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Frontier Episode Guide
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 Episode 01
Agnimon Appears - the Legendary Spirit of Fire!!

We see Takuya, the new goggle-boy, running in the road, with his cell phone in his hand. He looks at it, and wonders if he'll be in time. He keeps on running, and passes a small boy kicking a ball with his father.

The father is talking on his cell phone, and fails to catch the ball. Takuya, in the middle of the cross-road, stops it, and kicks it back, failing to see a truck which is about to crash into him. The driver, who was distracted, swerves just in time, and we see Takuya's horrified face, as we get a flashback…

It's 5.35pm, and Takuya looks bored, sitting in front of a birthday cake. His cell phone rings. He has a new message. It says something like, “Do you want to play a game?”

Takuya presses “Yes”. He hears a strange voice, seemingly coming from his cell phone, as he picks it up, and reads another message, “Be at the station and board a train by 5.45pm.” With only 9 minutes to go, Takuya follows his instincts, and heads out of the house…

Back to the present time, the truck does not hit Takuya, who jumps out of the way. The driver asks Takuya if he's all right, but all Takuya wants is to know what time it is. It appears that it's late, and Takuya hurries off, leaving the driver shouting back.

Finally, Takuya is at the train station, and it's 5:44pm. Takuya runs to the ticket booth, and notices that he has no money, and bangs his head on the booth. A red ticket comes out, and a digital beam flashes instantly. He grabs it, and runs towards the train, shouting for it to wait for him.

Tired out, Takuya sits on the floor of the train. It appears that he was just in time. He hears the ring of many cell phones, and notices that the train is boarded mainly by kids. He notices a boy whose phone is ringing, and notices that he has a new message too.

This time, he has to go somewhere else at 6.00pm. Looking at a man's watch, the time is… 5.54pm. Only 6 minutes left. Takuya hops off the train as it reaches the station, and looks around. He sees another boy hop off. It's Kouji, but we learn that in episode 2. Takuya feels a strange presence, and follows him.

Kouji just boarded an elevator, and is closing the doors. Panicking, Takuya runs as fast as he can, and jumps through, just as the doors close behind him. Takuya attempts to talk to Kouji, but he just ignores him. Then, they notice that the elevator is going deep down in the depths of the train station. 5:58pm. Only 2 minutes left. The elevator stops. Kouji & Takuya seem to be in an underground train station.

Kouji runs off, and the clock strikes 6.00pm. It's time. We see 2 kids bullying a small kid into a train, and another kid is looking on, also on the same train. A girl has boarded the train, and all the doors close, as the trains start to leave. Takuya starts running after that train, and manages to jump on. In front of him, on another train, he sees Kouji again, and both trains disappear from each other's view, as Takuya's train enters a tunnel.

Takuya enters the train, and passes through some of the compartments, until he meets the only people on the train. A boy is eating chocolate, the girl looks up to him, and a small kid is looking sad. He asks them if they got here because of the cell phone, and the girl replies that they all did.

They start to talk, and the boy introduces himself. Junpei. The girl smiles, and says that she's Izumi. Takuya introduces himself, and asks the little boy his name. He replies that he's Tomoki. This kid is crying, because he was constantly bullied, and came on this train out of his own will.  

The lights go off in the train, as the kids hear a howling noise. The kids lose their balance, and fall on the floor. Takuya feels strange, and sees the other kids surrounded by silhouettes, which disappear. Although he doesn't know it, they have just been to be the Chosen Children, and the Spirits have been assigned to each of them. They just have to find them.

Takuya looks at his cell phone, which is shining. As he looks, it “shreds”, and in its place there's a Digivice. It's black & red. The Digivice speaks. It says that it's a Digivice, and that they're being taken to the Digital World. The other kids' cell phones also turn into Digivices, and they all look at them, as the train passes through lots of different tracks, and opens its mouth. Then, it howls.

As the train howls, the kids cover their ears. Then, they notice something outside near the window. Izumi moves in for closer inspection. Lots of Poyomon are flying around. One of them squeezes his face with the window, and freaks Izumi out. Her scream frightens the Poyomon away. The train enters a place surrounded by furnaces, and starts to stop.

