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Episodes 01 - 35
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 1. Guilmon Comes Alive
The episode begins with a small creature (Calumon) being chased by a much larger one (in fact, Maildramon). Just as Maildramon catches up with Calumon, a DarkTyrannomon slams into Maildramon. As Calumon watches the two fight, a giant explosion sends the tiny one flying. The last thing Calumon sees before leaving the Digital realm is that the DarkTyrannomon has turned into MetalTyrannomon. Shortly thereafter, Calumon finds itself in the real world. Meanwhile, Takato is playing Digimon cards with his buddy Kazu just before school. Takato has just digivolved his DarkTyrannomon into a MetalTyrannomon, defeating Kazu's Maildramon. Kazu suddenly bolts, reminding Takato that class is about to start. In his haste to catch up, Takato knocks his card collection over, hastily cleans them up,....and stumbles across the Blue Card. Like any kid, he swipes it through his Card Fighter Ex, then runs to school. However, Takato is late once again, and is forced to stand outside his class in the hallway. While there, he begins to doodle his own Rookie Digimon. An accidental crass comment to the teacher keeps him in during recess, where he names the Rookie--Guilmon. At that moment, one of Takato's classmates (Jeri) comes up--a puppet-wielding girl. Her manner of admonishing Takato through her puppet is very...well...odd. A ways away, in the twin towers, lurk some very unsavory characters. Two (Riley and Tally) track Digimon down on large screens while the third (Yamaki), obviously the boss, plays with his lighter.
After school, a storm begins to form on the horizon. Takato rushes to get his card collection, and is startled to see his cards' box glowing. He takes out his Card Fighter Ex and watches as it turns into a D-Power. Calumon, meanwhile, sighs unhappily, wishing for someone to play with. Takato, excited by his discovery, races home, theorizing all the way. The Card Fighter changed, it was now something that was not a part of his world, so it must be something Digimon-related. Takato decides he must be a DigiDestined, or as they are now called in Season 3, a Tamer. He swipes Guilmon's picture, and it proceeds to get stuck. The D-Power then swipes Guilmon, and several other pages of Takato's notebook. A DigiEgg appears on the screen of the D-Power. Late that night, the storm breaks, and Takato falls asleep, his D-Power in his hand. He then "dreams" of a fight between a Lynxmon and Renamon, Rika's (another Tamer) Digimon. Guilmon stares from inside his egg as the fight quickly becomes one sided, Renamon the victor. The next morning, Takato tries to convince his friends of what happened, but they write it off as a crazy dream (and Takato as a bed-wetter, to boot). Takato is then startled to discover his DigiEgg has hatched. The D-Power now plays as a compass, telling Takato where to find Guilmon. The Twin Tower bad guys are now aware of Guilmon. When a bright beam of light shoots into the sky, Rika and Henry (another Tamer) are aware of him, too. After romping through dark alleys and odiferous sewers, Takato comes upon a construction site, where the bright beam is shining. An explosion rocks the area, then turns to smoke. The smoke begins to fade, revealing...a living, breathing Guilmon! Takato is beyond excited to see his Digimon come to life, until Guilmon spots a rat. Digimon eyes rodent, then blasts it into smithereens. Takato is now terrified, until a very gentle Guilmon nuzzles him and convinces him he won't hurt the boy.

 2. Digimon, Digimon Everywhere
With his primary excitement over, Takato is now faced with a problem--how to take care of Guilmon. He sneaks the big Digimon home in a box, his parents suspicious, but none the wiser. Late that night, in Twin Towers, the Digimon trackers find another Digimon, a Goblimon (Goburimon) about to break into the real world. At the same time, Calumon stumbles across a dating couple, and tries to be friendly, with little success. Rika and Renamon are quick to find the Goblimon, and proceed to fight him. Calumon runs to watch; Goblimon suddenly turns into Fugamon. At Takato's house, Guilmon wakes up, growling, sensing Goblimon's digivolve. Rika, a strict trainer, has Renamon attack Fugamon none the less. Renamon is successful with the help of Rika's Hyper Boost card, but Rika belittles Renamon for making Rika aid her in the battle.
The next morning, Takato sneaks both food and Guilmon out of his house. He leaves Guilmon in a nearby alley, telling the bored Digimon that after school, the two of them would play together. Guilmon is instantly lonely and terribly bored. Takato, meanwhile, is telling his friends once again about his Digimon, and how he is going to be a Tamer. Once again, no one believes him. During gym class, Takato spots a moving box--the same box he used to sneak Guilmon out of his house. Guilmon wanders the school in his box, trying to find Takato. It all comes to a head when Guilmon bumps into the principal, then proceeds to reveal his Digi-self. The principal instantly freaks out, and presses the fire alarm. Guilmon chooses this time to raid the cafeteria. In the midst of the crowd gathering around the frightened principal is Henry and Terriermon. Takato races through the crowd, sees the empty box, and runs off to find Guilmon. After hearing about the cafeteria raid, Takato tries to find Guilmon, blaming the Digimon for running away. He bumps into Henry and Terriermon, a Tamer and his Digimon. Takato gets upset when Terriermon playfully jokes about Takato's bad ability to take care of his Digimon. Takato runs off, doubting his ability, wondering if he was meant to find Guilmon. He keeps searching for Guilmon, and finds him, where a joyful reunion ensues. Takato tells Guilmon they will have to work harder at being a good team, and they go to the park to find Guilmon a better hiding place. Guilmon is suddenly upset by something, then gets walloped by Renamon. Takato glances at the tree where Renamon leapt from and recognizes the girl in the tree as the girl in his dream. Rika scoffs at Guilmon's inability to fight, and Takato is suddenly gripped by the fear that he may lose Guilmon in his first Tamer fight.

 3. To Fight, or not to Fight
A dazed Guilmon attempts to recover from Renamon's kick, as Rika challenges Takato. He tries to talk Rika out of it, and she dismisses him as pathetic, ordering Renamon to finish Guilmon off. Renamon attacks with Diamond Storm, and Guilmon counters with Pyro Sphere. The two go at it "hammer and tongs" while Rika tries (and fails) to get info on Guilmon. Disgusted, Rika takes a card out, modifying Renamon to have a cannon arm so the fight will end. Takato pleads with Guilmon to stop fighting, and he listens--causing Renamon to miss him with her cannon. She aims once more, but stops as she sees how happy Guilmon is with his Tamer. Nonetheless, she still attempts to attack--but is stopped by Henry and Terriermon. Henry gently berates Rika for using Renamon as a fighting machine; Rika simply stalks away, Renamon following her.
In Guilmon's park shed home, the two boys introduce themselves, then each head for home. At his parents' bakery, Takato runs into Jeri, who tells him she decided not to rat him out for skipping school. In the downtown city, Rika walks, Renamon keeping watch over her. At Henry's house, Terriermon promises his Tamer not to digivolve, no matter what. Takato walks into Guilmon's shed and is shocked to see Guilmon made it bigger by digging. On the streets, Rika is recognized as the Digimon Queen, the champion of last year's card tournament. Rika ignores this, fretting over the fact that, if she is so good, then why has Renamon not digivolved?
The next morning, Takato watches Kazu beat Kanta at the Card game by using Modify cards. That's when Takato understands why Modify cards are so special. Meanwhile, a Twin Tower team is sent out to investigate one of the previous Digimon battle sites. The boss, still flicking his lighter, finds a card on the ground. After school, Kazu decides he'll become the best card game player ever, even better than the Digimon Queen. Takato asks about her, and soon learns Kazu and Kanta are talking about Rika. Jeri overhears their discussion about fighting, and says it's ridiculous. As Takato walks home, he sees governmental looking vans and wonders what they are looking for. He thinks they are looking for Guilmon and is instantly in a panic, more so when he can't find Guilmon in the park shed. Terrified, Takato looks everywhere--only to learn Guilmon was playing hide and go seek with him. Hit by a sudden brainstorm, Takato passes Guilmon off as a man in a costume, and strolls downtown with him. Everything goes well until Guilmon smells Renamon in a nearby car garage. He races there, where Rika awaits, challenging Takato again. As Guilmon and Renamon fight again, Henry breaks in once more. Rika is deaf to the boys' implores to stop fighting. Terriermon, meanwhile, wanders right into the middle of the fight; a shocked Renamon accidentally attacks him, and Terriermon digivolves to Gargomon.
Rika scoffs at the new Champion, but not for long, as the trigger happy bunny tears the place apart. A distraught Calumon sags on a car, wondering why Gargomon is acting this way. Renamon has her paws full trying to keep Rika safe, who is blind to the danger--until Gargomon's guns are pointed right at her. Guilmon slams Gargomon against a wall, leaving a terrified Rika leaning against a post. She begins to wonder if digivolving is such a good idea.

 4. It Came from the Other Side
The boys have Gargomon stand on his hands, hoping he'll somehow de-digivolve. The gun bunny isn't nearly as nice, attitude wise, as Terriermon, but tries nonetheless. Later that night, as Gargomon keeps trying, Henry dreams of the time when he played the Digimon game, using Terriermon to defeat a Gorillamon. Henry wakes up to find a tired, apologetic Terriermon waiting for him, begging to go home again. At his own home, Takato wonders and doodles what Guilmon's Champion form should be. As for Rika, she is grumbling yet again about Renamon's failure to digivolve.
The next day, Kazu gives Takato the Training Grips card, one Kazu deems useless. Takato joins Henry and shows it to him. In the Twin Towers, another Digimon is detected. Takato and Henry are startled to find a digital field following them, more specifically Henry. It catches up with Henry in a construction site and reveals itself to be Gorillamon. Henry, joined by Takato, tells Gorillamon to "go back", but the mad monkey decides he isn't going anywhere till he fights Terriermon again.
Guilmon tries to hold Gorillamon off, while Henry forbids Terriermon to fight. Terriermon fights anyways. Henry freezes, and both he and Gorillamon remember Gorillamon's defeat on the game. As Gorillamon redoubles his attack, Henry recalls more memories. The time his dad came home with the newest Digimon game. The way Henry chose Terriermon. The way Henry learned Digimon have a reality of their own. Gorillamon continues to attack Guilmon and Terriermon, causing Henry to remember the way Gorillamon destroyed Digimon on his game, then absorbed their data. On the game, Gorillamon was about to defeat Terriermon, and Henry panicked, using four Modify cards. This resulted in Terriermon digivolving into trigger happy Gargomon--and Henry's firm belief that he should never do so again.
Gorillamon has Guilmon and Terriermon down for the count; Takato tells Henry to let Terriermon digivolve, to save them. Henry still refuses, remembering more flashbacks. His dad telling him that the winning Digimon always absorbed the loser's data; that Digimon weren't real. Henry tried to accept this, but he knew better. As Terriermon collapsed in his game, Henry decided Digimon were real and wished desperately to save Terriermon. The Blue Card appeared to him, and he swiped it. His computer's swiping device had turned into a Digivice at that point, and Terriermon had come to him. Henry had taken that moment to promise he'd never make Terriermon fight ever again. With a sudden flash of inspiration, Henry snaps out of his memories and uses the "Training Grips" card on Terriermon. Terriermon flings them at Gorillamon, and both he and Guilmon attack Gorillamon. Gorillamon busts out of the grips, but before he can do anything else, Terriermon clogs his gun, causing it to explode, and Gorillamon to shatter. Henry tells Terriermon not to absorb Gorillamon's data, and hopes this will let Gorillamon go back. Afterwards, the boys and their Digimon decide they make good teams.

