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NOTE: All Downloads are Unavailable
MZ Networks -- FTP
Well now, I decided to open up an FTP server for all of my visitors. There's no way I'd be able to host files on Tripod, and, until I get a Domain, I'll be hosting one on my own PC. Please follow my rules, so that you and other people will be able to use the FTP!!

Note: The FTP won't be online all the time.
Hope that the downloads work, and enjoy!! And download one file at a time please, or I'll have to ban you or remove the FTP. Also note that you have to right-click and click Save Target As for it to work.

There aren't lots of rules, but by respecting them, you can enjoy the FTP and make sure that others enjoy it too!!

About accelerators like FlashGet; I'm not sure they actually work, but if they do, and if you have to use them, please make sure that they are set at a 60-second pause before re-trying to get the file, and make sure that you run only one connection, otherwise, you'll get banned.

That's all, if I think of another rule I'll put it up. Please respect the rules!!!
What's Online? (right-click and save target as...)
Digimon Tamers
10/ The Icemon Cometh
11/ Much Ado About Musyamon
12/ Divided They Stand
28/ Blame it on Ryo
29/ Goliath
30/ The Imperfect Storm
31/ Kazu's Upgrade
32/ Shibumi Speaks
33/ Rabbit Transit
34/ Lionheart
35/ Give it a Little Bit
36/ The Battle Within
37/ No Mon is an Island
38/ Azulongmon Explains All
39/ Song of Sakuyamon
40/ Janyu's Ark
41/ Homeward Bound
42/ Reunion
43/ Beelzemon's Big Day
44/ The Messenger
45/ The D-Reaper's Disguise
46/ When is a Mon Justimon?
47/ His Kingdom for a Horse
48/ Shadow of the Beast King

Japanese Episode 49
Japanese Episode 50
Japanese Episode 51

Digimon Frontier
Episode 1 & English Subtitled
Episode 2 & English Subtitled
Episode 3 & English Subtitled
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Frontier Opening
Frontier Ending

Misc & Evolution Clips
Evolution to Agnimon
Evolution to Chakmon
Evolution to Fairymon
Evolution to Wolfmon
Evolution to Blitzmon

Evolution to Gigasmon

Matrix Digivolution - Rapidmon, Taomon & WarGrowlmon
by MZ: Biomerge!! (All 3 Digimon Biomerge simultaneously)
Biomerge to Gallantmon
Biomerge to MegaGargomon
Biomerge to Sakuyamon

Season 1: Now Apocalymon
Season 2: Stone Soup
Season 2: Digimon World Tour Part 1
Season 2: Digimon World Tour Part 3
Season 2: Invasion of the Daemon Corps
Season 2: Dark Sun, Dark Spore

WinZip Needed
Wonderswan Colour Emulator
Digimon Cathode/Anode Tamer: Veedramon Version

Shakira - MusicVideo - "Underneath Your Clothes"
Shakira - MusicVideo - "Whenever Wherever"
Shakira - Music - "Eyes Like Yours"
Shakira - Music - "Ready for the Good Times"

Sophie Ellis Bextor - MusicVideo - "Murder on the Dance Floor"

Britney Spears - MusicVideo - "I'm not a Girl not yet a Woman"