The train is a Digimon called "Worm" the Trailmon!! It opens up the doors, and the kids see lots of Pagumon. Lots of smoke pushes the kids out, in the middle of the Pagumon.. The train tells them that the Digital World is inhabited by Digimon, and the Pagumon surround the kids. Tomoki starts to cry again, and calls his parents. The train shoots out lots of smoke, and leaves, telling them to find the Spirits.

Takuya, Junpei & Izumi protest that the train can't just leave them there, which is exactly what the train did. Tomoki starts running towards the lines, wanting to go back home. Takuya follows him. Suddenly, Tomoki crosses over the lines which are above the ground, and Takuya tells him to go back. Tomoki stops, and Takuya tells him that they must find the Spirits and go home.

Tomoki turns around, and slips, but keeps on hanging to the line. Takuya is about to go and get him when a flash of light appears. Lots of buildings are deleted, and two Digimon, later known as Neemon & Bokomon appear. Bokomon takes out a magnifying glass and starts to examine Takuya. Suddenly, they look back, and Cerberumon appears.

The Digimon announces that no-one will get in his way for the search of the Spirits, and says that he feels a Spirit hidden in this city, and will destroy everything to get it. Cerberumon tries to attack Takuya, who goes on the lines above the ground, near Tomoki. The ground that Cerberumon hit is deleted, or, as Bokomon explains, it has been turned into a DigiCode, as Cerberumon absorbs it. Then, the line breaks, and Takuya, Tomoki, Neemon & Bokomon fall down with it. Takuya's Digivice falls from his hands.

It starts to shine towards a great burner and it turns into a great light. A Spirit starts to form. Takuya decides to get the “Fire Spirit”, as Bokomon calls it, and stands up. Cerberumon says that the Spirit is his, not Takuya's, and charges towards him. One look at Tomoki's scared face makes Takuya decide. He picks up a piece of the broken line, and starts to try and protect Takuya, in vain, as Cerberumon jumps into the light.

Takuya grabs his tail, and he is dragged into the light. Cerberumon approaches the Spirit, but catches fire, and jumps out of there. Tomoki wonders if Takuya's OK. Takuya looks at his hands and wonders how he's not burning. He looks up at the Spirit, and walks towards it. Then, he feels power. It's Agnimon's silhouette, although Takuya doesn't know it. Takuya shouts out to the Spirit, and his Digivice comes to his hand.

He points it to the Spirit, and a beam of light shines towards it. The Spirit gets sucked in the Digivice, and Takuya starts to Evolve.
“Spirit Evolution! Agnimon!”

Cerberumon is surprised that Takuya Evolved, while using the Spirit, and while Tomoki is looking, Bokomon pulls out a book, and starts flicking through it. Tomoki and Neemon look towards it. Junpei and Izumi look forth. Takuya has Evolved to Agnimon!

Bokomon is looking at a drawing of Agnimon in his book, and pronounces that Takuya became one of the Legendary Warriors - the one of Fire, Agnimon! Cerberumon tries to attack him, but Agnimon jumps away, and takes Takuya, Neemon & Bokomon up to Junpei & Izumi.

Cerberumon attacks by creating a Digital Ground above him, with holes. Agnimon deftly jumps from one to another, but slips into the void below. Cerberumon follows him, and starts to attack him. Agnimon blocks the next attack, and Cerberumon attack again, but Agnimon blocks it too. Agnimon creates a fire tornado, and pronounces his attack,  “Salamander Break”.

Cerberumon stands defeated. Izumi shouts out “commozione”, and Junpei looks annoyed. Now, Izumi had lived in Italy, so she seems to use Italian words here and there. “Commozione” means “Commotion”, so she's referring to all the commotion which Agnimon caused.

A ring of light surrounds Cerberumon, and Agnimon whips out the Digivice. “DigiCode Scan!” The ring of light, which is Cerberumon's DigiCode, starts to enter the Digivice, and all that's left is a shining DigiEgg, which flies away. A picture of Cerberumon is now in the Digivice, as Agnimon starts to fall down. Bokomon explains what just happened - the DigiCode Scan. Tomoki spots Agnimon, while a sphere surrounds him, and turns back to Takuya, who seems tired out.