 5. Dream, A Little Dream
On his way to school, Takato sees the other students gathered around the playground, and is startled to see crazy chalk lines drawn all over the place. During lunch, kids debate whether it was aliens or ghosts, and lump it together with the dinosaur (Guilmon) incident. Jeri tells Takato she saw the creature.
With great embellishment, Jeri tells how she was in the infirmary, and stumbled on the creature rustling about in the cabinets. Meanwhile, the "creature", who is none other than Calumon, is watching a soccer game. He then daydreams about being the best soccer player ever. That night, he redraws the crazy chalk lines, reinventing the game of soccer totally, in hopes of bringing the players back. However, no one shows up. The next day, Takato and Guilmon go to the school to feed the rabbits--and stumble on the damage. While Takato feeds the rabbits, Guilmon sniffs out the sleeping Calumon, who wakes up and proceeds to play like crazy. Back in the park shed, Takato and Henry wonder at Calumon, and debate who his Tamer should be.
Kazu is rejected for his power hungry training--he sucks away all defense energy, leaving the Digimon super strong but helpless. (Takato imagines Guilmon and Calumon facing off in a boxing ring.) Suzie is also rejected, on grounds that she'd give Calumon the "Ms. Pretty Pants" treatment--a treatment Henry says he'd never wish on anyone. (Takato imagines a dolled up Calumon.) Jeri is also brought up, but is quickly dismissed. Even though both are considered a little crazy, Jeri and Calumon just don't seem like a good team. (Takato imagines the puppet wielding child freaking out at the sight of Calumon.) Back in the shed, Calumon convinces Guilmon (against his better judgment) to leave the shed and play on the field again. They end up drawing something very similar to the mark on Calumon's head. Henry and Takato return to the shed to discover the two Digimon missing; meanwhile, Vilemon breaks out into the real world, right in the middle of the drawing on the soccer field.
The nasty, tiny demon wallops Guilmon and Calumon, until Takato uses Modify to give Guilmon wings, and Henry uses Modify to speed Terriermon up. Rika and Renamon appear, and Rika uses the Clone Modify to aid Renamon. She succeeds in defeating Vilemon, and absorbs his data. After the fight, Rika is startled to see Calumon hugging her foot, and nudges him away. Calumon decides that, although Guilmon and Rika are fun, Takato and Henry are boring, so he flies off. The next day finds the entire school debating once more over the lines and the new holes.

 6. O Partner, Where art thou?
It's Parents' Day at Rika's private school. Everything seems ok, until Rika's mother walks out in the middle of it to do an emergency photo shoot. Later on, Rika's mother tries to be interested in Rika's interests, but fails to. As Rika recalls all this, another Digimon crosses over. Rika is immediately chasing it.
The Digimon turns out to be Allomon. Takato and Henry also appear on the scene, watching as Renamon gets pounded. Even with a Modify card, Renamon is struggling, but she refuses Guilmon and Terriermon's help. Rika uses another Modify card to help Renamon finish Allomon off, then tells the boys to butt out of her fights. In the shadows, Impmon grins, remarking how stupid it is for Digimon to work with humans.
That night, Rika and Renamon discuss Renamon's continued failure to digivolve, but the conversation is cut short by Rika's mom. Much later in the evening, a sleepless Rika recalls flashbacks. Her triumphant victory in the Digimon Card Tournament. How all the Digimon appeared to her, and her crying out she only wanted one strong Rookie to train. Renamon approaching her, then all the Digimon disappearing, followed by the appearance of the Blue Card. Rika had swiped it, turning her card swiper into a Digivice. Then Renamon came to her, telling her Renamon had chosen Rika because the Digimon felt the human was the strongest Tamer around--that was what Renamon wanted. Meanwhile, Renamon was leaping atop rooftops, pondering her inability to digivolve. She meets Impmon, an rather, well, impish Digimon. He tries to convince her to dump Rika and come be free like him, but without any luck. Angry, he starts to attack her, but just then, another Digimon crosses over, and Renamon races to intercept it.
Rika is also aware of the Digimon, and runs to the scene; she is startled to find a webbed forest. Renamon tells her to run away, as she tries to attack the newly crossed over Digimon, Dokugumon. Dokugumon blocks Renamon's Diamond Storm, and traps both her and Rika. Renamon breaks Rika out of the webbing, telling her to leave again; Rika refuses, and uses a Modify card. The Card isn't much use, and Renamon takes a major beating, defending Rika even to the verge of death. Calumon wanders up to the pair, as Rika learns that it is no longer about just fighting, but about caring for your partner. She watches, terrified, as Renamon's life seems to ebb away. Then Rika's Digivice shines, and Renamon digivolves to Kyubimon, making quick work of Dokugumon and absorbing her energy. Rika still misunderstands and thinks that Renamon grew because of all her battles. Kyubimon corrects her by saying she could only digivolve when Rika cared enough about Renamon. A disgusted Impmon classifies Renamon as a lost cause and flies elsewhere to cause trouble.

 7. Now you see it, Now you don't
The Twin Towers people, better known as Hypnos, are tracking another unusual anomaly. This time, it isn't a wild one (a Digimon), but rather an energy field. Rika thinks about Kyubimon's last battle, and wonders if Digimon are data with emotions--or if they are data at all. Takato visits Guilmon the next morning, who tells him about how he dreamed he disappeared. They talk about dream worlds; then, to Takato's astonishment, Guilmon begins to disappear. Panicked, Takato gets Henry, who theorizes (with a sad tone very unlike Henry, I might add) that Guilmon is probably returning to the Digital World, and that there is nothing Takato can do about it. In school, Takato debates over what Henry said, then listens as Ms. Isaji tells the class about the city's new tunnel. Back at the shed in the park, Takato finds Calumon and Guilmon playing together. Takato asks about Calumon, but the little Digimon denies having a home or being lonely; he then bounces away. Meanwhile, in the Twin Towers, a man speaks with Yamaki (the light flicker) about Hypnose. Their discussion ends with the man's demand that all bio-emerging be stopped, and any wild ones that are loose are to be terminated at once. In another part of town, Takato and Guilmon look for Calumon, but are found by Renamon and Rika, who demand a fight.
Surprisingly, Rika decides not to fight and brings them to her house. Takato explains the dream he had about her, Renamon, and the Lynxmon. Right before he asks Rika questions about Digimon, Rika's grandmother peeks in (this results in a funny scene where Renamon strives to hide a complaining Guilmon). Takato presents the problem of Guilmon disappearing, and Rika shrugs it off, agreeing to what Henry said. Takato is taken aback by Rika's cold view of Digimon--that they are nothing more than data. Later, the boys are kicked out by the girls. Rika threatens Takato with extreme pain if he ever mentions his dream to anyone. In the Twin Towers, Yamaki demands a tracer to be locked on the anomaly. It promptly absorbs the tracer. On the way home, Takato and Guilmon talk some more about dreams, and about being friends. Just as Takato feels reassured that Guilmon probably won't go away, Guilmon begins to disappear again--much faster this time. In a moment, all that's left is a tearful Takato.
Distraught, Takato calls Henry, and the two (plus Terriermon), seek out Rika. Meanwhile, Yamaki has decided the new anomaly is extremely dangerous and plans to use Yuggoth, a new program, to delete it. Takato leads the others to the spot where Guilmon disappeared, which happens to be near the new tunnel. Renamon and Terriermon begin to disappear as well, and Henry orders them away. As Takato's parents begin to worry about him being late, and as Yamaki begins to unlock Yuggoth, the trio travel down the tunnel. They come to the anomaly, a huge glowing bubble of a field. The digivices begin to glow, and create an opening in the field to let the children in. Takato spots Guilmon and tries to reach him; at the same moment, Yamaki implements Yuggoth, and the field and everything in it is slowly erased. As Guilmon breaks free, he creates a road for the others to walk on, and they all leave just as the field disappears forever. Takato thanks everyone for their help, and races home to his worried parents.

 8. A Question of Trust
Takato is already hard at work, planning Guilmon's Champion form--Growlmon. In the park, Impmon scares a couple off with his fiery handiwork. He then discovers Guilmon locked in the shed and demands Guilmon's food. Impmon belittles Guilmon for being a simpleton and a Digipet. The next day in school, Ms. Isaji reminds everyone not to be in the park after dark. The children debate who the fire flinging culprit is, then the girls blame the boys, saying they are interrupting the natural flow of love. Jeri tells Takato that nobody thinks he did it. Takato meets up with Henry and the two discuss if it is Guilmon that is the problem; they dismiss it as not likely. Henry then tells Takato that the teachers will start patrolling the park, which worries Takato--they might find Guilmon.
Riley (one of the Twin Tower trackers) fails to trace a new wild one. Takato brings Guilmon food, then pleads with him not to leave the shed. Ms. Isaji and Mr. Mori are the first step of patrollers; Mr. Mori gets nervous when he sees all the couples in the park, and Ms. Isaji gets fed up with him and leaves. Meanwhile, Impmon is pestering Guilmon again, and insults him. He finally gets Guilmon to leave the shed by saying Guilmon's no fun. On the way home, Takato is stopped by a cop, who is convinced Takato is the fire flinging culprit. Ms. Isaji arrives on the scene and vouches for Takato, then walks him home. At the same time, Impmon shows Guilmon the "fun" of scaring away couples in love; Guilmon finds it boring and wanders back to his shed. Takato freaks over Guilmon again and bolts to the shed to check on him--only to find the shed empty. Guilmon then shows up, telling Takato the "fun" he had scaring people away. Convinced Guilmon is the trouble maker, Takato loses his temper and runs off. A sad and dejected Guilmon wonders what he did wrong.
Bored with scaring people, Impmon finds a Devidramon bio-emerging and teases it mercilessly--until it busts out of the field and wreaks havoc. Lots of people, including Ms. Isaji, watch the Devidramon tear about, unsure what to think. Devidramon then decides to attack Guilmon, who is out wandering again. Takato, Rika and Renamon, and Henry and Terriermon join the fight; Takato tries to swipe card after card, but without success. As everyone watches Guilmon getting walloped, Terriermon eavesdrops on Impmon, who gloats over all that he's done--including scaring couples. Terriermon tells Takato the truth, who promptly forgives Guilmon and begs him to fight back. Calumon shows up, scared for Guilmon. As Takato pleads with Guilmon to at least try to fight, Guilmon digivolves to Growlmon, who runs Calumon off with his fierce roar. Yamaki appoints Riley "cover story" creator, then goes to make sure all knowledge of the Digimon fight is erased. Meanwhile, the same fight is reaching a critical point; Devidramon picks Growlmon up and hauls him high in the sky--then drops him. Amazingly, Growlmon is unscathed and unleashes a powerful attack on Devidramon, instantly decimating him. Growlmon absorbs Devidramon's data, then bellows his triumph to the skies.

