by their parents to stop them from fighting. However, Takato & Renamon manage to convince her, and Rika says that everyone is so naïve.

We see a shadow passing in front of the screen. The others have walked away, and Takato's the only one who sees it. It's at the edge of the opposite side of the road. It's Jeri:

“What is this chaotic world? It's creatures mindlessly act on their own, but there is no value in the one, only pain & doubt outside the collective.”

Suddenly, Takato sees her vanish… back at the TV Report, Rai Aishuwarya (another one of the Monster Makers) is being interviewed. She says that the ADR's are all connected to the D-Reaper by means of a sort of cable. That means that the ADR's are not individual entities, and they're all part of D-Reaper.

That means that if the cable is destroyed, the connecting ADR is destroyed too, like what happened against ADR-03 in the previous episode. Rai adds that D-Reaper absorbs Digimon and gains their ability to show up in the Real World.

Back to the Tamers, everyone is where Takato saw Jeri. Guilmon asks him what's wrong, and Takato says that he saw Jeri. Rika & Henry say that they didn't see anything, and Renamon says that she sensed a presence. Rika asks her if is was Jeri, but Renamon wasn't sure. Takato says that Jeri looked so… empty…

At Hypnos II, Riley tells Yamaki not to blame himself for D-Reaper's appearance, because someone would have triggered it in the Real World anyway. Yamaki is persuaded not to be the first one of other people, because he's determined to try and eliminate D-Reaper. Riley thinks he should rest, but Yamaki says that it's his fault, and he won't rest until he solves it.

Henry's dad comes up, and tells Yamaki & Riley that a friend of his from Germany just sent him a copy of the original D-Reaper program, so maybe they have a shot at defeating D-Reaper.

Back to the Tamer's, they've now arrived at Rika's house. Inside, they find Takato's father & mother, Henry's mother, and Rika's mother and grandmother. They are presented with loads of food. Terriermon is overjoyed:

“Buns and beans and sour puffs; I'm gonna eat them like a sarge! Yeah!”

On his plate, Guilmon finally has the “Guilmon Bread” that Takato's dad promised him before going off to the Digital World. This time, though, it really does look like Guilmon's head:

“Guilmon Bread! Guilmon Bread! It has a shape like my head! Guilmon Bread! Guilmon Bread!”

Rika's grandmother tells Rika that she and her mother cooked all day. With an unbelieving expression, Rika asks her mother if she cooks, and her mother smiles, and says that she's not all looks. Finally, they start eating. Henry asks his mother where Suzie is, and his mum replies that Henry's Sensei was kind enough to keep Suzie while his mother was gone.

Takato's mother tells Takato that she has a surprise for him; she brought him his toothbrush and his favourite pyjamas: the ones with the teddy-bears on them.

In the school grounds, Calumon is wondering where everybody is. Impmon turns up, and scares Calumon. Calumon tells Impmon that:

“I was with Jeri, then, poof! She disappered!”

Impmon starts thinking about Jeri and Leomon, and with the excuse that his head hurts, he left Calumon.

On the TV Report, there's a press conference with a government representative (we saw him in the earlier episodes - he was Yamaki's boss) about the Hypnos System. He hastily replies “No comments” to the questions about Hypnos, then we stop seeing the conference and return to the TV Report…

We see the girl with the dog again. ADR-04 (a.k.a `Bubbles') is following them, and attempting to destroy them. The girl looks back, as the dog… a digimon called Dobermon tries to attack ADR-04…

Back at the Tamers, they've eaten everything, and as it turns out, it was delicious. Renamon wasn't eating with the others, but on a small table seperately… she refers to Rika's mother & grandmother:

“The food was delicious. Thank you.”

At Hypnos II, Shibumi is examining the D-Reaper copy that Henry's dad got. He asks Shibumi if the D-Reaper acts the same in the Digital & Real Worlds, but Shibumi replies negatively. It seems that in the Digital World, D-Reaper absorbs objects by simply touching them, while in the Real World, it has a more complex approach with the use of the ADR's.

Another one of the “Monster Makers” gets a satellite view of the D-Reaper area. It seems as if D-Reaper is staying away from the greenery and places where there is organic life, but they don't know why it does so, yet.