We get a view of another train. It seems that Kouji has just arrived in the Digital World…

 Episode 02
Wolfmon of Light - Battle in the Underground Labyrinth!!
We see Takuya's Evolution to Agnimon once again, only this time, it's in a piano-melodic version of the song. Then, we see him defeat Cerberumon, and scan his DigiCode. Finally, Agnimon becomes Takuya once again, and we see that the Children are on an island in the sky. Takuya has a puzzled look on his face, as the other Children question him.

Tomoki seems delighted, Junpei looks annoyed, and Izumi seems concerned. She tells Takuya that he became a Digimon, and asks him how. Takuya says that he didn't know exactly what triggered it, and Bokomon says that it's called Evolution (Shinka).

Takuya starts to press buttons on his Digivice, while trying to re-trigger the Evolution. Instead, he triggers the DigiCode, much to everyone's surprise, which links it the small island hanging in the air where the Children are, to the mainland. The DigiCode turns into a land full of trees and rocks. The Children are really puzzled, as the scene shifts again.

This time, we see Kouji looking out of the window of the Train he's on, apparently, he hasn't reached a destination yet. He seems surprised that he's in the Digital World, and the title screen appears.

The Pagumon, the Poyomon, Neemon, Bokomon & the  Children look very happy as they all run towards the mainland. It seems as if Cerberumon has cut away the island, and everyone was trapped there. Neemon and Bokomon introduce themselves, and Bokomon tells Takuya that his DigiCode saved them.

Bokomon proceeds to take out his book in fashion-style, and shows the Children how the Digital World turned to be the one it is today. They see a complete world, and a shadow cover it, that is, Kerpymon. Lots of Digimon fly around, and the World turns into a Corrupted World - the Digital World today. He tells Takuya and the others that they must get enough DigiCode to re-construct the Digital World.

Everyone looks at his/her Digivice, except Junpei, who seems annoyed. He grabs Tomoki, and with no-one noticing, they leave the group. Kouji's train arrives in the station, and Junpei & Tomoki start to move back to the station. Junpei says that he's worried that something might happen to them, but Tomoki says that Takuya, like a big brother, will take care of them.

Junpei starts warning him about Takuya being dangerous, and that they should go home. Reluctantly, Tomoki agrees. We see Kouji's Digivice talking to him. “Find the Spirits. Kouji, they are buried in the Digital World.”

Kouji starts to question the Digivice, but it stops talking, and a 3D map appears. It shows a location, and the train says that he should go.

Back to Junpei & Tomoki, we see them walking back in the village where they started, and it seems that they're lost. They see a Pagumon, and Junpei asks it the way to the Station. It refuses to speak, so Junpei gives it some chocolate to persuade it. It seems to be working, as Pagumon tells them where to go. However, it has an evil mind…

Junpei & Tomoki run right past Kouji, and they don't notice him. He's following the path on his Digivice, and thinks he was hallucinating. As he goes away, a group of Pagumon start to run after Junpei & Tomoki.

Back at the station, Junpei & Tomoki are near the Poyomon, and they're trying to persuade Kouji's train to take them back. Junpei tries to give it some chocolate. The train seems to like it, and Junpei & Tomoki are about to board it, when it suddenly leaves. They look with despair at the place where the train was, and the Pagumon appear. They seem to be up to something.

They tell Junpei to give them chocolate, and Junpei refuses, saying that they're selfish. The Pagumon go in a discussion, and Poyomon go away. Suddenly, the Pagumon jump on Junpei & Tomoki, trying to get chocolate from them. The two run away, and go out of the station, but the Pagumon keep on following them.

Takuya & Izumi seem to be in a small forest. The trees that there are, are homes for Poyomon, Neemon & Bokomon. Izumi peers into a tree-house curiously, and Takuya says that he can't see Tomoki or Junpei anywhere. Bokomon opens a window, and Neemon comes out too. They propose to go and look for the others.