 9. Not As Seen On TV
Takato finds himself face to face with one scary looking Growlmon. The boy quietly panics, waiting for the moment when Growlmon eats him. The Champion's breath blows hot on Takato's face, the menacing creature takes a step forward, and Takato is startled to find the Digimon...crying?! With tears in his eyes, Growlmon pleads with Takato not to be scared of him, and begs to be Guilmon again. When Growlmon gets stuck trying to fit in the park shed, Takato realizes he's got to make Growlmon de-digivolve. First he tries a backward card slash--with no luck. Then he hits on the idea that a Rookie is like data, and a Champion is more data added to the original data, so he's got to get rid of the extra data to bring back Guilmon. He forces Growlmon to exercise, then remembers a Digimon shares energy with his Tamer; from that point on, Takato works with Guilmon. They exercise some more, then try wishing. Finally, Takato leaves Growlmon in the park, hoping he'll change over night. On the way home, Takato bumps into Jeri.
Takato tries to talk to Jeri about how his friend has gone through a big change, and he wants to change his friend back. Jeri misunderstands him, thinking he likes her. Late that night, about 2am, a sleepy Takato finds Calumon and Growlmon sitting outside his balcony window. Calumon runs off, and Takato wakes Henry up, hoping he can help change Growlmon back. They decide to leave Growlmon in the tunnel where the anomaly had been, and go home. Impmon stumbles upon the sleeping Champion, and tortures him, chasing poor Growlmon out of the tunnel.
Takato brings bread for his Digimon the next day, only to find Growlmon missing. In a panic, he calls on Henry for help, who sends Terriermon to find Growlmon. Terriermon finds Growlmon at a park, and brings the boys to the Digimon. At first, Takato is mad at Growlmon for leaving, but forgives him as he hears how Impmon chased Growlmon out of the tunnel, and picked on him until Growlmon fought back, then collapsed of exhaustion on the playground. The boys then decide that camouflage could be the answer. It works until Rika appears and scoffs at them, challenging them to a fight yet again.
Renamon, like all Digimon, is able to sense where Growlmon is and points him out. A thunderstorm starts; as it rains, the paint runs off of Growlmon, making him very easy to see. Takato gets upset as he stares at Growlmon and as Rika dismisses him as hopeless and leaves. Brokenhearted, Takato sobs against Growlmon, wondering why he can't do anything right. As the rain stops, and a rainbow arches high overheard, Growlmon glows, and shrinks back to Guilmon.

 10. The Icemon Cometh
Riley is already tracking a wild Digimon. Meanwhile, Rika walks downtown, thinking about all the times the Digimon digivolved. For some reason, she's not happy. Just then, she feels an icy hand, but as she turns about, she sees...nothing.
Calumon walks up to her, then Rika's mom shows up, drawing a crowd. She dotes on the cute little Calumon, making Rika feel embarrassed. At Rika's home, she tells Calumon to buzz off, and he does so, tearfully. Rika feels the icy hands again, but sees nothing. Impmon shows up, but Renamon ignores him; she then tells him not to bother with Terriermon, because Terriermon won't fight either. Rika's mom tries to get her to wear a cute dress, but Rika runs back to her room. Once again, she feels the hands, and sees a shape; panicked, she calls Renamon to check around. Renamon finds nothing. Angry, Rika denounces Renamon and stalks off. In the park, Takato practices his card slash stance, but Henry reminds him that card combos are just as important. Impmon shows up and attacks, but the boys ignore him. At the last moment, Terriermon fights back, and sends Impmon flying. A thoughtful Renamon debates with herself on how to get closer to Rika. The girl in question feels the hands again, and chases the spectral figure she sees. In a instant, she's kidnapped.
IceDevimon greets her in his icy digital field, telling her she is the perfect Tamer for him. Rika calls for Renamon, who begins to bolt, but then decides to stay where she is. IceDevimon then displays all his "trophies"--frozen Digimon he defeated. Rika refuses to be IceDevimon's partner, who then decides he will prove himself by calling Renamon to a fight. The boys show up, and attack; Guilmon and Terriermon immediately get frozen in their first charge. A pensive Calumon looks on.
The boys beat at the frozen Digimon, trying to break them out. Henry tries a heat card, without luck. Renamon shows up, but is badly beaten by IceDevimon. Rika then admits loudly that she cares for Renamon as a friend. Happy, Calumon helps Renamon digivolve. Even with the added power, Kyubimon is losing badly. Henry tries an expansion card on Terriermon, who grows so huge the ice he's in breaks. Takato and Guilmon attack IceDevimon with a card combo, decimating him, and leaving Guilmon the chance to absorb data. As most of the group cheers their victory, Rika declares she hates Digimon.

 11. Much Ado about Musyamon
Still hating Digimon, Rika throws her Digimon stuff away. Takato beats Kazu at the Card Game, an unheard of occurrence. Takato then states he has real life experience, growing overconfident. Meanwhile, Henry and Terriermon spot a digital field, but Henry forbids Terriermon to fight, forcefully pulling him away. Yamaki, angry at all the wild Digimon, employs Yuggoth on the new anomaly. It destroys the anomaly; back in the Twin Towers, a voice promises vengeance against Yamaki.
Henry tries to explain to Terriermon why he wasn't allowed to fight. Renamon catches Henry's attention, while Terriermon is left to endure Suzie's Ms. Pretty Pants treatment. Calumon rejoins Rika, asking her to be happy again; Rika simply smiles. Henry ponders why he wouldn't let Terriermon fight and grow. Renamon tells him she wants a friendship with Rika; Henry asks her why he and his friends were chosen to be Tamers. Renamon has no answer. Terriermon finally escapes Suzie when she falls asleep.
The next day at school, Henry catches up to Takato, as do Kazu and Kanta. Kazu demands a rematch, and wins with ease. Angry, Takato boasts about his real life experience again, then shows Guilmon to them. Guilmon sneezes, scaring the boys away. Guilmon then senses Musyamon returning again, and he and Takato run to intercept him. Meanwhile, Riley and Tally deploy Yuggoth, which Musyamon instantly destroys. He then hunts down Guilmon.
Takato frantically swipes cards like crazy, with little affect. Yamaki runs to the site, as does Henry. Once again, Henry forbids Terriermon to fight--until a young girl stumbles into the digital field. Musyamon spots the girl and prepares to slice her. Panicked, Henry tells Terriermon to fight. Terriermon does one better--he grows to Gargomon and beats Musyamon, absorbing his data. As the field disappears, the boys return the girl to her mom and run off. In the park, Henry apologies to Gargomon for not letting him fight. Takato apologies to Guilmon for swiping too many cards. From a distance, Yamaki watches.

 12. Divided They Stand
As another wild digimon bio-emerges, Yamaki ponders over the kids he saw, and decides they are getting in the way. Kazu and Kanta are nervous around Takato now, and try to deny what they saw was real. Jeri overhears the conversation. Rika tries to tell herself she doesn't need Renamon--while she searches for Renamon. A swarm of Flybeemon appear and Renamon is already in the midst of them fighting. Rika, joined by Calumon, stands outside of the digital field. Renamon is struck by a stinger, realizes that she is about to lose, and wonders where Rika could be.
Henry shows up with Terriermon and finds it odd that Rika isn't in the fight with Renamon. Upset, Rika runs away, Calumon following her. He tries to tell her to be happy, then wanders back to the digital field to play with Terriermon. Henry watches Renamon beat the Flybeemon and absorb them, then talks to her. He tells her the concept of partners--of how they are supposed to be equals that know each other's strengths and weaknesses. Later, Henry tells Takato about the whole scene. Yamaki stops them, warning them to stop being involved with Digimon. As Henry chases after Yamaki, Jeri appears and begs Takato to show her Guilmon. Giving in, Takato shows her to him; she is beyond delighted to meet Guilmon.
Up on a rooftop, Impmon watches two young kids fight over a stuffed animal and remembers what it was like to live with them. He decides it wasn't worth it, and as he turns to leave, Renamon approaches him. She follows him and asks him questions about partners. He tells her he has no partner because humans are stupid, and besides, the strength to win is in her, and her alone--she doesn't need a partner. Renamon wanders away to think about this, then decides regretfully that Impmon may be right. Rika hides away in her room, junking her digivice again and refusing to talk to anyone; her grandmother tries anyway, telling the girl that everyone needs someone. Harpymon emerges in a forest, and Renamon is quickly on the scene, fighting intensely.
As Jeri leaves for home, Guilmon senses Harpymon and he and Takato, plus Henry and Terriermon, run to the digital field. Calumon digs into Rika's trash can and tries to give her the digivice back. Renamon is beating Harpymon as Rika appears. The girl is taken aback by Renamon's obvious power; she's afraid Renamon doesn't need her. Renamon also recognizes her power, and leaves a dazed Harpymon lying on the ground, deciding that fighting and absorbing data just isn't worth it anymore. Harpymon recovers and slices Renamon, then begins to win the fight. Cardless, searching desperately for something to help Renamon, Rika picks up a sharp stick and stabs Harpymon in the back. Furious, the Digimon turns on Rika, about to kill her, when Calumon helps Renamon digivolve to Kyubimon, and destroy Harpymon. Kyubimon refuses to absorb Harpymon, telling Rika she no longer needs experience, because she has Rika to help her grow. Yamaki continues to spy from a distance.

 13. Juggernaut
Takato and Guilmon are already in the midst of a battle with DarkLizardmon (DarkRizamon) when Yamaki and his team appear on the scene. DarkLizardmon reaches toward Takato, begging him to help her digivolve, when she is carried off by Yamaki's team. Yamaki threatens to take Guilmon, too, but decides Takato will have to learn the hard way just how much trouble Guilmon will be.
Back in the park shed, Guilmon talks excitedly about being Growlmon again. Takato remembers Growlmon's major battle, then yells that Guilmon won't be allowed to fight or absorb data anymore. As he runs away upset, Guilmon whimpers and wonders what he did wrong. Riley and Tally are busy tracking a wild one that seems to be right under them. Tally spies Calumon in the same room with them, and tries to chase him, with no luck. Riley thinks Tally is just seeing things. Yamaki watches as DarkLizardmon is used in a scanning experiment. DarkLizardmon is destroyed in the process, and her data is erased by the technicians. At school, Kazu and Kanta try to avoid Takato; Takato debates if he really wants Guilmon to grow again. Terriermon is busy playing Henry's Digimon game when something seems to go horribly wrong. Before he can find out what, Suzie walks into the room, declares the Digimon an orphan, and takes it upon herself to make him look "pwetty".
As his friends avoid him even more, Takato is approached by Jeri, who tries to cheer him up. Takato snaps at her, then walks away. A dismayed Jeri hides her puppet. Meanwhile, Yamaki holds a conference with four major people, explaining how Digimon were an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program gone awry, one later passed off as a child's game. Somehow, he explains to them, the Digimon were able to appear to take on living bodies, but he states, as he always firmly does without fail: Digimon are nothing more than data. He convinces them to let him use Juggernaut at his own risk, as long as the Juggernaut has no affect on the real or Digital World. As Guilmon and Takato talk together, Guilmon assures Takato that, no matter what form he is in, he will always be the Digimon friend that Takato knows. Satisfied, Takato apologies for the way he acted earlier.
Rika and Renamon talk together about needing partners when digivolving (more or less, they are friends again). One of Yamaki's men questions Henry's dad about the Digimon program, but he refuses to talk. Henry comes home, feeling sorry for the prettified Terriermon. Impmon shoves Calumon about and tells the tiny Digimon that he's gonna blast Calumon, so that Impmon can get experience and grow. Juggernaut is implemented, and Guilmon calmly senses it right away. Henry tries to talk to his father about the Digimon program, but his father doesn't say much. Henry then runs to his room, startled to find Terriermon banging his head on the window, as if wanting to get out. Guilmon tells Takato a really huge Digimon is coming.

