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Pokemon of the
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Pokemon MZ is a great game, where you can show off, by winning all 16 MZ Badges, defeating the MZ League, and also showing your skills. When you win, you/your site will be linked here, and you can do anything you want with the badges! To subscribe, mail me in the link above, and then.....
1) Mail me and specify the 6 Starting Pokemon you want. They must be basic/prevolution (baby) and not all legendary. You get them all Level 5, and I will send you their pics, and when you reach a current state, evolve them. More details when you mail me.
2) When you first mail me, give me a UserName so I can record your progress by the name. Then, whenever you mail me, as a Subject, give me the UserName.
3) You get to battle all 16 GymLeaders, one by one, by skill. Always different, like "Draw a Picture" or "Write a Story" etc...
4) When you win, all pokemon get more levels, and if they don't LevelEvolve, I give you an Evolution Fragment, more details to follow. What are you waiing for? Mail me to begin!!!

Download Pokemon of
the Unknown

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