Junpei & Tomoki are running back to the others, furiously followed by Pagumon. Takuya is calling Tomoki & Junpei, and he, Izumi, Neemon & Bokomon are back-tracking to find them. Bokomon asks the Poyomon if they saw them, and they reply that maybe the Pagumon got them. Neemon seems alarmed, and Izumi asks who the Pagumon are.

Back to Kouji, he's following the map, and seems to be right on target. The map disappears, and he spots a cave, in which he goes. It's full of light beams, and the stairs seem endless. He wonders if the Spirit is there, and looks at his Digivice.

Switching back to Tomoki & Junpei, we see Tomoki furiously pressing buttons on his Digivice, trying to activate Evolution, like Bokomon said. Junpei tells him that it's useless, but Tomoki says that Takuya Evolved, and so it is possible. Junpei warns Tomoki that Evolution might be something evil, but Tomoki notes the Pagumon, and they start running away. Tomoki's Digivice slips from his hand, and Junpei & him fall down in a hole. However, the Digivice is on safe land.

The Pagumon look down into the hole, and their greed for chocolate persuades them to jump down. Tomoki & Junpei reached the bottom of the hole, and are not hurt because of many leaves that break the fall.

Takuya is calling them, and he, Izumi, Neemon & Bokomon are still looking everywhere for them. Takuya says that he's worried for Tomoki, and mentions that Tomoki treats him like a big brother.but Izumi teases him because she's a few months older than him, and she'd be better as Tomoki's imaginary big sister.

Surprised, Takuya looks on. Takuya spots Tomoki's Digivice, and picks it. However, Izumi slips in the hole, pulling Takuya, with Tomoki's Digivice in with her. Neemon & Bokomon hear their yell, but they don't seem to notice that it was the Children.

Takuya and Izumi land in the pile of leaves, and Izumi merges up, hugging Takuya. She says that she was scared, but notes that she's really close to Takuya, goes red with emberassement, and starts punching him. He asks her what that was about, and she tells him to address her formally, it's not like they're best friends or something.

He stops the quarrel, and suggests to go look for Tomoki. Junpei seems to be trying and see where the wind is coming from with leaves, and goes in a direction, Tomoki following him. Tomoki tells him it's useless to try and get out, and Junpei asks why. Tomoki shows him a white “X” on a cylinder. He apparently made that mark, so that meant that they'd been going around in circles. Junpei seems shocked.

Tomoki says that they'll never get out, and bursts in tears. Junpei gives him a piece of chocolate to lighten him up, and takes a piece himself. However, before they eat it, the Pagumon come back, and attack them, trying to take the chocolate. Junpei drops three bars to distract them, and he & Tomoki run away.

Finishing the chocolate, the Pagumon decide to go after them. Kouji reaches a round room with a hole in the middle. There's something similar to a drain-pipe at the side. He sees Tomoki, Junpei and the Pagumon run in. Izumi and Takuya hear them shout, and, after a minor quarrel of who heard them first, they go to find them.

Junpei & Tomoki are desperately trying to fight off the Pagumon, but with no success. Kouji jumps down, interrupting the fight, and gets a piece of the iron pipe. The Pagumon rush towards him, and he starts fighting them off, ninja style. He seems unstoppable, and all the Pagumon seem to be defeated.

Well… one of them digivolves to Raremon, and as Kouji prepares to battle, Tomoki & Junpei are horrified. Raremon starts to attack them, but Kouji saves Tomoki just in time, as Raremon's attack burns lots of holes in the walls of this room. As the Pagumon cheer Raremon on, Takuya, Izumi, Neemon and Bokomon arrive. Takuya tries to Spirit Evolve, but in vain. Kouji and Tomoki are at the edge of the hole in the middle of the room, with Raremon approaching.

Takuya manages to get the Spirit Symbol of Fire on the Digivice screen, and as Kouji & Tomoki are about to get blasted by Raremon, Takuya shouts out, “Spirit!!”.
“Spirit Evolution! Agnimon!”