 14. Grow Mon Grow
Impmon chases after Calumon to decimate him, but both pause as they notice everyone staring at the fiery sky. Terriermon is still tearing at the window to get out, and everyone else races to get the best view. Yamaki smiles grimly as he watches Digimon getting sucked into the portal high in the sky. Takato approaches him, and Yamaki tells him about the Juggernaut, how it rids the world of Digimon. Takato attempts to counter with reasons that Digimon are good, when an enormous anomaly rips Juggernaut's portal wide open.
A voice (Mihiramon, the Tiger Deva) speaks from the rip in the sky, sarcastically thanking Yamaki for setting the Digimon free. Stung by his failure, Yamaki staggers off, while Takato realizes the danger of the open portal. Yamaki spies Henry and starts to attack him, then decides better of it and walks off, blaming everything on the Tamers. Rika joins Henry, and both catch up to Takato at the Twin Towers, where a digital field is forming at the very top. Renamon leaps to the field; using Takato's digivolution card, she turns into Kyubimon, ready to face off against the new Digimon. Mihiramon fiercely attacks her and she falls from the tower.
Terriermon decides to try next. As he turns into Gargomon and flies up the tower, he watches Renamon fall down and hit the ground hard. She has just enough time to gasp out Mihiramon's possible power level before she becomes quiet. Gargomon attacks Mihiramon, but runs out of bullets; the tiger whacks him as well, and tiny Terriermon flops over the side of the tower. Infuriated, Guilmon tries his luck, digivolving and flying to the tower top. Meanwhile, Terriermon weakly whispers a clue to Henry, about how Mihiramon circles like a shark before attacking. Takato uses the strategy, and Growlmon lands a hit. Angry, Mihiramon whips about and bites Growlmon savagely. Takato feels the pain and promptly collapses.
Jeri, Kazu, and Kanta are all drawn to the field, as well as some of Yamaki's helicopters, which fail to contain Mihiramon. Takato finds himself in a strange place, where Growlmon speaks to him, asking to fight once more. Takato says yes, and wakes to find himself tackling Calumon. Takato decides that if Growlmon was going to fight, he was too; that's when the Blue Card reappears. Takato swipes it, and Calumon feels a new power: "Crystal Matrix Activate!" Matrix Digivolution occurs, helping a nearly dead Growlmon grow into WarGrowlmon; Calumon sags, bereft of energy. Mihiramon scorns WarGrowlmon for having a human partner, the same one who is feeling every hit WarGrowlmon is; regardless, WarGrowlmon destroys Mihiramon. As people flock to the two heroes to congratulate them, Yamaki decides he needs to rethink his previous attitude.

 15. Saga of the Devas Part 1
Snakes, Trains & Digimon
To share the excitement of their first Ultimate level win, Takato and Guilmon display the banner they made. The team realizes they are the only ones that can protect the world from the Devas--like the snake Deva, Sandiramon, sneaking about in the subway.
The next morning, Takato calls the others to suggest patrolling the city. When both Henry and Rika decline, Takato then decides to play with Guilmon and his other friends in the park. Rika goes to a play with her grandmother; while watching the play, Rika understands why Renamon saved her from IceDevimon and Harpymon--even after the way Rika treated Renamon. Rika then decides that Digimon aren't just data. A jealous Impmon watches Takato and friends play with Guilmon in the park; he denies being jealous, even when Renamon points it out. On the way home from the play, Rika spots Calumon, then Sandiramon in the subway.
Renamon appears, grows to Kyubimon and attacks Sandiramon--with little effect. Sandiramon slithers off to demolish an oncoming subway train. Henry and Terriermon happen to be riding the very same train; when Sandiramon attacks, Henry and Terriermon save a baby with WarGreymon's Brave Shield. Rika tells Henry to call Takato, but Takato is still off somewhere in the park. Sandiramon grips Kyubimon and Terriermon turns into Gargomon to save Kyubimon. Impmon happens to be nearby and sneaks off to tell Takato. Takato uses Digmon's Drill card on Guilmon to burrow into the subway; he refuses to let the other kids come along, so Kazu gives Takato a useful card (for once) to use in the battle.
Landing in the subway, Guilmon turns into Growlmon and Takato uses Kazu's card (a power up) right away. It proves to be enough to put a stop to Sandiramon, but as he lies mortally wounded, he merely laughs. He tells them that there are ten more Devas that are ready to take over the world, at the command of their leader. With that, he dissolves. A few minutes later, the Tamers show off their Champions to the kids gathered in the park.

 16. Saga of the Devas Part 2
Back to Nature, Back To Battle
The next day, Rika is on the way to school; she pauses a moment, then gives Renamon her first present--an energy drink. At Takato and Henry's school, a camping field trip is about to commence, and they sneak their Digimon onboard--including Calumon. They decide, after all the fighting that the Digimon have been doing, they deserve a chance to relax.
Kenta manages to grab the microphone and does a little karaoke, much to everyone's dismay--except the Tamers and their Digimon. At the campsite, the kids offer Guilmon all their food; later, Takato, Henry, Guilmon, Terriermon, and Calumon all go for a restful walk. Takato and Henry detect a Digimon, but it is so small, they decide not to worry about it; Riley and Tally also notice it, and also decide to ignore it. That night, Mr. Morrie tells a scary story; at the scariest part, he sees the Digimon peeking out of Takato's tent and faints on sight. A little while later, the two boys take the Digimon on a walk to see the city lights; the boys actually see the tiny Digimon this time, and drag the Digimon away before a fight ensues.
Sinduramon, the rooster Deva, eats the electricity of the city and begins to grow. Tally and Riley panic and tell Yamaki. Meanwhile, the boy and their Digimon find a hidden away swimming spot, and play. Impmon appears, expressing his extreme disgust, but the boys manage to convince him to join in too. Suddenly, the Digimon are thrown to one side as Sinduramon appears, much bigger than last night. A possessed owl informs the boys that this is the rooster Deva; the boys panic, and run away with their Digimon. Back at camp, Henry concentrates on what the owl said, and figures out that eating electricity makes Sinduramon grow bigger. The boys immediate go to the hydro-power plant by the dam, and find Guilmon and Terriermon already fighting Sinduramon. They feel bad for letting the tiny problem (Sinduramon) get out of hand, and resolve to take care of it now, before it gets any bigger. Guilmon and Terriermon become Growlmon and Gargomon, and attack. Sinduramon's electricity makes it difficult for the Digimon to even get near him, until they toss him into the water, where he proceeds to shock himself to death. Back at camp, Growlmon and Gargomon are forced to stand on their heads again, until they digi-de-volve.

 17. Saga of the Devas Part 3
Duel with a Deva
While a young boy is gloating over his card collection, a stranger in a yellow jacket bumps him. Distraught at having eight cards, instead of lucky number seven, he gives the extra to Kenta, who in turn gives it to Henry. Henry tries to swipe it and it turns into the Blue Card. Puzzled, he gives the Card to his dad to look at. Henry's dad scans it, and something about it bothers him, but he is not willing to say what. Startled by this, Henry and his friends go in search of where the card came from. That night, Henry's dad thinks about the Project, and wrestles with the fact that he is hiding something from his son. The next day, Henry's dad forgets his cell phone, turns back for it, and is shocked to see Henry with a talking Terriermon facing off with Impmon. While trying to understand it all, Henry's dad is attacked by Impmon, who then runs off. Henry's dad tries to talk to Henry, but he too runs off.
Tally and Riley track two new Digimon coming from the Juggernaut core. Calumon follows the Tamers into a marketplace, where they think they may find the yellow jacket man. Pajiramon, the sheep Deva, and Vajramon, the bull Deva, appear in the marketplace. Vajramon eats all the computers he finds, while Pajiramon "banshee bahs" everyone into submission; she then eats any CDs she stumbles across. Determined to stop them from powering up further, a Zudomon Hammer's laden Terriermon and a Crystal Fire power Renamon attack Pajiramon and Vajramon. The two Devas talk of how they are to destroy the Tamers and their traitor Digimon. Just as Pajiramon is about to shoot Terriermon with her crossbow, Terriermon becomes Gargomon and fires back. Meanwhile, Vajramon is impressed that Renamon does not digivolve to fight him. Henry panics as Pajiramon seems to gain the upper hand, and tries to make Gargomon faster; Pajiramon simply pins the gun bunny down, and stomps on him. Panicking even more, Henry uses a Rock Armor card on Gargomon to protect him, but even then, it proves futile--Pajiramon is stomping Gargomon hard now. Getting desperate, Henry tries a program halt card to at least give Gargomon a fighting chance again, but it doesn't work. Beyond desperation, he finally gives in and uses the Blue Card. At first, nothing seems to happen, but then Gargomon unfreezes and turns into Rapidmon. Rapidmon proceeds to kick butt; just as Pajiramon tries to take the children hostage, Rapidmon destroys both Pajiramon and Vajramon. At the Twin Towers, Tally and Riley notice one of the anomalies returns.
That night, Henry's dad thanks Terriermon for defending him, and apologies for not telling Henry everything he knew. He begins to talk about how Digimon were originally a project made by him and his friends when they were in college; the Project went well, and the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) creatures developed personalities and survival "instincts". Unfortunately, the Project was cut short when the funding dried up; the creatures were claimed by another company, and Henry's dad and his friends never got the credit for making the creatures. He then begins to talk about Shibumi. Meanwhile, Vajramon appears to Renamon and Rika, and motions for Renamon only to follow him. Renamon tells Rika to stay behind and the two Digimon walk away.

 18. Digital Beauty
Rika is forced by her mother, Makino Nonaka, to participate in a model photo shoot. Rika tolerates it until she realizes she's becoming just like her mother, and flees. Meanwhile, Takato and Henry try to figure out where Renamon is, and decide that, whenever Vajramon reappears, Renamon will too.
It turns out that Riley is sent undercover to act as a model at the same agency Makino works at. She seems happy enough, but wishes she didn't have to spend her time chasing Wild Ones. Rika, concerned for Renamon, ends up coming home late, and avoids her mother. Terriermon detects Vajramon returning, and the boys call up Rika to let her know. Together, the three of them race to the location of the digital field, a sports arena.
Vajramon tells Renamon she has been selected to fight for the Digimon Sovereign, the leader of the Devas. He then reveals the Sovereign plans to take over the real world by enslaving or even destroying the humans. Calumon shows up, and Vajramon attacks him. Guilmon grows into Growlmon and saves the little cutie, but gets his butt walloped. Gargomon joins the fight, but the pair barely seem to hurt Vajramon. Renamon digivolves into Kyubimon, and Vajramon is pleased--he again tries to convince her to join the Sovereign's cause, but with no luck. The Tamers swipe cards in order to beat the Bull Deva, but Vajramon easily knocks Growlmon and Gargomon to one side. He himself is knocked back by Kyubimon. Just as it seems Vajramon is about to demolish Kyubimon, Rika pulls out the Blue Card and swipes; Taomon is born.
Calumon collapses from this tremendous effort. Upon seeing Taomon, Vajramon rejects her for looking too humanoid. Taomon tells him she was just using him for information, and calmly fights him. Enraged, Vajramon threatens to kill her, then Rika; Taomon promptly destroys him. After the fight, Rika complements Renamon just for being her.

