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Frontier Encyclopedia
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 Episode 01:
The Children first meet the Poyomon before they get off the Train. This is the first Digimon that they see, and it's actually a Good one. Poyomon don't like to fight, and they also try to cheer up in any situation. They are also curious Digimon, and this proves helpful sometimes.

As soon as they get off the train, the Children meet Pagumon. All the Digimon make the Children homesick, especially Tomoki, but they sort of settle. The Pagumon are quick to run away, but they have a great sense of cunning, and to obtain something, they'll resort to any method.

This is the first enemy that the Children meet. They first see him absorbing the DigiCode of some land, thus seperating the Station they're in from the Mainland. He attempts to destroy the Children, and he's also looking for the "Spirit".

The H-Spirit of Fire allowed Takuya to Evolve into Agnimon, the Legendary Warrior of Fire.
Takuya + H-Spirit of Fire = Agnimon
In an attempt to protect Tomoki from Cerberumon, Takuya tries to fend off Cerberumon with an iron pipe. This proves useless, and soon, the Fire H-Spirit is revealed. Takuya Scans it in the D-Scanner, and Evolves into Agnimon, who deleted Cerberumon, scans his Digi-Code, and later, returns the Digi-Code into land.

 Episode 02:
Pagumon Evolves to Raremon
After becoming crazy for Junpei's chocolate, one of the Pagumon gets so angered by Kouji that he Evolves to Raremon. He immediately starts throwing blasts everywhere, and Takuya gets an unsuccessful attempt at beating him. But this is because another Spirit is revealed...

The H-Spirit of Light allowed Kouji to Evolve into Wolfmon, the Legendary Warrior of Light.
Kouji + H-Spirit of Light = Wolfmon
As the Spirit is revealed, Kouji is knocked down into a hole. As he's falling, he glimpses the H-Spirit of Light, and Scans it. Thus, he Evolves to Wolfmon, and deletes Raremon, while Scanning his Digi-Code.

 Episode 03:
While trying to get to another Station, the Children meet up with Candlemon, who try and defeat them, because the Children speak of the Legendary Spirits, which the Candlemon believe are now gone. Takuya is quick to become Agnimon, but this isn't enough proof for the Candlemon, and Agnimon is not enough to beat 2 of them...

The H-Spirit of Ice allowed Tomoki to Evolve into Chakmon, the Legendary Warrior of Ice.
Tomoki + H-Spirit of Ice = Chakmon
In attempt to save Agnimon, Tomoki flings water at the 2 Candlemon from a nearby river. This doesn't bother them much, and with desperation, Tomoki finds his Ice H-Spirit, which allows him to Evolve in Chakmon, and help Agnimon. However, Chakmon doesn't actually fight to win, he alerts Agnimon in times of need...

Candlemon Evolves to Wizardmon
After Chakmon beats one of the 2 Candlemon, the other is so angry that he Evolves in a Wizardmon. Chakmon is powerless against him, but with his directions, Agnimon is able to beat Wizardmon, Scans his Digi-Code (thus Wizardmon becomes Candlemon again), then, returns the Digi-Code into a bridge. However, the other Candlemon tell the Children that all this was a test...

 Episode 04:
A quiet Digimon who's fighting power isn't that high. Their village is constantly under attack of Mushroomon, and it lost it's beauty. The Floramon almost stop trying to take care of the village, but, however, once Izumi helps, the Mushroomon come back...

The Mushroomon always disturb the Floramon and attack them and their village whenever they feel like it. However, Izumi steps in the middle, and slaps the leader... hard on his face, because he's not respecting others, and because he's bullying the Floramon. The Mushroomon's hobby seems to be destroying Floramon's village, and they're very powerful for Rookies.

The H-Spirit of Wind allowed Izumi to Evolve into Fairymon, the Legendary Warrior of Wind.
Izumi + H-Spirit of Wind = Fairymon
Enraged that the Mushroomon are always beating up the poor Floramon and destroying their village, Izumi manages to find her H-Spirit of Wind, and Evolves in Fairymon. She starts beating up the 3 Mushroomon, and, when she seems to have won, the 3 Mushroomon come back for revenge!

Mushroomon Evolves to Woodmon
In anger, the 3 Mushroomon jump on each other, and Evolve together to become a larger version of Woodmon. That means he's more powerful too. Fairymon is quite powerless against him, and becomes Izumi once again. However, Kouji shows up, Evolves in Wolfmon, defeats Woodmon, absorbs the DigiCode, and restores the Village to normal. Woodmon became the 3 Mushroomon again, who are sorry for what they've done. Wolfmon becomes Kouji again, and leaves...

 Episode 05:
The Kokuwamon work hard at the "Wind Factory", as they're Snimon's slaves. Their peacefulness caused them problems, as they couldn't fight in order to protect their homes. One of them befriends Junpei, and tells him to believe in himself, which Junpei gradually learns to do.

The Minomon seem to be cute little Digimon that hang off any ceiling with the sting on their heads, but they're really being controlled by Snimon and they're also spies for him. Everytime they speak, they say "mino" at the end of the sentence -- "This is the Factory of Wind, mino!"

Under the control of Snimon, the Goblimon order the Kokuwamon around, and follow Snimon's orders. It took Fairymon, Chakmon, Agnimon and Wolfmon to defeat them, but even then, the Goblimon resisted. After Blitzmon defeated Snimon, the Goblimon ran away, never to be seen again...

His annoying attack defeats the tired-out Hybrid Digimon, and he controls Goblimon and orders Kokuwamon around. His spies are Minomon, and he lives in luxury, having hundreds of workers working for him. However, he is outmatched by Blitzmon...

The H-Spirit of Thunder allowed Junpei to Evolve into Blitzmon, the Legendary Warrior of Thunder.
Junpei + H-Spirit of Thunder = Blitzmon
In order to fight and feel useful, Junpei tries to distract Snimon. In the process, he finds the hidden H-Spirit of Thunder, which he uses to become Blitzmon. He manages to absorb Snimon's attack, and without any more delay, he defeats Snimon and Scans his DigiCode.