As Raremon prepares to fire, Agnimon pushes him in the wall, thus, Raremon's attack hits all sides of the chamber, and makes lots of holes in the walls. Agnimon tells Kouji to take Tomoki to safety, but Raremon's attack on the walls made the beams of light come in the chamber. As Kouji & Tomoki look on, Agnimon becomes Takuya again, because of the light beams.

Raremon attacks once again, and Takuya pushes Tomoki out of the way, however, pushes down Kouji, who falls in the hole. Another hole is made in the wall, and a beam of light shines straight in the hole where Kouji fell. As the beam hits him, Kouji sees the Spirit of Light, and as soon as he does this, the other beams of light all target towards him.

He scans the Spirit into his Digivice, thus activating Spirit Evolution.
“Spirit Evolution! Wolfmon!”
The beams of light shine away from the hole, and Wolfmon appears. Everyone is delighted, except for Izumi, who looks surprised, and the Pagumon & Raremon, who obviously don't approve of this Evolution. Tomoki & Takuya comment on how they'll be saved now.

Bokomon starts looking in his sketch-book again, and announces that the new Digimon is Wolfmon. A light-sabre appears in Wolfmon's hand/paw, and he smashes it in Raremon's head. Wolfmon uses the Digivice to scan Raremon's DigiCode. “DigiCode Slash!”

Izumi utters the Italian word “Commozione” again, meaning “Commotion”, and Wolfmon becomes Kouji. Takuya & Tomoki go over to thank him, but he stops them, wondering how he became a Digimon. He introduces himself as Kouji, and Takuya introduces himself too. Then, Kouji gives a slight wave, and heads away. Junpei comments on Kouji's character.

Lots of Poyomon are floating around again, and Kouji wonders how he Evolved in a Digimon, and says that it's a mystery…

 Episode 03
Don't Allow Bullying! Evolution of Chakmon of Ice!
We see a very shortened Evolution of Kouji to Wolfmon, and his fight with Raremon. Then, we see some Poyomon flying around, and Kouji comments on the Wind in the Digital World, as the title screen appears.

Neemon shows the kids the Trailmon that will take them back to the Real World. Junpei is the only one that's delighted, while the others stand in silence. He tells Tomoki to go with him, and Izumi tells him to go, but Tomoki says that he wants to remain in the Digital World. Needless to say, nobody expected this answer.

However, Takuya insists that Tomoki should board the Trailmon to go home with Junpei, because it's safer. He then proceeds to ask Izumi if she'll leave:
“How about you?”
“Izumi. I have a name.”
“OK, OK. How about you, Izumi?”
“That's better.”

Izumi says that she'll stay in the Digital World for a bit longer, as the Trailmon leaves. Neemon starts to wave at the Trailmon, but Junpei & Tomoki haven't boarded it. They came back, because they didn't really want to leave just yet.

As the kids, Neemon & Bokomon are walking down the train tracks, Bokomon proceeds to ask Takuya to help them and restore the Digital World by gaining DigiCode. The D-Scanner glows, and it tells each of the Children that there's a Terminal in the Forest.

Neemon wants to return back to his hometown where the kids appeared in Episode 1, but Bokomon says that the kids will need their help so they follow them.

Takuya proceeds to ask Junpei why he didn't leave, and Junpei says that he wanted to explore the Digital World, and Takuya teases him about wanting to be with Izumi.

Izumi asks Tomoki why he didn't leave, and Tomoki replies that he wanted to know how it feels to be a Digimon, like “Takuya Big Brother”. Izumi tells him that his mother is worried about him, but Tomoki says that his parents will forgive him.

Night has fallen in the Digital World, and the kids, Bokomon & Neemon arrive near a broken bridge, so they can't get to the other side. However, they find a path down the cliff, so they go downwards.

In the bottom, they cross a river, and arrive at the Ancient Ruins of the Legendary Spirits. Bokomon explains that Human & Beast Digimon used to fight a lot, and Lucemon came to bring peace. However, he became cruel, and Digimon suffered under his reign. Then, 10 Warriors rose up against him, and defeated him. Thus, they became heroes, and the symbols of their Spirits lived onwards.

