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Frontier - Digimon 04
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A totally new story. This is not Tamers or Adventure. This time, in Frontier, this is when it really happens - the kids go in more depth than ever imagined!!

The Digital World was in danger of perishing. A world governed by the 3 Great Angel Digimon (Seraphimon, Ophanimon & Kerpymon) But one of them, Kerpymon, revolted. The balance of the Digital World was destroyed, and it began to disintegrate.

The 10 legendary warriors who in ancient times had saved the Digital World in exchange for their own lives no longer existed. In this most dangerous time, the spirits of the legendary warriors are presenting a new power to the children of a different world...the real world.

Five children wander into the Digital World. There they meet the Digimon, gain the "Spirits" and become involved with a fierce battle!!

The legendary "Spirits" protect the Digital World! Takuya and the other children inherited their strong power and are able to change into the legendary Digimon!!

Long ago the legendary "Ancient Digimon" protected the Digital World. Takuya and the others use their power to evolve into Digimon!!

Children evolve into Digimon at last and step toward a new domain! The 4th part of series which stands on the starting point, returns and dashes a frontier (front line)!

Calling the spirit of Digimon of the tradition stored in the Digital World, man evolves into Digimon by being clothed in the data on the body. The shout to evolve in Digimon is "Spirit Evolution!!"

By equipping with the Digimon spirit of this tradition, man can travel now in a digital world. Children meet Digimon and others in this digital world, and they become friends, continuing a trip. And children can learn many things from Digimon.

The enemies are bad Digimon and others including Kerpymon!!
Among major three angel Digimon, Kerpymon abused the outstanding knowledge and changed the standard of revolt suddenly. It has planned to make a digital world into the satisfactory world.
Kerpymon has the power which emits a strange electromagnetic wave and amplifies it, that a digital world should be made the illegal world, makes a part of Digimon turn frenzied, and is collecting DigiCodes.

Recently, in Episode 3 "Don't Allow Bullying! Chakmon's Ice Evolution!", Bokomon reveals something to the Chosen - a long time ago, the Beast Spirits and the Human Spirits used to fight each other, but an angel - Lucemon came, and brought peace. However, the peace did not last for long, as Lucemon (probably got corrupted) and became a dictator. The 10 Spirits (Human & Beasts) revolted against Lucemon, and he lost to them...

Kusubutteta Mune ni nage irero FIRE!!
Chiheisen e Kokoro o tobasu nda
Kara mawari no Kimochi o keri agetara
Saki ni iku ze Tsugi no furontia
Kanau sa Kanau Hakkaten wa mou sugu da ze
Dekiru Dekiru sa Bakuhatsu shite miseru nda
Burn up'n Go!!
Gomibako o tobi koeta saki ni aru mirai
Hikari o matotte Get a fire power!!
Giragira to moe agare Hitomi no chikara
Kesenai yuuki de Get a fire power!!
Michi ga michiteru Furontia e
Hashiri tsuzukeru nda "Kimi o tsurete"

FIRE!! Translation

Smoldering, throwing your chest into FIRE!!
Your heart is flying toward the horizon
Kick up your skidding feeling
Be the first into, the next frontier
Realize, realize, that it’s the ignition point soon
Be able to, be able to, show that you can explode
Burn up’n go!!
Be the first to fly over the trashcan and into the future
Being with light, Get a fire power!!
Burning up glaring, the power of your eyes
Your courage won’t disappear, Get a fire power!!
Full of unknown, to frontier
You'll keep on running, “I’ll be with you”

Innocent -Mujaki na Mama de-
Donna ni hanarete itemo...
Miageta sora Kimi wa tooi basho de
Onaji keshiki
Mitsumete iru no ka na
Omoi o
Mune ni kizamitsuke hashitteta nda
Bokutachi ga Yumemita ashita ni
Hibiku yo
Kimi no warai goe
Bokutachi ga atarashii kaze o
Okosou Mujaki na mama de

Innocent ~ Still Innocent ~ Translation
No matter how far we're from each other…
I look up at the sky, you’re at a distant place
The same scenery, I wonder if you’re looking at it
There’s no limit, to thoughts, engraved in my chest and on the run with me
We, dream of a tomorrow
Resonating with, your laughter
Therefore, our new wind will
Wake up, still innocent

This will be the 7th movie of Digimon, and the 1st for Frontier. (4 Movies were made for Adventure 01/02 and 2 Movies for Tamers).