Back to the Tamers, they're thanking their parents when suddenly the D-Powers start to glow. Rika, Takato & Henry are getting a huge reading on them, and have to leave. The adults stand up. They knew that the Tamers would have to go, and they had talked it over. They don't want them to leave, but this is a decision they can't make for the Tamers.

The adults say that, however, they're proud of the Tamers, and they can't deprive them of a chance to save the world. After some words with their parents, the Tamers Digivolve their Digimon into the Champion level, and ride on Growlmon to go back to D-Reaper…

On the TV Report, we're seeing Miss Zaki (the near-D-Reaper reporter), who says that D-Reaper is interfiering with the connection… nothing really useful, except that we now know that the internet & connection problems were caused by D-Reaper:

“For the moment it seems quiet in West Shinju… *blasting sound* whoa!!”

At Hypnos II, Yamaki's on his computer, and recieves… something. Opening it, he finds a transmission by something with the Ark's signature… he figures that something hacked in the Ark and copied the signature. Riley enters the scene and tells Yamaki… the Tamers have gone to fight D-Reaper again.

They arrive on a bridge, and destroy some other ADR-04's. With the Digimon's attacks, the ADR's are deleted, and they see… the girl and the Dobermon. Takato wonders if she could be Jeri, but she's obviously not.

Back to Hypnos II, Shibumi and Dolphin confirm that the transmission sent is by the Ark, but they can't decipher the message. They wonder if it's a clue of some kind, and Yamaki jumps to the conclusion that it's about the Tamers. Back to the Tamers:

“You're the Tamers… I've been searching for you.”

Takato tells the girl that they're the Tamers, and asks her if they know her…

“I know you.”

Rika is obviously not trusting the girl, and asks her for more information. Growlmon tells Takato that the dog is actually a Digimon (Dobermon). He starts speaking…

 “Are these Children the Ones I seek?”
“I think so. I wish they weren't.”

At Hypnos II, Yamaki asks Dolphin if the Ark was built with the Digimon-Core program. He theorises that the Ark can almost behave like a Digimon - he starts wondering if the Ark itself can think and make decisions on its own. Yamaki and Dolphin think that the Ark is trying to tell them something from the computer…

Dobermon is growling. From the girl's previous speech, it seems that Dobermon wants to attack the Tamers, who are on their guard. The girl starts speaking again.

“He's been hunted mercilessly ever since he arrived in the Real World. It wants to stop him… from his quest.”

The Tamers ask her what kind of quest he has, and Dobermon replies that it's to “deliver a message”. Takato starts asking from whom the message is, but there's no time - ADR-05 (a.k.a `Creep Hands') has arrived, accompanied by some ADR-04's and rips the bridge into two pieces. Alice and Dobermon are almost caught, but the Tamers attempt to help them.

“DigiModify!! Matrix Digivolution Activate!”
“Gargomon Matrix Digivolve to… Rapidmon!”
“Kyubimon Matrix Digivolve to… Taomon!”
“Growlmon Matrix Digivolve to… WarGrowlmon!”

Did you know? The CardSlash scene was not in the Original Episode - in the Original, the Digimon just Digivolved by themselves, but in the Dub they felt the need to include a CardSlash - it was cut from an earlier episode, because Takato has his Red D-Power, which is now broken, Rika is wearing the half-heart shirt, which now is a full-heart one, and the Card slashed wasn't a Blue Card - it was an ordinary Green Card (it didn't show us the Card “splitting” in Digital Data).

The three Ultimate Digimon aren't enough, however, as they manage to delete the ADR-04's, but don't hurt ADR-05. Takato says that they have to Biomerge, but Henry says that although the Digimon are Data in the Real World, the Tamers aren't. They have to be Data to Biomerge, and it's impossible.

The girl says that there is a way to help them Biomerge, and that's why she brought Dobermon here. Dobermon tells us that this is his quest - he was sent to the Real World by the Digimon Soverign to help them.

Back in Hypnos II, we learn that the Ark was seriously damaged, so it's near impossible that it could attempt a transmission to the Real World. We get a view of the Digital World - Zhuqiaomon, and most probably the other Soverign too, are attacking the D-Reaper that's still in the Digital World, and that has covered part of the Real World Globe. The part that's covered by Digital World D-Reaper is interfiering with communications in the Real World.

