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Digivices are the device that connect the Chosen Children with their Digimon. As we shall see, they grow more powerful in every season. The Digivices need to be "helped" by another device in order to unleash a new power.

Season One:
Digimon Adventure
Crest & Tag
The first type of Digivice we ever saw. These create a bond between the DigiDestined and their Digimon. They have the power to locate the other Digivices, and to enter the DigiWorld via an open DigiPort. Digimon can reach up to Champion stage with these - to reach Ultimate, the Crests need to be used.
Sky Blue    (All Destined = Baby-InTraining-Rookie-Champion)
Orange      (Tai Ultimate-Mega)
Blue           (Matt Ultimate-Mega)
Red            (Sora Ultimate)
Violet         (Izzy Ultimate)
Grey           (Joe Ultimate)
Green         (Mimi Ultimate)
Yellow        (T.K Ultimate)
Pink            (Kari Ultimate)
Season Two:
Digimon Adventure 02
D-Terminal & DigiEgg
These digivices are called "D-3" because of the power to Detect, Discover, and Digivolve. They detect other D-3s & DigiEggs, and enable digivolving up to Champion. Then, DNA Digivolving requires 2 D-3's. Only 2 D-3's can operate the "Mega-Digivolve" & "Mode-Shift" sequences, but must be helped by the great God Azulongmon's DigiCore. The D-3 is more powerful than the Digivice, and can open the Digi-Port. The D-Terminal & Digi-Egg is used to operate "Armor-Digivolution".
Yellow      (T.K)
Blue          (Davis)
Red           (Yolei)
Orange    (Cody)
Black        (Ken)
Pink          (Kari)
Season Three:
Digimon Tamers
Digimon: Digital Monsters
Modfy Cards
Called "D-Power" it can Detect other Digimon, other D-Powers and when you slash a Modify Card, the Digimon is "upgraded" to hold a new power. The Digivolution Card & Blue Card help reach up to Ultimate level. The Red Card, of which only one was made, was used by Ryo, Takato, Rika & Henry to BioMerge to Mega and enter D-Reaper. The shout for slash activation is "Card Slash" (JAP) or "DigiModify" (US). The cards used in the show are the following:
Speed: Speed boost
Power: Power Boost
Training Grips: Binds up Digimon to build up endurance
WarGreymon's Brave Shield: Digimon gets to use WarGreymon's Shield
Digmon's Drill: Digimon gets a drill on the head to use
Any weapon card: Digimon can use that weapon
Digivolution: Digivolves Rookie to Champion
Blue Card: Matrix Digivolves Rookie/Champion to Ultimate
Red Card: Biomerge & enables the Digimon to fight in D-Reaper
Recharge: Recharges any Digimon's wepon
Hyper Wing: Digimon grows wings on back, and gains abilty to fly
Clone/Alias: Creates a decoy of the digimon, the decoy gets destroyed while the Digimon can get away or attack from behind.
Radiant Fate: Creates a gold feild around digimon, protecting them from attacks.
Goliath: Digimon grows to three times normal size.
Avenging Knight: Digimon gets two lances as weapons
Radiant Force: Digimon gets the power of a Mega
Any Digimon Charater card: Digimon uses the card's attack

Red - Gold       (Takato - Changes into Ultimate version)
Green                (Henry)
Blue                   (Rika)
Yellow               (Jeri)
Copper              (Kazu)
Silver & Blue    (Ryo)
Pink                    (Suzie)
Pearl                  (Kenta)
Purple               (Ai & Mako)
Season Four:
Digimon Frontier
Spirits & DigiCode
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Called "D-Scanner", this powerful device helps the Chosen Children. It can be used to Scan the Spirits that they find, Scan the DigiCodes off enemy Digimon, Spirit Evolve, and Restore the DigiCode to the Digital World.

Black & Red            (Takuya)

White & Blue           (Kouji)

IceBlue & Green     (Tomoki)

Blue & Yellow          (Junpei)

Indigo & Purple          (Izumi)