 19. Impmon's Last Stand
Takato's friends are happily playing with Guilmon, as the Tamers debate what to do about the Devas. In a nearby playground, a trio of girls gush over the adorable Calumon, but define Impmon as definitely not cute. Angry, he fireballs them away.
Henry spends the afternoon practicing martial arts, but his sensei notices he is not himself. Henry admits to that, and asks about the Devas. His sensei tells him the Devas are creatures that protected the world from the evil spirit Asura; he then proceeds to inform Henry that the Devas could be good or evil--it's all a matter of perspective. Impmon is spending this time leaping from rooftop to rooftop, being followed by Calumon. He then hears Indramon, the Horse Deva, who tells him the small Rookie has the stench of humans on him. Renamon appears to fight, but Indramon is disgusted by all the "tainted ones" (Digimon with human Tamers) and leaves. Impmon is enraged; he tells Renamon he could have taken Indramon, even without digivolving. Meanwhile, in the Twin Towers, Yamaki receives a transmission, and insanely laughs as he sees how simple their code is. He revows to rid the earth of the Digimon pestilence. In the park where Takato, Guilmon, and their friends are, a strange kid appears. Nobody knows who he is; he freaks them out by squawking, then laughs and runs away. Impmon decides to go on a general rampage through the city, causing lots of trouble.
Late that afternoon, Jeri confronts Takato about seeming preoccupied, then tells him he can always come to her if needed. Calumon shows up and Takato tries to figure out why Calumon is the key to digivolving; the tiny Digimon has no clue. Several cops attempt to arrest Impmon, who is suddenly snatched away by Renamon. He fumes at her, tells her again he needs no partner (admitting in the process he once did), and suddenly bursts into tears, confessing he wants so much to digivolve. Indramon reappears, and Impmon races to challenge him. He refuses to let Renamon fight who, in turn, holds the others back from fighting. As Calumon shows up to watch, Indramon beats Impmon up--bad--but the Rookie keeps trying. In a moment, reconfiguration is certain for Impmon.
Waiting to the last possible minute, Renamon saves Impmon, and Indramon turns his wrath on her as well. Takato watches Calumon, and sees the red triangle on the Digimon's forehead glow; he then tells the Digimon to digivolve. They do so, and attack together. Indramon sucks all the attacks into the large horn he carries, then blows them back at the Champions. Impmon ignores them as they topple to one side; instead, the infuriated Rookie charges Indramon and...

 20. Out of the Blue
...Impmon attacks Indramon as the Horse Deva grows to an immense size. Irritated with the small Rookie, Indramon literally knocks him into the next county. Yamaki uses Juggernaut again, which causes Indramon to pause, then disappear.
That night, Takato, Growlmon, Kyubimon, and Gargomon rest in the tunnel, awaiting word about Impmon. Henry and Rika come back without any. The next day, Kazu and Kenta are suggesting Guilmon bread to Takato's father, but Takato manages to drag the boys away before they say too much. Followed by the strange kid, Kazu proudly displays his created Blue Card. Suddenly, the strange kid tries to steal Takato's D-Power, then runs away laughing. With his office moved to the Twin Towers, Henry's dad awaits Yamaki. He is forgotten as Indramon reappears, so he does some wandering--and stumbles upon the Juggernaut. Yamaki appears behind him and tells him about the use of the Juggernaut and about the Digimon "infestation".
The kids all run to the point of Indramon's bio-emergence, and the Digimon grow to their Champion levels. While Kazu and Kenta cheer them on, Jeri notices Calumon is noticeably tired out. From their own view points, the strange kid and a weakened Impmon watch as Yamaki's helicopters join the fight. Even powered up by a card, Gargomon takes a nasty beating; the other two, also powered by cards, attack with little effect. Meanwhile, Yamaki has taken Henry's father to reunite with the other "Monster Makers" team--the Irish Dolphin, the Indian Curly, the African Babble, and the English Daisy. Shibumi, however, is still missing. He is the one, Henry's dad explains, that foresaw the AI program becoming living creatures, but no one had believed him. Yamaki theorizes that it is not totally the Monster Maker team's fault; the Digimon have a sovereign that supposed took what the humans made and gave it life. Outside, Yamaki's helicopters attempt to shoot Indramon down, but fly away before they are destroyed. Yamaki suggests that the Monster Makers gain the Digimon's friendship, to make it easier to destroy the creatures. The Champions continue to take a beating (with the Tamers feeling every hit), and the other kids try to help with more cards. It looks impossible until Kazu suggests Takato try his created Blue Card.
Takato suddenly decides that it will work, and swipes the created card. Calumon responds instantly and Growlmon becomes WarGrowlmon again. He promptly trashes Indramon, leaving Kazu with a very swelled ego.

 21. Jeri's Quest
Jeri starts the day by buying some baked goods from Takato's dad. She is suddenly dragged by Kazu and Kenta to the park shed, where the Tamers are meeting. Meanwhile, Yamaki tells the Monster Makers that they must break Shibumi's code, or risk being held responsible. Back in the shed, the Tamers decide that the sovereign is a Digimon, but not a normal one. Kazu and Kenta dream about being Tamers too (Omnimon for Kazu, Imperialdramon for Kenta), but Jeri scoffs--that is, until all her Digimon cards fall out of her pocket.
When they see that the Tamers have left, the boys go to find them; Jeri decides to go home. On the way, she bumps into Calumon, who begs for a cream puff. They share the baked goods, when Jeri suddenly decides that Calumon could be her Digimon partner. Kumbhiramon, the Rat deva appears, and Jeri thrusts a less than emphatic Calumon at him. Terrified, Calumon runs, with Jeri fast behind him. Kumbhiramon chases them to the park fountain and closes in for the kill.
Suddenly, the fountains shoot high geysers, flinging Kumbhiramon away, and making a rainbow. Leomon appears over the rainbow and defends Jeri from Kumbhiramon. After the fight, Jeri gushes over Leomon, deciding he must be her partner Digimon. A puzzled Leomon dashes off, with Jeri right on his heels. Calumon points him out whenever he finds a good hiding place--until he stifles the creature in the park shed. That's where Takato and Guilmon find them; thinking Leomon is hurting Calumon, Takato challenges him to fight. Just before Leomon accepts, Jeri shows up and presents Leomon as her Digimon. Leomon again denies being a partner, or even knowing what one is. This results in a humorous scene where Jeri chases Leomon as Takato shares the news with Henry and Rika (who thinks if Jeri has no digivice, she can't be a Tamer). Jeri is suddenly the one being chased as Kumbhiramon reappears. The Rat deva uses his Deva Clone attack, outnumbering Leomon six to one.
Scared for Leomon, Jeri demands Takato's digivice and attempts to swipe a card--twice. Nothing happens, and Jeri suddenly realizes that maybe Leomon isn't her partner after all. As Henry shows up and Terriermon grows to Gargomon, the strange kid watches how Calumon is involved in the process. Laughing, he bolts, with Renamon and Rika fast behind him. Leomon sees Jeri crying, then wallops Kumbhiramon a good one. With the Rat deva defeated, Leomon beats a hasty retreat, trying not to be moved by Jeri's tears. Ashamed by her earlier behavior, Jeri tells Takato to leave her alone, and saddened, everyone does as she wishes. In the Twin Towers, the Monster Makers team learns the kids have the same devices as they did long ago. Then a large shake of some sort rocks the city.

 22. The Boar Wars
Takato comes home from school and attempts to sneak out to the park with food. His mom catches him, nagging about his homework. Takato promises to do it later, griping about his mom; that's when he feels the earthquake. Henry and Suzie feel it too, the terrified little sister squeezing Terriermon in a death grip. Henry has to get mean in order to pry the Digimon away, and Suzie wishes he wasn't her brother.
Henry is obviously bothered by something, more so when he stops by a local poster shop. Rika and her grandmother walk past, and Henry invites Rika to come along to the park. Rika's mother calls at that moment, and Rika ends up ditching her fashion crazed mother for her friends. Deep in the sewers, a badly mangled Impmon sulks. By Guilmon's shed, Kazu, Kenta, and Takato debate why Takato gets to be a Tamer. He assures them that maybe their Digimon partners will come someday. A determined Jeri stomps up, demanding someone teach her how to play the card game. Rika shows up with Henry, and volunteers to teach Jeri. Meanwhile, Henry shows the boys the poster he got, and Takato recognizes it as the Chinese Zodiac. Henry tells them it also represents the Devas, and that they have five more to defeat--a pig, a monkey, a dragon, a rabbit, and a dog. The strange kid shows up at that point, staring intently at Calumon. All the kids give chase, but lose the boy when an enormous earthquake rocks the town. In the Twin Towers, Riley and Tally struggle as the new Wild One overloads their systems.
The two fight to keep the computer from crashing, while Yamaki calls the Head Cabinet in a slight panic. Meanwhile, Henry's dad and his team are breeching new information about the Digimon, but are still puzzled as to why the Digimon can digivolve. Yamaki decides to use Juggernaut again. Vikaralamon, the pig Deva, bio-emerges; down in the sewers, a depressed Impmon sees a digital field, and realizes it's time to go back. As Vikaralamon stampedes through downtown, the three Digimon grow to their Champion forms and chase after the pig; the army shows up and also flies after it.
Failing to make any scratch on the Deva, the Tamers know they have to do something before the town is destroyed. Yamaki yells at Henry's dad for wanting to study the Artificial Intelligence forms, telling him they are the reason the town is being decimated. Yamaki demands Juggernaut be at full power; once he gets rid of the Digimon, he will create a firewall to keep them from ever breaking out again. The Tamers find themselves focusing on the love and concern their families had for them, and the love and concern they have for their families. Wishing mightily, they each get a Blue Card, then swipe, giving rise to three Ultimates at once. Just as WarGrowlmon, Taomon, and Rapidmon face off with Vikaralamon, Juggernaut hits 100%, and...