Dobermon thanks the girl, who's name is Alice, and tell her that she knows what he must do. He says that he'll never forget what she's done for all of them, and jumps in the air. Alice turns her face away from Dobermon, and we see him going higher in the air:

“The Digimon Soverign are fighting the enemy in the Digital World. But the enemy's most evolved part has Emerged here, in your world. Only you, the Tamers, can stop it, by fighting as one with your Digimon. I bring a gift from the Digimon Soverign.Remember: the fate of the world lies in your hands!”

Dobermon proceeds to split in two, and vanish. The only thing that's left from him is a red beam of light, and a blue beam of light, which go down to the Tamers, and start circling them. The Tamers decide that they'll use the power to Biomerge before it's too late, and they raise their D-Powers in the air, ready to Biomerge once again…

'Crimson Fighter! Save the People that you Love!'
Aired only in Japan

Takato & Guilmon go away from Takato's parents, and they BioMerge to Gallantmon. Takato's parents say they are proud of Takato. He hops up on Grani Vehicle, and goes towards D-Reaper Blob, where he meets Sakuyamon.
We see Jeri & Calumon, tied up by lots of cords, near the Mother D-Reaper.  Jeri tries to reach out to Calumon, who looks hurt, but cannot reach him. In her effort, her D-Power falls out of her bag, and she looks at it...

Sakuymmon points out a glowing orb near D-Reaper, and they go in it. There, they meet Henry & Terriermon, and digi-de-volve back to human & rookie digimon. Henry explains the Red Card to Takato & Rika, while Terriermon hugs both Digimon with joy, as they haven't seen each other in a while.

Henry explains that the Red Card will allow them to enter and fight inside D-Reaper, but they must slash it all together. Takato holds up his D-Power, and Rika does the same. As they are about to slash the card, we see Justimon enter the orb, and digi-de-volves back to Ryo & Cyberdramon.

Henry briefly tells him that they have a Red Card that they can use, and tells them to prepare the D-Powers. They all hold them up, and we see  Henry starting his sequence. Before slashing it, he throws the card, which passes through Takato's, Ryo's & Rika's D-Power, before Henry catches it, and finishes the slash.

Then, they all Bio-Merge as Mega digimon again, and all of them go out of the sphere. They approach the D-Reaper Blob, and manage to enter it, while the Monster Makers, comment on the ability of Mizuno's Red Card.

The Megas have arrived in D-Reaper, but Grani is severly injured, and remains there, paralyzed. Takato wonders where Jeri is, when lots of ADR (Agents of D-Reaper) attack. The Digimon manage to eliminate most of them, and the Monster Makers start to worry. Sakuyamon destroys a particular ADR, whose connecting cord is the main one tying Jeri. Thus, Jeri is freed. She immediately picks up Calumon, hoping he won't die. She picks up her D-Power.

Takato tries to re-assure himself, and, in the midst of lots of ADRs, Gallantmon and Justimon are running towards the center of the D-Reaper - Mother D-Reaper. Overhead, Sakuyamon & MegaGargomon are flying towards the same point. Gallantmon notices that Grani did not follow, and thinks that the Vehicle is almost broken, and continues running. However, unnoticed by the others, Grani's eyes light up...

On the deserted part of the city in D-Reaper's other side, police patrol are frightened by another ADR, who blasts the car as they run off. The ADR is destroyed by two whistles, thrown by Guardromon, and we see Kazu, Kenta & MarineAngemon cheering him on. They say that they are Tamers, and wish to help Takato fight. However, a patrol helicopter spots them, and picks them up.

Back in D-Reaper, everyone is still running/flying towards Mother D-Reaper, and Henry says that everyone depends on them, while Rika wonders if they are strong enough for this. Ryo replies that, although he's the Digimon King in cards, she's the Digimon Queen, and Takato still hopes they can rescue Jeri. The other 3 Tamers say that they will help him rescue her, and Gallantmon notifies Takato that they have almost arrived at Mother D-Reaper.

Outside, on a highway, we see an almost empty bus, whose passengers are none other than Ai & Mako, trying to heal Impmon, who's very injured, and has lost lots of data. They think he wants to sleep, but Impmon feels that he will die soon. Ai & Mako tell him to hold on, and that they don't want him to die, and then, a purple D-Power appears. Impmon's eyes open wide, as the D-Power is in the air. Ai & Mako both reach out to it, and outside, we see a Digi-Gnome, which probably granted them the digivice.