From the carvings, Tomoki & Izumi recognizes one of the symbols as Agnimon's, and another one as Wolfmon's. Then, Izumi & Tomoki wonder about having a Spirit, and Junpei thinks that not everyone can necessarily have one, when some Candlemon appear, along with an Elder one.

The Candlemon think that the kids want to take over their territory, but Bokomon says that they're here to save the Digital World by using the Spirits. The Candlemon invite them to a welcoming party, but it was just a trick to make them sleep by using the Sleep Clovers's smoke.

The Candlemon say that they will are in charge, but Takuya, who had resisted the Sleep Clover Effect, wakes Izumi, Tomoki & Junpei, and they all jump in the river, and start to duck the Candlemon's attacks by diving in the river.

They come to a safe place, and Takuya tells everyone to get away while they can. Izumi and Junpei protest, saying that they'll fight together, and Tomoki wishes he could do something to help. Takuya assures them, and says that he's the only one that can Evolve.

Takuya goes away after 2 Candlemon, and the others start to climb up the cliff. The Candlemon spot Takuya, and attack him, but he manages to activate Evolution.

“Spirit Evolution! Agnimon!”

Izumi, Tomoki & Junpei cheer Agnimon on, as the Candlemon Elder identifies him as the Legendary Warrior of Fire. Agnimon starts to attack the Candlemon, but they're not affected by the fire attack.

Junpei & the others start to run away, but find out that there's an invisible wall of ice right in front of them, so their only way is the way they came from. The Candlemon start paralyzing Agnimon, and Tomoki starts wishing for his Spirit, although Junpei says that the Legendary Spirits won't pop out of nowhere like that.

Tomoki starts remembering how Takuya saved his life twice, and is determined to save Agnimon. He jumps down in the river, and starts scooping up water with his hat, throwing it towards the Candlemon, shouting at them to stop it.

Suddenly, the ice wall breaks, and a Spirit comes out, and goes near Tomoki. He scans it in his Digivice, and activates Spirit Evolution.

“Spirit Evolution! Chakmon!”

Junpei and Izumi stare in amazement, as Chakmon uses “Frozen Wind” to attack. Bokomon identifies him as “Chakmon of Ice” by using his book. Chakmon freezes one of the 2 Candlemon, and the other one Evolves into Wizardmon.

Chakmon tries attacking Wizardmon, but it's no use. Wizardmon disappears, and starts attacking Agnimon, who dodges all the attacks. Now, Wizardmon multiplies himself, and they all surround Agnimon.

They try attacking, but Agnimon jumps into the air. Chakmon sees that only one of the many Wizardmon has a shadow, and Agnimon attacks him. It's the real Wizardmon, as the others were just replicas, and Agnimon whips out his Digivice.

“DigiCode Scan!”

Agnimon scans Wizarmon's DigiCode, and Wizardmon reverts back to Candlemon. Izumi says her “Commozione” phrase again, as Agnimon thanks Chakmon for his help. Candlemon tells the Elder Candlemon that the kids have the real Spirit power.

Elder Candlemon tells the kids that it was just a test to see if they really possessed the Spirit power. Agnimon & Chakmon revert back to Takuya & Tomoki, and they wink at each other.

Takuya releases the DigiCode from his Digivice, and the bridge is repaired. Junpei says that it's a good thing that they didn't go back home, and Izumi said that she always wondered what Tomoki & Junpei would Evolve into. Junpei says that he doesn't want to stay in the Digital World only to Evolve, but because they have to help save it.

A train passes on the bridge, carrying Kouji, as the Episode ends…

 Episode 04
My Kick is Painful!! Female Fighter Fairymon!!
In the last episode, the kids found the Ancient Ruins of the Legendary Warriors, and they learnt that Takuya & Kouji had inherited two of the 10 Spirits. Tomoki had Evolved into Chakmon to save Agnimon from Candlemon, and later, against Wizardmon.

We see Kouji on another Trailmon (the same one as the last episode), as they cross the recently repaired bridge, and move on forward. Then, the title screen appears.