 23. A World Apart
...the sky is ripped apart. As Juggernaut continues to reach its highest level possible, residents are forced to evacuate the area. Takato's mom refuses to move, but the police and her husband convince her to leave and look elsewhere for her son. WarGrowlmon, Rapidmon, and Taomon begin their attack, but WarGrowlmon is weighed down by a fusion ball. Squealing in demonic glee, Vikaralamon prepares to open the Digital World gate.
Yamaki again blames Henry's dad for the problem of the Devas and all Digimon. As Takato panics about WarGrowlmon, Henry decides that, in order for the cards to be any use at all, they must believe in their Partners and themselves. Both Henry and Rika use Radiant Faith cards to make Rapidmon and Taomon temporary invulnerable, until Juggernaut is put to use. Taomon protects Rapidmon and herself with one of her attacks to keep from being dragged away by Juggernaut, but that defense also begins to be deleted. Henry's dad decides to leave to find Henry and his friends, fighting off the guards that attempt to keep him a "prisoner". Takato worries about Guilmon, about how, every time Guilmon grows, it's like he loses a bit of who he is. Rika and Henry assure him that Guilmon is the same and his friend, no matter what. In the park, Calumon is sobbing frantically, begging Jeri to keep them away. Puzzled by his behavior, Jeri, Kazu, and Kenta are approached by the strange kid. At that same moment, something begins to overwrite Juggernaut. In the sewers, a voice speaks to Impmon. It promises Impmon a chance to digivolve and grow stronger, if Impmon will do what the voice tells him.
Shafts of energy light shoot out and grab each Digimon, preparing to drag them away in Juggernaut's last ditch effort to function. The strange kid is hit, and is revealed as Makuramon, the monkey Deva. He uses the orb he wore around his neck to block the shaft, then hurls it at the center apex of Juggernaut, stopping it up. Meanwhile, Takato's parents find Guilmon's shed, and recognize all the empty bags from their own bakery. Juggernaut collapses, overloading every Twin Tower system and bringing Hypnos to an end as everyone flees the building. Riley and Yamaki are the only ones to remain, but Yamaki sends Riley away. With Juggernaut no longer functioning, the Digimon return to their battle, with the aid of the military's helicopters. Henry's dad finds the kids and escorts them away, but not before Takato decides he isn't going to run anymore. He runs back to where WarGrowlmon is, and begins to scream. The Tamer and the Digimon fight as one, and Henry and Rika help by screaming too.
With all this help, WarGrowlmon finishes off Vikaralamon, but not before the town is destroyed. Jeri with Calumon, Kazu, and Kenta show up, cheering the Tamers. Makuramon steals Calumon away, and tells them the Devas will finally be powerful enough to defeat all humans. As Makuramon flies toward the Digital Gate, Leomon shows up, but is injured badly. Jeri cries out, then suddenly, a yellow D-Power appears to her. She uses it to heal Leomon, but not before Makuramon flies off with Calumon. A dark figure, Zhuqiaomon, closes the gate after them. Takato decides the Tamers must find a way to the Digital World, to save Calumon. In another part of town, Yamaki finally admits defeat.

 24. The Journey Begins
The next day, Takato muses about everything that has happened so far. He marvels how "normal" everything seems to be again, but knows it is just the calm before the storm. The Tamers must get Calumon back if they ever want to be able to digivolve their Digimon. At Rika's house, she is startled by her mother crying; her mom was afraid she had lost Rika during the Vikaralamon incident. Henry, Guilmon, and Renamon all look in separate places for the portal to the Digital World, but only Guilmon seems to have a lead. Henry's dad asks to see his digivice, then speculates on it. He admits Digimon were never supposed to be real; however, his team is working to fix the problem. In the meantime, he warns Henry, don't get involved with the dangerous Digimon anymore. Jeri spends her time taking care of Leomon, and asks him about the Digital World. He cautions her against it, but realizes she will go, no matter what. Renamon also denies her own Tamer entrance into the Digital World, when suddenly, Rika's grandmother appears. She likes Renamon at once, and asks her to protect Rika, wherever they may go; Renamon promises.
Takato rushes to feed Guilmon, and finds the Digimon discovered the portal hidden beneath the park shed. Meanwhile, Makuramon rushes Calumon to the sovereign Digimon, and Impmon awakens to find himself not on earth. Lost in thought during class, Takato is reprimanded, and told to stay after school. Jeri, Kazu, and Kenta volunteer to stay after as well, driving their teacher up the wall.
Yamaki is now spending his time sulking, now that Hypnos is over with. Riley confronts him, then berates him for doing nothing. With a sudden flash of inspiration, Yamaki begins work on his newest program. At the school, the four kids write essays about leaving for the Digital World, upsetting Ms. Isaji greatly. She manages to catch up with them before they leave, begging them not to go. Deaf to her cries that they are only children, they wish her the best, assuring her that they were meant to save the world. After a quick pep talk, each Tamer goes home to say their final goodbyes. Takato takes Guilmon home and shows him to his parents. While Takato's mom wigs out and forbids Takato to leave, his dad tells him to go, and asks Guilmon to keep Takato safe.
Henry tells Suzie about Terriermon, and how he and Henry are leaving for the Digital World; at first, the little girl is startled, but then she hugs Terriermon, telling him to come home soon. Rika puts her dress on and shows it to her mother, who is pleasantly surprised. The next morning, everyone meets under the new Tamers flag Takato made. Yamaki also appears, handing them a Com Device, and wishes them the best. Next stop: the Digital World.

 25. Brave New Digital World
The team finds themselves walking among flying symbols, and Renamon informs them they are in a data field. They get hit by a data surge, flinging everyone every which way. As Rika helps Jeri and Takato helps Kenta and Kazu, Jeri points in the direction she thinks is down, and everyone promptly falls.
They successfully break through the digital barrier, leaving enormous craters in their wake. High above them, the real world turns, streams of light shining down. "Digital tumbleweeds" (packets of old data) roll past, as the team checks out the desert surroundings. Kenta takes pictures, but his camera messes up, as well as Yamaki's Com Device. The reality hits that the team is probably stranded. Rika spots something like towers or antennae on the horizon, and everyone walks towards them. Meanwhile, Makuramon continues on his journey to bring Calumon home--until somehow, Calumon's cage gets caught in the digital barrier. As the tiny Digimon giggles, Makuramon falls. The team comes to the towers, only to find they are rocks; discouraged, they take a break. It is dark in an instant, and the bright light beams grow more intense. Henry and Renamon reason that if anyone was to be hit by one of the light beams, they would be "uploaded" to wherever the source of the beam was. Not a good thing. Then Meramon appears.
He attacks immediately, and Leomon knocks him down. The fiery Digimon gives up, happy to help in the team's search for Calumon and Makuramon. He then tells them how he longs to be stronger (with potential Tamers Kazu and Kenta listening). Impmon also breaks through at this point. As the others rest, Takato and Henry debate the meaning of a Digimon's life--whether it is supposed to only be about fighting. A Jagamon stampede ensues, and the team scrambles for cover. Meramon attacks the stampede and is immediately trampled to death. Back at the digital barrier, Calumon's cage is surrounded by glowing fish creatures, who help him out. The team make a small memorial cairn for Meramon, then are startle to see Kazu and Kenta yank a Jagamon out of the ground by its tail. The panicky Ultimate admits he has seen Makuramon, and he and his herd point the team across the desert.
Makuramon flies back to the digital barrier with the dragon Deva, only to find Calumon gone. The team trudges across the desert, until they notice a data beam flying extremely close. The team bolts, except for Kazu and Kenta, who stare in fright, then run in the opposite direction. Rika and Renamon chase them, the beam hot on their heels. The others panic, sure that they'll be sent to some other location, where they'll never be found again.

 26. Kazu & Kenta's Great Adventure
The data stream overtakes Rika, Renamon, Kenta, and Kazu, and they are flung into a deep valley. The girls recover first and see Earth, far far away. They also notice that the houses in the area are covered in large rags and the trees all bend one way.
The boys finally wake up, and Rika gripes at them for being so pathetic and useless. The wind picks up at this time, throwing everything from a tire to a dresser (yes, "everything" includes the kitchen sink), shattering boulders. The group is blown into one of the houses as their boulder explodes beneath a piano. Inside the pair live the hilarious married couple Babamon and Jijimon (think Miracle Max and his wife from The Princess Bride movie), who keep themselves entertained by fighting each other. The two Megas challenge the group but when Renamon accepts, they decide to cook for them instead. After supper, the boys bathe, singing terribly all the while.
Somewhere in the Digital World, Calumon searches for friends, but is sucked away by a data stream. Kazu and Kenta wake up in the middle of the night, deciding Jijimon and Babamon would be the perfect Digimon Partners for them. They have nightmares about the Megas attacking them, but then find Jijimon and Babamon giving thanks for their visitors. The boys give thanks for the Digimon taking them in. The next day, the wind dies down; the girls begin to leave, but the boys stick around to ask the Megas to be their Partners. A mix-up quickly ensues as Babamon and Jijimon think they are the Tamers and Kenta (MegaMightyKentamon) and Kazu (BlackWarKazumon) are the Partners. The boys fight against each other, with the two Megas cheering them on. Outside, the girls construct a kite out of the rags on the houses.
In the midst of MegaMightyKentamon's special attack (Broom of Madness), Rika and Renamon bust in, and drag the boys away, to Babamon and Jijimon's dismay. The kite flies out of the valley, and the Megas content themselves with caterwauling, Kazu and Kenta style. Outside, Calumon is blown past their house.
(Did you know? A scene was cut from this episode, called the Accidental Kiss. Before the group had been taken in by Babamon and Jijimon, Rika had kicked a sleeping Kazu in the rear. He rolled into Kenta, his lips touching Kenta's cheek. Both boys panicked at this, and were quickly wide awake.)

 27. Motorcycle Madness
As Rika's group flies out of the valley, far far away the rest of the team searches for them. Terriermon points out a run down village where they can rest for a while when a motorcycle appears, and chases them.
The motorcycle goes after Takato and Guilmon; just ahead of them, a small Chuchidarumon (MudFrigimon) pops out of one of the houses. Leomon saves it from being run over by the cycle, but another Chuchidarumon is hit and killed in the process. The motorcycle speeds away, and the Chuchidarumon all come out to stare at the visitors. At the same time, Impmon staggers about, and comes upon the Dog deva (Chatsuramon). The Chief Chuchidarumon confesses he knows nothing of devas or humans, but simply tells how his village (the Forgotten Village of Discarded Data) is responsible for storing away old data. Takato tries to tell the Chuchidarumon to leave before the cycle comes back, but Henry tells him to back off. To Henry's shock, Terriermon agrees with Takato. Lost somewhere else, Calumon wanders about, sad and afraid. The Dog deva reminds Impmon of the two humans he once had.
Impmon remembers how the two children forgot him so easily, and the Deva tells him there is a way to digivolve without humans. Meanwhile, the motorcycle has returned. Terriermon grows to Gargomon, and both he and Leomon attack the cycle. The cycle races toward a group of Chuchidarumon, and Guilmon tackles it in an attempt to drive it away. The cycle swerves away, dropping a MetalKoromon. Jeri begins to relate the story of the red shoes, how, once the shoes were on, you could never stop dancing. MetalKoromon tells them how the cycle possesses anyone that rides on it, and it never lets the rider go until it finds a better one. The group panics as an evil Guilmon/cycle pair speeds toward them. The Dog deva convinces Impmon to serve the sovereign; in return to being as strong as he wants, Impmon has to destroy the Tamers as proof of his allegiance. Impmon agrees, and his soul is taken away by, not just the Dog deva, but the sovereign Ebonwumon.
As Takato's group struggles to solve their dilemma, Leomon hurls himself at the cycle, whacking Guilmon over the head with the flat of his sword. The cycle veers away riderless, and plunges into a lava portal that suddenly appears. Everyone celebrates, and Henry apologizes to Takato for telling him to back off. The victory is cut short as the motorcycle appears once more, a foreboding figure astride it, commanding its every move. As the figure speeds away, he reveals that he is Beelzemon.

