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So you think you know all about Pokemon? Let's see. Reply to these 30 Questions by e-mail (Click below) and recieve One of 3 Prizes - Super, Normal or Fail. In the e-mail, write all the answers and write your e-mail and (if possible) WebSite. Enjoy it!

Click here to e-mail me your 30 answers. You will recieve your prize in a span of 3 to 6 days.


About Pokemon
01) If drawn all black, it looks like a ball...
02) Unsure if it is a flower or animal...
03) Although it looks like a star, the Pokedex classifies it as Mysterious...
04) Very common pokemon in Red/Blue/Yellow...
05) If you spot one, there are 20 others in the zone...
06) You need the MasterBall for this powerful Red/Blue/Yellow Pokemon...
07) Pokemon is short for...
08) Pichu is visible in blue/red/yellow (True/False)
09) Ho-oh and Lugia are only available in gold/silver (True/False)
10) 3 Legendary Dog Statues...

TV Episodes
11) Misty joins Ash because she loves him (True/False)
12) The Pokedex is programmed by Prof. Oak (True/False)
13) Ash wins the Pokemon League of Indigo Plateau (True/False)
14) Brock hates girls (True/False)
15) In the TV Episodes pokemon from Gold/Silver are seen (True/False)

16) Gary is the main charachter (True/False)
17) Ash's mom has a Mr.Mime (True/False)
18) Ash's father is Lt. Surge (True/False)
19) Richie beats Ash because of Charizard at Indigo Plateau (True/False)
20) Ash beat even Lance (True/False)

Other Questions
21) Nintendo created GameBoy games of Pokemon (True/False)
22) Ash's first pokemon is ...
23) Ash owns a Pidgey?
24) Misty evolves her Psyduck?
25) Brock has a Ninetales?
26) Richie has Sparky or Shocky as a Pikachu?
27) Ash's Pikachu hates pokeballs?
28) Ash's Snorlax is tiny?
29) Tracey owns AzueMarril?
30) Charizard obeys Ash (in the End)?