Back inside the core of D-Reaper, Jeri is still hoping Calumon won't die, and she's trying to reassure him of it, when she looks upwards, and shouts out that they have to be free. She tells Mother D-Reaper that it has no rights to feed upon Calumon's power, or her sadness. The shouting wakes Calumon, and he wakes just in time to hear Jeri say that Leomon didn't die so she would be imprisoned, but to give her freedom.

She then looks down at her D-Power, and says that, however she is still bonded with Leomon in her heart. A small 3D holographic image of Leomon appears on her D-Power, and he nods and disappears. She thanks Leomon for believing in her potential when he was still alive. This gives her courage, and demands freedom, but more cords simply grab her and tie her to a pillar of cords.

She seems to be tied tightly, and Calumon falls from her hands and onto the floor. A voice, probably Mother D-Reaper's, tells her that after it has feeded on Jeri's & Calumon's power, Jeri will cease to exist. Jeri shouts out that she will be free, and that Takato & the others will surely try to save her. However, the voice still says that Jeri will be forgotten by everyone, and Jeri says that Mother D-Reaper is lying.

The 4 Tamers/Digimon have approached Mother D-Reaper, and they say that they can do it if they work as a team. Gallantmon jumps up to Mother D-Reaper's "face", shouting Jeri's name, and Sakuyamon follows, with Rika shouting out for Jeri. Mother D-Reaper's "face" becomes white, emits white light. As Gallantmon and Sakuyamon try to resist it, Henry notices a weird hole being distorted.

Suzie asks Lopmon what's going on, and she replies that there's some trouble, but Terriermon will take care of it, because he's at the Mega level. However, Lopmon adds that she can do nothing to help. Suzie seems surprised at this. Riley, who's now working with the Monster Makers with Yamaki & Tally, notices the hole that Henry saw. Yamaki & Tally move closer, and the other Monster Makers follow from their PC screens. Henry's dad adds that it was not a good sign, while other Monster Makers reveal that the distortion was made by D-Reaper in an attempt to merge the Real & Digital Worlds together.

Yamaki decides that they must try to stop this, and orders for many programs, including Juggernaut, to be put on D-Reaper. Riley asks him why Juggernaut, and he replies that although Juggernaut merges the Real & Digital worlds, it must have a counter-effect if the Merge had already started. Riley agrees, and notices that Henry's dad agreed too - he was looking at the Juggernaut screen...

Henry alerts the digimon about the cords, and as they watch, lots of cords like the ones binding Jeri come out of it. They merge together, and combine to form another Reaper form - Shingami Reaper. Rika, in Sakuyamon, looks towards it, and seems very scared, and holds her head. She's not alone - Henry looks immobile too, but Gallantmon is determined to save Jeri, and fires an attack from his shield towards Shingami, while approaching it.

Shingami is unaffected, and a sickle supported by a cord comes out, and starts to try and strike Gallantmon. His mantle is torn, and we shift to Jeri and he screams. Jeri, close to tears, is trying to keep herself from giving up, and is sure that Takato will rescue her. She hears Takato shout out her name, and she whispers Takato's name, as we shift towards the battle scene once more.

Gallantmon is lying on the floor, and lots of sickles are extended from D-Reaper. MegaGargomon asks Gallantmon how he is, and Gallantmon tries to stand up. Justimon turns his hand into the gun thing, and resists a blast from one of the sickles. MegaGargomon fires lots of blasts towards Shingami, and Sakuyamon summons lots of fox spirits, and Shingami is hurt badly. Jeri screams, and Takato spots her - she's near Mother D-Reaper and surrounded by blue aura. Calumon wakes up and says everything will be OK.

Justimon tells Takato to go and save Jeri, and he & MegaGargomon start to fight Shingami. Gallantmon goes off to do so, and while he's running up Mother D-Reaper's cords, he shouts Jeri's name. A huge, scary, red version of Jeri's face pops out, the mouth opens wide, and a black something comes out, hurting Gallantmon badly, and he starts falling.