 28. Blame it on Ryo
Rika, Renamon, Kazu, and Kenta all wait by the Tamer flag, but no one shows up. Frustrated Rika searches for the others, Renamon following her.
Takato, Jeri, Henry, Guilmon, Leomon, and Terriermon search for Rika and her team, but without luck. Terriermon suggests going back to the flag, but once again, no one is there. Guilmon smells Renamon and follows the scent, everyone chasing him. Rika and Renamon find themselves among large cubes, and Rika is furious when she sees that Kazu and Kenta followed them instead of staying at the flag. At that moment, a data stream sucks them up, and they land on a digital plane full of large gears. Rika rants and raves at the two incompetent boys, then proceeds to fix a nearby clock, whose second hand is stuck. Clockmon (the "I guess" Digimon, Kazu type) and Hagurumon (who jumbles his vocabulary, Kenta type) show up, freak out, and everyone watches as all the gears shudder to a standstill. Megadramon appears, and as he eyes Renamon, Clockmon and Hagurumon share the myth that says absorbing a Tamer's Digimon's data will grant the power to travel to the real world. Renamon digivolves into Kyubimon, but begins to lose badly to Megadramon. Cyberdramon flies up to attack; Ryo Akiyama appears behind Kazu and Kenta.
Ignoring Ryo's commands, Cyberdramon attacks Megadramon maliciously until Ryo ropes him, distracting him while Megadramon flees. Ryo proves to be quite helpful, warning the group about the Tamer myth, fixing the injured Hagurumon, and setting the giant gears back in motion. Rika detests Ryo on sight. Meanwhile, Takato's team has followed Renamon's scent to the point where the beam hit Rika's team. Jeri points out an opening in one of the cubes, and they go inside. They all climb into another cube, which closes on them and zips away to another plane. Makuramon and Majiramon (Dragon deva) continue their search for Calumon.
Searching for the Tamers, Calumon finds the Tamer flag and decides to take it with him to show other Digimon what his friends look like. As Ryo, Rika, Kazu, and Kenta rest, the two boys gloss about Ryo: his skill, his Digimon, his ability to defeat Rika in a major tournament last year. Rika finally loses her temper and storms off, Kyubimon faithfully following.

 29. Goliath
The cube elevator has finally released Takato, Henry, Jeri, Guilmon, Terriermon, and Leomon in a monochrome (black and white) place, where they encounter Kazu, Kenta, and the famous Ryo, the legendary Tamer who had disappeared after his victory over Rika in the card tournament.
Rika and Renamon are still lost in the giant gear plane. Takato tells Ryo about their quest to find Calumon, and about the devas who are also trying to find the little guy. As Ryo agrees to join them, 5 Nohemon (Wormmon's Sincerity form) pop up, scaring everyone but Ryo and Cyberdramon. Makuramon and Majiramon are still searching for Calumon, who's being chased by a hungry Dogmon, who's called Doggymon by Calumon. Ryo takes the group to a castle in the monochrome plane, assuring them it is a safe place to rest for the night. As they rest for the night, they find they aren't hungry, and Ryo comments that he has not eaten in about 2 weeks. As everyone sleeps, Knightmon patrols. Takato wakes up, a little bored, and finds a lucky charm his mom stuck to the bottom of his backpack. A note from his mom is attached, telling Takato how wonderful and grownup he is. Jeri wakes up and sees Takato softly crying and comforts him. Takato thanks her for coming to the Digital World.
The next morning, Beelzemon brakes by an exhausted Calumon; as the In Training pleads for help, the Mega speeds away on his motorcycle. Dismayed, Calumon searches for the Tamers again, then begins to play with some old data:

"I was having a yucky day but now, whoo hoo, I get to play!
Other Digimon were so mean, the nastiest you've ever seen.
I don't need them, not at all, my newest friend's a big pink ball.
Running here and running there, like a hyper teddy bear.
Happy doodle, oh what fun, I wish I had a chocolate bun,
Or a cookie or a cake or a minty chocolate shake.
Who needs snacks? I have a toy, my pretty bally, ha! what a joy!
I'm so happy, I don't care I'm still not wearing underwear!"

As he runs about, he is joined by the same creatures that had hovered about his cage earlier. Nearby, three Woodmon watch and instantly digivolve into Cherrymon. The devas spot the digivolution glow, as do the Tamers; before anyone shows up at the scene, Calumon flees and falls into a deep ravine. Cyberdramon spots Majiramon and instantly attacks.
Leomon, Growlmon, and Gargomon are quick to join in, but no one seems to have an effect on Majiramon. Ryo whips out the Goliath card, causing Cyberdramon to grow HUGE and crush Majiramon to death; Makuramon promptly runs. As everyone stares in awe, Ryo is recognized as the Legendary Tamer because of his skill in using such an advanced card. Unfortunately, Cyberdramon is full of battle lust and is out of control at this point, so Ryo departs, not wishing to endanger anyone with his Digimon.

 30. The Imperfect Storm
The Tamers have found a cave to rest in for the night; Takato wakes up and he and Guilmon relieve Henry and a sleeping Terriermon from guard duty. In a beautiful forest, Rika and Renamon rest, the DigiGnomes (the glowing fish guys) floating about them. Beelzemon is out and about, looking for someone to test his new strength on.
The next morning, Takato's group decided to go back to the flag and wait for Rika. On the way, Kazu and Kenta remark that Rika will only talk to kids with Digimon. Kazu remarks he'll get an Angemon, but Kenta says Kazu will be stuck with a Sukamon. Guilmon soon pauses, sniffing at the place where the flag--and Calumon--had been. Back on earth, two government officials are inside the Twin Towers; one wants starts up Hypnos, while the other seems hesitant to do so without Yamaki. As Hypnos starts up, a large storm rages in the Digital World, and Guilmon quickly leads everyone to a safe place. Takato is able to communicate to Yamaki for a brief moment via Yamaki's com device, before both storm and device die out. Renamon goes for food while the DigiGnomes hover about Rika. Beelzemon finds a swarm of Chrysalimon (Kurisarimon) and proceeds to decimate most of them. As the shrieks of the dying Digimon fill the air, Calumon wakes up and his triangle glows. The Chrysalimon lump together to form Infermon; the Ultimate seems to have the upper hand on Beelzemon until, with a single attack, the demonic Mega slashes him to death. Catsuramon appears and instructs to Beelzemon to carry out his part of the bargain.
Thirsty, Rika finds herself being led to a stream by the DigiGnomes. A large wave suddenly sweeps past, catching Rika in the current. A rope is flung out to her, and she is pulled in by...Calumon! The happy reunion is cut short as Renamon grabs them both and dodges another large wave. A large geyser shoots up in the desert, spitting the trio out, high above the ground. Before gravity kicks in, Renamon turns into Kyubimon and safely carries Rika and Calumon down. The hesitant government official panics when the threat of Juggernaut becomes eminent, and immediately calls Yamaki. In the Digital World, Guilmon smells Calumon, Kyubimon, and Rika, and points them out. Everyone happily reunites, and Calumon collapses from tiredness. As the Tamers figure out how to go home again, Beelzemon watches them from above.
He quickly drops down among the group. Kyubimon instantly recognizes him; Beelzemon informs them he made a deal with the devas--the Tamers' and Digimons' lives in trade for Beelzemon's. Kyubimon digivolves to Taomon to fight Beelzemon, but just then, Juggernaut begins to run. The storm drives Beelzemon away, and Taomon protects everyone with her force field. Meanwhile, the Twin Tower staff is thrown into terror as they learn Juggernaut can't be shut down; Yamaki shows up just then to take care of the mess. In the Digital World, Catsuramon approaches the Tamers, breaking Taomon's barrier. He instantly snags Calumon and runs away; in the aftermath, Takato, Henry, and Terriermon are sucked away by a data stream.

 31. Kazu's Upgrade
Calumon has been locked away in a sinister looking digital plane. As the Tamers, minus Takato, Henry, and Terriermon, try to gather themselves, Rika snaps at Jeri and Kenta offers to be Guilmon's new Partner. The sand gives way beneath them, and everyone lands in a forest.
Somewhere far away, Takato, Henry, and Terriermon are falling. In the forest, the Tamers hear someone yelling and find Andromon challenging Orochimon; Andromon is injured gravely in the battle, much to Kazu's dismay. Orochimon stares at Jeri for the longest time before slithering away. Thinking fast, Henry manages to yank Takato and Terriermon from the place they are falling, and they fall even more. The other Tamers find a nearby village where Gekomon brew milkshakes; when the head Gekomon sees Andromon, he throws a fit, and relates the reason why. In the old days, the Gekomon sang peacefully on the lake until Orochimon showed up, forcing them to make milkshakes. One day, Andromon appeared and offered to help the Gekomon stand up to Orochimon; the Gekomon refused, and grew angry as the fighting between Andromon and Orochimon wrecked everything around them, including the Gekomon's village. Kazu begs the head Gekomon to spare some data packets from the milkshakes to heal Andromon. Gekomon grudgingly does so, and Andromon begins to heal; however, he is too weak to stay as Andromon, so he de-digivolves to Guardromon. At that moment, Orochimon snatches Jeri.
Leomon hotly gives chase, but berates himself fiercely for not saving Jeri. On Orochimon's island, the snake forces Jeri to feed him the milkshakes. Jeri devises a plan: if she can feed all the heads enough warm milkshakes, they'll fall asleep and she can flee. Guardromon wakes up and tells Kazu a plan he has to rescue Jeri. The Tamers approach the Gekomon, asking them to help. The head Gekomon begins to refuse again, but Guardromon points out the Gekomon can live in peace again after Orochimon is defeated. On the island, Jeri has managed to lull all but the main head to sleep; behind her the newest shipment of shakes shows up--complete with Tamers and Digimon inside! The battle begins in earnest, and Jeri is upset when she learns feeding all the milkshakes to Orochimon only made him stronger. Renamon, Guilmon, and Leomon each decimate a head, but Orochimon easily regenerates them.
Guardromon tells everyone to attack the center head, which they do without much effect. Jeri suddenly gets a brainstorm and uses a LadyDevimon card on Leomon. The pumped up attack instantly kills Orochimon, and the Gekomon happily sing to their heroes. (By the way, the song sounds like a combination of belches, squawks, and creaks.) A D-Power appears to Kazu and he discovers that he and Guardromon are the newest Tamer pair. Meanwhile, Takato, Henry, and Terriermon land in deep water...

