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MZ Digivolution 04
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Episode 1: As Takuya tries to protect Tomoki from Cerberumon, he gets thrown in a bright light of fire. This does not hurt him, but hurts Cerberumon. Amazed, he looks at the source of this power. It is a statue - the Fire Spirit. He scans it in his D-Scan, and activated Spirit Evolution, thus, forming Agnimon.
"Is that a Spirit?? Spirit!!"
"Spirit Evolution! Agnimon!"
Episode 2: Kouji is trying to protect Tomoki, but only succeeds in falling down an endless pit made by Raremon. However, many beams of light appear, and all concentrate on the pit he's in. As he's falling, the Light Spirit appears, and Kouji scans it, thus forming the fast-paced Wolfmon...
"A Spirit?? My Spirit??"
"Spirit Evolution! Wolfmon!"
Episode 3: As Agnimon is defeated, Tomoki wishes to help him. After all, Agnimon did save Tomoki twice in Episode 1/2, and just saved him again. As Tomoki wishes that bullying would stop, and that he was as strong as others, an Ice Spirit appeared in front of him!! As he decides to join the Ice Spirit, the peace-loving Chakmon makes an appearance!
"Stop! Stop! Stop!... What? Is that... a Spirit?"
"Spirit Evolution! Chakmon!"

Episode 4: Izumi over-reacts with the unfairness that Mushroomon pose over Floramon, and jumps into action. Just as she's speaking about teaching the Mushroomon a lesson, Junpei is hurt, and the H-Spirit of Wind appears, enabling her to Evolve to Fairymon.
"Molto Buono!!"
"Spirit Evolution! Fairymon!"
Episode 5: Junpei is sad because everyone can Evolve except him, thus, he feels useless in the battle in Snimon's factory. But his determination to help his friends leads to a crack in the wall, and the H-Spirit of Thunder.
"Is that a Spirit?? No way!"
"Spirit Evolution! Blitzmon!"