Takato tells Gallantmon to get up and stop falling, but Gallantmon is paralyzed. Takato says that it can't end like this, and he hears a voice asking him if he would like to fly. Gallantmon realizes that the voice belongs to Grani, and shouts out to it. Grani, with data flowing off it, approaches. Seeing this, Takato realizes that Grani, in fact, is a Digimon. Grani says that it's dying now, and thanks Takato & Gallantmon for everything, Takato shouts out to Grani, who falls in Gallantmon's direction.

With the power it has left, Grani merges with Gallantmon, and together, they mode change to Gallantmon Crimson Mode!! Now Gallantmon is all crimson, and has large white wings on his back. Takato thanks Grani, and Gallantmon takes out a shining white double-headed lance, and a sword, annihalating the freaky Jeri face. The real Jeri is let free from the cord once again, and she falls to the floor. Sakuyamon notices that Gallantmon has changed, and she looks at Gallantmon, who's charging up towards Mother D-Reaper once again, as the episode ends...

PREVIEW FOR EPISODE 51 Dreaming Power is our Future!!
We see Gallantmon, still in Crimson Mode, fight more ADRs, and MegaGargomon & Justimon still fighting off Shingami's sickles.

Then, we see the title screen - there are MarineAngemon and Calumon, along with the InTraining forms of Guilmon, Renamon, Impmon, Cyberdramon, Guardromon, Terriermon & Lopmon. Another  ADR, who before resembled Jeri comes up to fight with Gallantmon C.M, as the preview ends.

PREVIEW FOR SEASON 4 Digimon Frontier
With the background song of probably the Frontier song - "Fire!", we see the Frontier logo in flames, as Takuya, who's behind a giant birthday cake, looks astonished at a mobile phone.

Then, we see Agnimon, and a train with a monstrous mouth. We then see Izumi, Tomoki, Junpei & Takuya, as they fall off the train. Then, Cerberumon launches a blast, as we see the Fire Spirit statue briefly, and Agnimon attacks. Takuya meets up with Kouji on the train, as the trailer finishes.

'Dreaming Power is Our Future!!'
Aired only in Japan

Gallantmon & Grani had fused to Gallantmon Crimson Mode, who's charging towards Mother D-Reaper. MegaGargomon, Justimon & Sakuyamon are still near Shingami Reaper, and we get a view of Takato, who's going to rescue Jeri…

Switch to Jeri, she calls Calumon, who jumps on her shoulder, trembling. In the core they are in, some blue flames appeared, and Jeri is looking for a way out. She clutches her D-Power, holds it to her mouth, and sort of speaks into it. She says something about how she's willing to go out and live, so it is possible to dream about it, and it will come true.

Gallantmon C.M is still flying towards the Mother D-Reaper head, and he says MegaGargomon's, Sakuyamon's & Justimon's names.

We switch over to the other 3 Megas. MegaGargomon, avoiding the sickles, is firing at Shingami Reaper, and Terriermon's voice tells Henry that Shingami Reaper is strong.

Sakuyamon & Justimon are staring at Shingami, and Ryo speaks with Justimon, and tells him to attack. His arm grows, and a shining, orange blade is extended from it. Then, Justimon asks Sakuyamon to give him her power.

Sakuyamon is surprised by this request, and Rika says that if they give up their power, they won't be able to fight. Ryo explains that he will try to absorb the power, and enforce the blade, so as to destroy Shingami. Sakuyamon & Rika agree, and Justimon raises his blade.

Then, Sakuyamon swings her staff twice, like in Episode 39, and starts to sing. Cherry blossom petals start to swirl around her, and her armour starts to disappear. Her staff and mask disappear too, as the ribbons tying her hair go away. Her hair starts to wave around, and Rika tells Ryo to use the power.

Suddenly, her power, in form of cherry blossoms, approaches Justimon, and surrounds him. It then starts reacting with his blade, while Justimon/Ryo is having a hard time trying to control it.

As Gallantmon C.M flies up, he wonders what's going on near the others, and he notices lots of ADRs coming down from Mother D-Reaper. He flies towards them.

Back to Jeri, she starts praying in the D-Power, like she's talking to Leomon, and asks him to help her. The static from her D-Power disappears, and it glows orange. Bright lights shine from it, and hit the cords that surround her & Calumon.