Takuya and others will go on the island of the end of a digital world. Takuya, Junpei, & Tomoki are helped by Human Type (Human) Digimon, and Izumi & Kouji receive a hospitable welcome of Beast Type (Beast) Digimon. The Children are five persons who know that Human Types and Beast Types of an island are violently opposed to each other after a while. A surprising truth which becomes clear while investigating the reason of Human vs. Beast confrontation, and the enemy's true form ... Can you detect this formidable enemy who deceived everyone!?

Kanbara Takuya (Fire Spirit)
-This cheerful, energetic 5th grader has a strong sense of justice. He's very athletic and is a member of the soccer club. He's hot-blooded and tends to act before he thinks, and because of that often has conflicts with his friends...!! He arrives in the Digital World because of an email (SMS) left on his cell phone!

Minamoto Kouji (Light Spirit)
-This cool 5th grader is a bit of a lonewolf. His father's circumstances have caused him to change schools many times, and because of this he's not very good at making friends. But when his friends are in a pinch, he'll rush to help them without even thinking of the danger he's putting himself in! He gets to the Digital World through a different path than Takuya.

Himi Tomoki (Ice Spirit)
-This 3rd grader tends to rely on others a lot. His older brother never played with him, so instead he played on the computer all the time. He's a little cowardly, but he's very genuine and open about expressing his feelings! He arrives to the Digital World because he was bullied!

Orimoto Izumi (Wind Spirit)
-This 5th grader has just returned from living in Italy for two years. She speaks her mind freely and appears to be very strong, but she's really looking for true friends!

Shibayama Junpei (Thunder Spirit)
-A cool-headed and watchful 6th grader who likes fortunetelling with
playing cards. He's not very good at studying, but he's very knowlegable about various things like trains, stamps, and cards! He's the "Mood-Maker" of the Group!

-Takuya uses the "Spirit" power to evolve into this legendary fighter whose body is covered in flames. He has Takuya's quick reflexes and pre-eminent offensive strength! He is able to manipulate fire at will to attack his enemies!!

-A wolf Digimon. With his keen movement, he seems as if he'll release his power during close comabat!

-A giant Digimon shaped like a beetle. His hard shell can repel any attack!

-Her cute appearance is just like that of a fairy. She can fly around using the large wings on her back!

-This cute Digimon looks like a stuffed toy, but he's a well armed protector!

Armor, DNA... this time it is called Hybrid. When the Kids become Digimon, they go in the Hybrid level, like when in 02 we had the Armor & DNA Ultimate levels.

Variable attribute - another addition to Data, Vaccine & Virus! Now, the Digimon may match their opponent's type! No more weakness for the new kids!

New evolution - Spirit! A new form of evolution is at stake! If the Chosen have to turn into Digimon, this is just what they need!

 New Characters
Names from Left to Right:
Kouji - Izumi - Takuya - Junpei - Tomoki
The New Digimon!

The above 2 Digimon are Neemon and Bokomon. While Neemon is one who takes things lightly, and doesn't seem to care much, Bokomon is the more experienced of the 2, and teaches the new Children the ways of the Digital World. He has a sketch-book he uses, and inside it, there are drawings of the Spirit Digimon, the history of the Digital World, and loads of information. They act as tour-guides and teachers to the Children.


Ancient Garurumon - Releases "Spirits" for Kouji

Ancient Greymon - Releases "Spirits" for Takuya
Ancient Greymon releases the above Spirit - Human Spirit of Fire. When Takuya Spirit Evolves using this, he becomes Agnimon.
 D-Scan Digivice
The Digivice helps the Children to scan the DigiCode off a Digimon, to Spirit Evolve, and to Analyze the Digimon. It is also used to Restore the DigiCode back to the Digital World, and to Scan the Spirits.
Spirit of Darkness - Duskmon (Human)
Can Slide Evolve to Bergmon (Beast)

Sprit of Metal - Mercuremon (Human)

Spirit of Water - Ranamon (Human)

Spirit of Earth - Grottomon (Human)
Can Slide Evolve to Gigasmon (Beast)

Spirit of Wood - Arbormon (Human)