 32. Shibumi Speaks
Takato, Henry, and Terriermon swim with great haste to the nearest opening before they run out of air; they find themselves in a small cave with no exit except the water from which they came. In the real world, a trio of men chase after Mizuno (also known as the Monster Maker Shibumi), but they lose him when he leaps a fence and disappears in a cloud of smoke (for a split instant, a Mokumon can be seen). Terriermon is instructed to swim out of the cave to find any other opening, but he has no luck; Takato gets the idea to dig out, and Terriermon is digimodified to have Digmon's Drill in place of his own horn. The Monster Makers (plus Yamaki) call a meeting of all the Tamers' parents, who are worried that the kids will never get back home.
Terriermon stops digging when water leaks in, and Henry digimodifies him to freeze the water with Subzero Ice Punch. Takato fiddles with Yamaki's com device and learns that, not only did Yamaki receive the message, but he has the parents gathered together and they can all talk. Henry tries to figure a way out of the water, and asks to speak to his dad. He points out that the com device did not get wet because it did not think it needed to be wet, so maybe, if they believe they can breathe the water, they can? It works. In the real world, Yamaki convinces the Monster Makers to let him join them, but reveals that Shibumi isn't coming back. In the water world plane, the boys swim to a cliff with a large circle carved in it. Terriermon charges it and they soon find themselves among a group of Otamamon. The Otamamon scatter as a Divermon attacks.
After a quick skirmish, the boys learn Divermon (a very apologetic sort) only attacked to protect the Otamamon. He points out an electrified pipe that might lead out of the water; the Otamamon create a huge bubble to hold the trio, and they zip through. On their newest journey, they see pipes all around, all leading to one big bubble. Bubble meets bubble, bubble pops bubble, and they are swimming again, following the lead of the DigiGnomes to a large building. After searching for awhile, the boys find a large digivice and a transparent Mizuno (Shibumi). He thinks they are dreams at first, then begins to share all his theories with them: the digivices, or D-Arks, are designed to bring kindred spirits together; the DigiGnomes are a type of AI, and, while they are not Digimon, they are part of the Digital World itself; the Blue Cards were algorithms designed by Shibumi to grant the Digimon of the programs to be able to grow on their own. Takato tells Shibumi how the Blue Cards gave the Tamers to ability to be Tamers, something Shibumi never planned for. Shibumi guesses that Guilmon could have been created by the DigiGnomes from Takato's drawing to contact the boy--or, Guilmon dreamed of Takato, and when Takato became aware of him, Guilmon could exist. (If you are confused by all this, don't despair--you aren't alone.) In a sense, each of the Tamer's own Digimon were created just for the Tamer--or, Shibumi points out, possibly vice versa? Shibumi says that in order to leave the Digital World, the boys must travel to the highest plane (one plane above Shibumi's), where the sovereign, four of the strongest Digimon ever, wait. He firmly believes that both worlds must come to terms with each that and believe that the other lives in order for there to be any peace. While Takato hopes the sovereign are good, Henry wonders if the Tamers have been fighting on the right side.
It is certain that the sovereign want (to use Calumon) to be stronger because of a fear of something, but it is unknown as to what. The boys are drawn into the giant D-Ark and travel upwards, Takato now aware that Guilmon is data...and also a part of himself.

 33. Rabbit Transit
As Takato, Henry, and Terriermon travel to the sovereign in the giant D-Ark, Terriermon comments on missing Suzie. Suzie tries not to be bored by pretending to be a princess, then Terriermon; she convinces her father Jonyu to take her to the park. In the park, Yamaki shows up to ask Jonyu about Shibumi. Jonyu admits that Shibumi was the "outcast",not just because of his unsurpassed intellect, but also because he had strove to create life itself. Meanwhile, Suzie wanders about with her natural inquisitiveness and watches a plane up on the jungle gym. A digital field begins to descend, and in it, Suzie spies Terriermon flying past in the D-Ark.
Before Jonyu or Yamaki can react, Suzie is sucked away; even though Yamaki is optimistic, Jonyu is devastated by losing another child to the Digital World. In the Digital World, a Tapirmon zips past Suzie, and she chases it. Then she follows DigiGnomes around until she gets too hot. She sets her coat down only to find it stolen and ripped to shreds by a Kiwimon. When she scolds it, it attacks (but doesn't hurt her) and runs off. The final straw comes when she spies data packets, but they shock her; shocked herself, Suzie tearfully cries out for Henry and Terriermon. Terriermon hears her and the D-Ark suddenly jerks in Suzie's direction. Suzie continues to wander and finds a large, Niagara Falls type place, with a large bridge spanning it, and Antylamon, the Rabbit deva, guarding the bridge to the sovereign's gate. Suzie promptly greets Antylamon.
Antylamon, surprised that the tiny girl is not afraid of her, tells Suzie to go home. Suzie doesn't and happily chatters to the deva. You can tell Antylamon is charmed by the girl within moments, but tries her hardest to get rid of Suzie. It doesn't work, as Suzie quickly convinces Antylamon to let her ride on her head. The Rabbit deva is soon showing off, running incredibly fast and leaping incredibly high. After a while, the pair rest, and Suzie offers to find food. Antylamon waits just long enough for the girl to be out of sight, then regretfully walks back to her post.
A sulking Makuramon spots Suzie, and pounces on her, hoping to get back in the sovereign's favor. Antylamon hears Suzie's cries and races back. Suzie bites Makuramon, who drops her; he starts to chase her, but the giant D-Ark appears, crashing and shattering in the midst of the struggle. While Suzie happily runs toward Terriermon, Antylamon wards off Makuramon, wondering why she is protecting her sworn enemy. When Makuramon injures her and Suzie clings to her, Antylamon makes up her mind and thrashes Makuramon back, chasing him away. The boys figure out that Antylamon is the remaining deva and warn Suzie to back away; before anyone can do anything, a pink digivice appears to Suzie and a dark red shaft of energy from the direction of the sovereign's gate swallows up Antylamon. As the shaft pulls away, a brown and chocolate, three horned Terriermon falls to the ground--it's Lopmon!
"Suzie's a Tamer?! a DEVA?!?!" ~~a shocked Henry
"You look like a chocolate flavoured me..." ~~Terriermon to Lopmon

 34. Lionheart
As Calumon's cage finishes its journey, a voice speaks of the shining evolution, how it was once lost and now is found again. Regardless, Calumon is now trapped in another cage, one made of glass. As he stares at his reflection, he sees a red triangular prism. He tries to break out using imaginary attacks - "Hairy Goopy Blistering Ball! Big Noogie Poke you in the eye Power Beam!", but nothing works. In the desert, Rika, Jeri, Kazu, Kenta, Kyubimon, Leomon, Guardromon, and Growlmon continue to search. At Lopmon's old post, the Phoenix Gate, the DigiGnomes fly around Takato, Henry, Suzie, Terriermon, and Lopmon. The boys guess that the DigiGnomes must have brought the Tamers to the Digital World for a reason, and begin to follow the DigiGnomes to the Gate. Lopmon stops them; she confesses she knows about Calumon, but remarks that the sovereign gave her and the other Devas their powers, and they could destroy her just as easily. The voice speaks to Calumon, telling him he is needed, that he is not a normal Digimon. In the desert, Growlmon asks Leomon if he knows why he's a Tamer's Digimon. The end result of the conversation is a reaffirmation of Leomon's fierce loyalty to Jeri. At the Gate, Beelzemon appears on his bike, ready to kill. Terriermon matrix digivolves, but Rapidmon is easily beaten up. Terrified, Takato cries out for Guilmon. Growlmon hears him, and the group sees a data stream coming their way. They quickly decide to ride the stream, hoping it will take them straight to Takato. Takato tries to stall by reasoning with Beelzemon, but the Mega is beyond reason.
The others appear at this point. At first, Takato is overjoyed to see Growlmon, but hesitates, wondering if Growlmon really is only data. Beelzemon revs his bike and races about, trying to run them over, but Growlmon attacks, causing him to swerve. Kyubimon tackles the Mega, knocking him from his bike; Beelzemon leaps back up to slaughter Kyubimon. Takato grows angry and sends Growlmon after him, but Growlmon is knocked back as well. Beelzemon pulls his arm back to kill Kyubimon, but is stopped by Leomon. Leomon lands a few punches, advising Beelzemon to get ahold of himself, telling him that he is not using his power properly. Furious, Beelzemon plunges his claws into Leomon, tearing a mortal wound in the Champion's body, thus killing Leomon.
As everyone else grows upset, Takato begins to boil with anger. Jeri's digivice screen grows static, and as Leomon fades away, she lets loose a heart rending scream of sorrow. Beelzemon gleefully absorbs Leomon's data, then turns on the rest. Growlmon is unable to cope with the fact that the one that use to be odd little Impmon killed Leomon. Anger clouds his eyes and both Tamer and Digimon share their rage as WarGrowlmon takes a threatening stomp toward Beelzemon. Insane with wrath, Takato orders WarGrowlmon to rip Beelzemon apart; as WarGrowlmon sinks his teeth into the Mega's stomach, it seems very possible. Takato then yells for WarGrowlmon to grow to Mega; in his cage, Calumon cries out in pain as he lends the power to do so. The hazard symbol on WarGrowlmon's chest pulses as, in the real world, Hypnos discovers that there is something very wrong with with the Digital World. With a roar, Megidramon replaces WarGrowlmon; beneath him, Takato regains his sense, terrified of what has happened to Guilmon. His digivice cracks, then shatters.

 35. Give it a little Bit
Jonyu sets off to speak with Yamaki about the disturbance in the Digital World, but is stopped by his wife. She wants answers to Suzie's disappearance, but he doesn't offer any. As Megidramon faces off with Beelzemon, everyone decides that there is no way that Megidramon could be Guilmon's Mega form--something must be very wrong. The demon dragon quickly captures Beelzemon with his tail, then lunges to bite the devil Digimon in half; only Beelzemon's strength saves him from being chomped. The hazard sign pulses again, and the Phoenix Gate's plane begins to crack and tear apart. In the Twin Towers, Yamaki shares his fear with Jonyu: there is some super powerful Digimon in the Digital World that is ripping it apart with its power. Surprisingly, Yamaki also offers comfort--as long as the children have their Digimon, they should be ok. Geysers resembling data streams shoot up from the ground all around Ryo and Cyberdramon; Ryo hopes the others are safe. As Beelzemon fights to keep Megidramon's mouth away from his head, Makuramon appears and belittles Beelzemon. Insulted, Beelzemon reaches one arm out to the deva, then, with a demonic scream, crushes Makuramon and absorbs him. Shocked by his power, Rapidmon and Kyubimon (who digivolves to Taomon) lunge at the Mega to stop him. Beelzemon instantly uses Makuramon's attack on them to trap them. He begins to absorb them, but Henry and Rika use the Alias card to pull their Digimon out in time. As Beelzemon absorbs the clones, he begins to grow Rapidmon and Taomon arms, but fights to control the power. Insane with this overload of power, he begins to pound on Megidramon, then shatters the hazard shield on the dragon's chest--defeating him. Takato stares in shock then turns to Jeri to apologize; she backs away and demands that he stay back. Because of him, she says, Guilmon has been turned into a monster. In the real world, Yamaki confirms that the crisis in the Digital World has been averted. He decides to turn all his resources over to the Monster Makers in order to help the kids to save the world. Takato feels that Jeri is right to blame him, and remembers how he first got Guilmon. He now believes that, regardless of whether Guilmon is data or DNA, he is still a part of Takato, and his friend. Beelzemon finally controls the power surging in him, then gets up to kill the kids. He spots Takato hanging over the motionless Megidramon, and turns to them, figuring on an easy target. With an easy motion of his arms, he fires his guns. Takato finds himself in his room. He stares at the Agumon toy on his bookshelf (symbolic of the famous mis-evolution of Greymon to SkullGreymon?), and ponders. He then sees Guilmons everywhere, and, although he wants to start over, he knows he doesn't want to start over with a new Guilmon. He wants his Guilmon. He soon finds him and the two wake up in front of the Phoenix Gate. The bullets are still flying toward them, but with a quick flip of Megidramon's tail, Guilmon knocks them away. Guilmon and Takato wish to fight together, and with a marvelous blaze of light, the two are biomerged into one--Gallantmon, Guilmon's true Mega! Even the digusted Beelzemon is noticeably nervous as he glares at him. The two Megas charge each other and the episode ends.
"I really want to fight with Guilmon!!"
"Guilmon Bio-Merge to... Gallantmon!"

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