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Pichu's Pokemon Site
What are Pokemon?
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For you who don't know about Pokemon, read here to discover what makes us fans like these cretures


Imagine a world like ours. With wars, peace and all the rest. But take away the animals, and insert the Pokemon! For these pokemon (There are 251!) have taken animals' place, and insted of school, any child of 10 years can take one of these pokemon, and set off in an adventure with them. The quest is simple (and difficult), you have to catch all 251 Pokemon and become Best Pokemon Master of the World! But before, you must get all 8 badges (16 in the Gold/Silver Games). And everything is decided from Pokemon Battles - the winner of the battle is the winner of the discussion!

All this Pokemon Frenzy began from three GameBoy Games - Pokemon Red, Blue and Green. These Games were released in Japan, but only Red and Blue were officially translated in English, and reached out to the world. Green remained in Japan, and was not 'inaugurated' by the world. But anyone would suspect Pokemon Green of existing. In Pokemon Blue and Red you get three starting Pokemon: Charmandar, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Now, on the Pokemon Red covering, there is Charizard - fully evolved form of Charmandar, and on the Blue covering there is Blastoise - fully evolved from Squirtle. And Venusaur, well, he is the on the Green covering, as Bulbasaur's evolved form. As explained above, in these games you have to catch them all (you need to trade) and recover all 8 badges to become Pok?ster.

Then came the TV episodes that have enchanted lots and lots and lots (over 2,000,000) of kids all over the world! The TV episode is about a young trainer named Ash Ketchum, and his starter Pokemon is Pikachu, the most loved Pokemon in the world! So Nintendo released Pokemon Yellow - Pikachu Edition. In this game, the only thing that changes is your starter pokemon, it is Pikachu. But otherwise it is the same (the graphics are better).

Then, Wizards of the Coast released the Trading Card Game, which is played all over the world too, featuring Pokemon Card Battles. This inspired Ninendo to create Pokemon Trading Card Game (GameBoy Version). In this game, collect 8 badges and over 200 cards!

The newest release is Pokemon Gold/Silver which are about to be officially Translated in English, and they will feature ALL 251 Pokemon, Day/Night, Mobile Calls, and More! The Pokemon Encyclopedia (Pokedex) records pokemon information, and your quest is to fill it! Even Movies are currently being released, and so, Pokemon are really taking over the world. Gotta catch 'em all!