Kouji starts examining his Digivice. Obviously, he's still astonished at his earlier Evolution into Wolfmon. The Digivice tells him that they're about to reach “Morino Terminal”.

A few seconds after it says that, the Trailmon stops at Morino Terminal, and sleeps. Feeling tired, Kouji examins a nearby bench, and goes to sleep too.

We switch to the other kids, who have just crossed the recently repaired bridge. It's now daylight. They're headed to “Morino Terminal” too, but they have to walk, as no Trailmon is visible.

Suddenly, they hear a noise. Takuya looks back - it's a pink Trailmon! This one looks like a pink mole, however, it does not transport passengers. It stops for the kids, and they climb on it's engine. As soon as they do, however, the Trailmon finds them ticklish, and drops them off, then goes away, much to the kids' disappointment.

They have no choice but to continue walking, however, Bokomon comes across a railroad switch, and notes that they have come to a crossroads. To the right, there's the desert, and to the left, there's the forest. The train tracks lead both ways, and they have no idea which of the two is Morino Terminal.

Takuya thinks they should go right, and Izumi says they should move left. The two argue about this, and Takuya moves on to the right on his own, while Izumi goes to the left. Tomoki follows “Takuya Big Brother”, his hero, and Junpei follows Izumi.

Bokomon & Neemon decide that they want to see more Spirits and more Evolutions, and as both Takuya & Tomoki found their Spirits, they decide to follow Izumi & Junpei.

Junpei seems to be trying to get Izumi to take interest in him, but she doesn't take notice, and looks around for the Morino Terminal. With Neemon & Bokomon, they continue walking.

After a while, they arrive at Soyokaze Village. They wonder if they took the wrong path, after all, but Kouji, who was sitting on the same bench as last night, says that this place is called Morino Terminal too because the Trailmon stop here to rest, and he leaves.

Bokomon tells the others that Soyokaze is a beautiful place, and Izumi enters a giant tree, and runs all the way to it's top, where she emerges on a high branch, feeling the pleasant breeze on her face. Junpei is about to follow her when his Digivice reacts to something. He figures out that it's probably his Spirit, and rushes after Izumi.

He arrives near Izumi, and starts telling her about his Digivice. However, she turns to look at him, and slips off the branch, onto a branch acting as a slide, and onto a bunch of Floramon!

Meanwhile, Kouji is in the forest, and his Digivice starts reacting too. He wonders if a Spirit is near, when he hears some voices talking about human kids. He goes to investigate.

 Izumi, Junpei, Bokomon & Neemon are in a teapot-shaped house, and are eating soup offered to them by the Floramon. Izumi tastes it, and says that it's “molto buono”, Italian for “very good”. She translates the phrase for Junpei, who asks her what it means. The Floramon are delighted, and Izumi asks them how the soup is made.

The Floramon get a pear, they open their head, and put the pear in. They sing and dance for a while (the song is about Soyokaze village), then they pour the soup from their nose into the bowl. Izumi & Junpei are disgusted, and don't like the soup anymore, but Bokomon keeps on eating.

Izumi goes out of the house with a Floramon, who tells her how the village used to be beautiful, but now it isn't. The Floramon want Izumi & the others to help them, but Junpei disagrees. However, Izumi toys around with his feelings and makes him change his mind.

Back to Takuya & Tomoki, they're in the middle of the desert, and the ground underneath them starts to break. They run as fast as possible to the way they came from, and Takuya notes that this is the wrong path. Tomoki starts crying, and they head back to go to where Izumi is.

In Soyokaze, everyone, including Izumi & Junpei, is busy planting flowers. Neemon is just carrying soil here and there, with Bokomon giving instructions. Izumi says that the village is going to become beautiful again, but the Floramon are sad. They say that the Mushroomon will make everything dark again.

As they say that, three Mushroomon appear, and set off some bombs, which knock down Junpei and release a lot of smoke, which Kouji can see. Kouji hurries off to the village again, and Izumi, Junpei, the Floramon, Neemon and Bokomon see the Mushroomon.