Gallantmon C.M is charging towards the ADRs, and eliminates them with ease. Back to Justimon & the others, we see that he's still having a hard time trying to control Sakuyamon's power, but manages to do so. His shining blade grows higher, and he flies to the top of Shingami. Promptly, Sakuyamon, who's without energy, collapses.

Back to Jeri, the orange lights from the D-Power break the cords, and finally, it seems as if Jeri has found a way out of the core. She thanks Leomon, but then she and Calumon notice pink Reaper goo flowing in the core.

Gallantmon C.M is destroying all the ADRs, and he calls out Jeri's name as he eliminates the last one. Then, he notices that the sphere which surrounded Jeri is broken. Back to the other 3 Megas, sickles from Shingami go towards Sakuyamon, who's still powerless and armorless, but MegaGargomon steps in, and uses Henry's karate moves to delete all the sickles.

Justimon reaches Shingami's top, and drives the blade in him, and starts moving it downwards at a great speed, thus splitting Shingami in half. The blade turns back into his arm. Back to Jeri, she and Calumon are now ankle-deep in the pink goo, and they're too terrified to move. Then, in Jeri's eye, we see a reflection - it's J-Reaper's face.

Gallantmon C.M shouts out Jeri's name, and suddenly, J-Reaper bursts out of the Mother D-Reaper cords to meet him. She promptly deletes Gallantmon C.M's sword, and starts strangling him. Then, Shingami re-unites into one whole, surprising the 3 Mega digimon.

Back to J-Reaper & Gallantmon C.M. Takato is trying to free himself from J-Reaper, and succeeds in knocking her away. Suddenly, Shingami is about to eat the Megas, but starts falling down. Azulongmon, Baihumon & Ebonwumon (snake, tiger & turtle) start to destroy him, although we only see a small scene of them.

In the Monster Maker's offices, they notice Shingami's extinction, and Yamaki orders for the Juggernaut program to start. It starts, and the office becomes red, with a Juggernaut simulation in the middle of it. Everyone except Shibumi is surprised by this, and they look on. Suzie asks Lopmon what's going on… except that there's no Lopmon there. She starts calling Lopmon.

Back to Jeri, she's neck-deep in the goo, and cannot move at all. Gallantmon C.M is still attacking J-Reaper, but she seems to have hit him pretty hard, as she starts knocking him.

In the offices, Henry's dad shouts out Henry & Terriermon's name. Henry hears him, and looks up, surprised. It seems as if the Juggernaut allows the Monster Makers to make contact with Henry, who sees a blurred image of his father. His father tells him that the key to stop everything resides inside Terriermon, and we get a flashback of Terriermon getting scanned.

Yamaki appears, and tells Henry that Terriermon must activate the reversal program that was downloaded in him. (Remember - Digimon is data, so it makes sense for a program to be downloaded in it). They tell Henry that Juggernaut is activated, and if Terriermon activates the reversal program, D-Reaper will be deleted.

Just then, another of the Monster Makers appears. It's the one with short, brown hair. He tells Henry that even the Digital World will be free of D-Reaper. MegaGargomon looks down in the warp hole that D-Reaper had made to connect both worlds.

MegaGargomon decides to do it, and heads down the warp. Sakuyamon, who's still armorless, and Justimon follow him. The Monster Makers look on. MegaGargomon starts turning round at a fast speed - in the opposite direction that Juggernaut is headed. MegaGargomon starts to get dizzy…

Back to the battle with J-Reaper. She pushes a wounded Gallantmon C.M into the cords, and data starts flowing out of him. Guilmon and Takato decide that they will never give up, and Gallantmon C.M goes back out, and deletes J-Reaper (finally!!). The Monster Makers are still watching the reversal program by MegaGargomon, and they urge Henry & Terriermon on.

Gallantmon C.M arrives at the core, and looks around for Jeri. The place is flooded by goo, but then, he spots her. She's uncouncious, in a green “cloud”, and Calumon is inside. Gallantmon C.M flies towards them, and then Calumon alerts him. Cords are starting to go towards them from Mother D-Reaper. Suddenly, they move backwards, and Mother D-Reaper starts screaming.

Back to MegaGargomon, he's finally having success, and the program is activated. Mother D-Reaper, who's screaming, is pulled towards the warp. She falls down, and disappears. Gallantmon C.M wonders what MegaGargomon is doing, and the Monster Makers start to yell with joy.

