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Pichu's Pokemon Site
Emulators, Roms and Downloads
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Emulators are files you need to play the roms (Pokemon GameBoy Games) on your PC!
Oh, download the roms at your own risk. I am NOT responsable for anything that happens. (Sorry, it's the law)

Most of my Roms are in English. If you want any rom, e-mail me so I can see what I can do. For most ROMs you need WinZip. Download it from:

To use the Emulators and Roms, you need the Instructions. Click below to dowload Version 1.0!

Click here to download Readme version 1.0

Click here to download Pokemon Pinball Guide

Click here to download great Pokemon music and slogans

Click here to download 3 Cool Pokemon Fonts



Pokemon Yellow (Rom) 100% English

Pokemon Trading Card Game (Rom) 100% English

Pokemon Pinball (Rom) 100% English)

Pokemon Blue (Rom) 100% English

Pokemon Red (Rom) 100% English

Hgb Emulator (Needed for Roms)

No$Gmb Trading Colour Emulator (Needed for Pinball Rom)