A Floramon tells the Mushroomon to stop, but they take no notice, and throw three small mushrooms. “Poison Smash!” The mushrooms release laughing gas which affects the Floramon, but not Izumi & Junpei. The Floramon are now helpless, and can't do anything except laugh and talk. Neemon and Bokomon run away from the gas, while the Mushroomon destroy a teapot-house.

The effect of the laughing gas vanishes, and Bokomon says that the Mushroomon must be controlled by Kerpymon, the evil angel of darkness. Neemon asks what a Kerpymon is, and Bokomon steps on Neemon, calling him “Bakamon”. (`Baka' means `idiot' in Japanese, so “Bakamon” means “Idiotmon”).

Izumi walks up to the Mushroomon furiously, and one of them tells her to get out of the way. Izumi slaps him hard on the face and starts saying that the Mushroomon shouldn't hurt the Floramon. Then, Junpei comes and says something, which is probably the wrong thing as it provocates the Mushroomon. They start attacking Junpei.

Junpei starts running away, while under attack. He takes out his Digivice, and shouts out for Evolution. A blast knocks him down, and Izumi shouts… OK, says “Junpei” in a not-so-caring-about-if-he-got-hurt-or-not tone.

The tone is not important, however, as a Spirit rises out from the giant tree, and heads down to Junpei. Delighted, he takes out his Digivice, thinking he's about to Evolve. Bokomon says that a new Evolution is about to occur, and the Mushroomon are confused. Izumi's Digivice starts to shine, and she takes it out.

The Spirit rushes past Junpei, and stops in front of Izumi. She scans it automatically, because of the light her Digivice was emitting, and then, activates Evolution.

“Spirit Evolution! Fairymon!!”

Everyone's transfixed, as Izumi Evolves into Fairymon. Bokomon identifies her as “Fairymon of Wind”, and she starts floating upwards. The Mushroomon attack with the exploding mushrooms, but Fairymon uses “Brezza Petalo” (Italian for `Breeze Petal'), and the mushrooms fall to the ground, and explode without hurting anyone.

The Mushroomon attempt the exploding mushrooms again, but Fairymon puts her hands on the floor, and uses “Tornado Gamba” (Italian for `Tornado Leg'). She hits all the exploding mushrooms & the Mushroomon with her leg, while swirling around, and it seems as if she has won.

However, the 3 Mushroomon jump on each other, and Evolve to become one, large, Woodmon, which is more powerful than the normal one.

Fairymon tries attacking with “Arid Hug” (that's what I think it is called), which charms the Woodmon for a while, then she tries “Doppio Perforare” (Italian for `Double Pierce'). The Woodmon isn't effected, and strikes Fairymon, knocking her down, and causing her to revert to Izumi.

Kouji runs up and tells Izumi to get out of the way, and she does it, just in time to avoid Woodmon's branch. Junpei runs up with a shovel, and starts hitting Woodmon but doesn't hurt him, and is thrown out of the way. Kouji raises his Digivice, and activates Evolution.

“Spirit Evolution! Wolfmon!”

Wolfmon uses “Licht Seiger” on Woodmon, but it leaves just a small dent.Therefore, Woldmon tries “Licht Kugel”, and this time, Woodmon starts crumbling down, much to everyone's surprise. Before Woodmon vanishes, Wolfmon decides to purify Woodmon's heart.

“DigiCode Scan!”

After scanning Woodmon's DigiCode, Woodmon reverts back to the 3 Mushroomon, although they're not in Kerpymon's control anymore. Wolfmon reverts to Kouji, who's tired out, and releases the DigiCode.

The DigiCode covers everywhere in Soyokaze village, and restores all the buildings, greenery, and flowers that the Mushroomon had deleted. The Mushroomon and the Floramon are now friends, and Izumi goes to help Kouji stand up.

He refuses her hand, stands up on his own, and leaves. Finally, Takuya & Tomoki (who's tired out) show up, and Takuya says that he had taken the wrong path after all. Izumi looks happy, and tells them that she had just Evolved.

Takuya & Tomoki don't believe her, and burst out laughing. She says that it really did happen, and they start believing her, although they don't show it. Junpei is sad, wondering why he didn't Evolve yet as the Episode comes to an end...