However, Shibumi says that it's not over yet. He explains that the Red Card allowed the Tamers to Biomerge to Mega and enter D-Reaper, but now they can't get out. And the reversal program is draining the Digimon of their power. Henry's dad is shocked…

Justimon and Sakuyamon start twitching, and shine - Ryo & Rika wonder what's going on, as the bubbles surrounding them, that connect them with their Digimon, disappear. Then, they notice that they have no energy left, and that they are digi-de-volving. Gallantmon C.M is flying towards Jeri, but the same thing happens to him. Suddenly, he splits in Takato & Guilmon. The others split up to Rika & Renamon and Ryo & Cyberdramon.

Guilmon calls out to Takato, who grabs Guilmon's tail. Guilmon swings him around, and throws him towards Jeri. Henry is almost unconscious, and, wondering what's happening to Terriermon, he floats up out of the warp, and Cyberdramon grabs him.

Back to Takato. Calumon is on his shoulder, and he's holding Jeri. She wakes up. Then, she says Takato's name, and she smiles. She suddenly hugs Takato, and Calumon's ears open up. Takato is surprised at this. They hear Guilmon and the others. Cyberdramon & Renamon are flying up, holding Henry, Rika & Ryo, and Guilmon is “swimming” towards them.

A blue heart surrounds them - it's MarineAngemon! They see Kazu, Kenta, Guardromon, MarineAngemon and Lopmon in another blue heart. MarineAngemon has the ability to give others the power to travel to and fro D-Reaper. Henry asks MarineAngemon to send out another bubble, and he does so. It grabs a dizzy Terriermon, , who's saying “Momentai”, and takes him to the others.

The D-Reaper starts to disappear from the city, and, presumably, from the Digital World. We see a Digital Portal, in the park, and all the Tamers are looking towards it, wondering if the Digital World is finally saved. Jeri & Takato look at each other, and smile, and then, Jeri glimpses Ai, Mako & Impmon. Impmon tells the Tamers that Ai & Mako are his partners, and we see the purple D-Power round Ai's neck.

Rika & Renamon smile - Impmon didn't want any Tamers, and now he has two of them. Jeri looks towards Impmon, and tells him she forgives him for what he did, then she smiles. Impmon looks confused, and all the Digimon start shining - the Digital Portal is affecting them, and they're growing smaller. (Well, except Calumon & MarineAngemon).

Suzie & Henry's dad come along - Suzie's happy to see everyone again, and suddenly, she stops, as she sees what's going on. Henry asks his dad what's going on, and he tells them that the Digimon have to go back, because they belong to the Digital World. Takato starts crying, as he tells Guilmon's InTraining that he can't go.

Rika hugs Renamon's InTraining, and starts to cry too. Henry looks at his dad, and tells him that after they & the Digimon saved both world, they have to say goodbye. His dad tries to make him understand, but fails. Terriermon's InTraining tells Henry to Momentai, and floats away.

Rika is shaking, trying to hold Renamon's InTraining from going away, but Renamon's InTraining tells her that she will always be with her in her heart, and floats away too. Guilmon's InTraining & Takato say that they will never forget each other, and Guilmon's InTraining floats away too. In the Digital Portal, we see all the InTrainings, Calumon & MarineAngemon leave. Suzie starts to cry in Henry's shirt, and Henry comforts her, as the Digital Portal disappears.

He looks towards his dad, and smiles. He then shakes his head, and his father starts crying too. The Tamers look on towards where the Digital Portal was, and Takato says that they will never forget the Digimon.     

We see Yamaki, who's dressed “normally”, and Riley at the bakery, as they purchase bread from Takato's mother & father. Takato sneaks out, and runs towards Jeri, Kazu, Kenta and his classmates, as they wave towards him. Jeri has her puppet in her hand - it's not evil anymore.

Back in Takato's class, lessons have resumed normally, and Miss Asagi is happy again. Takato is running through the park to go back home, but then, he sees the place where he used to keep Guilmon, and walks by sadly. A DigiGnome flies by, and Takato goes to investigate at the place where he used to keep Guilmon. His sad expression changes to one of delight, as he looks on, and sees a Digital Portal. Then, Episode 51, and Digimon Tamers, ends.

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