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Pichu's Pokemon Site
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I'm sorry to say that I won't update P.P.S anymore, as Tripod is abit faulty, but it will remain on the web for always. I have another site, MZ Translations, with info. on Pokémon, Digimmon and PlayStation. There you can also find the latest updates on Pokémon of the 2890, more hacks and loads of information, including my final version of 251 Pokédex!!! Click on the link below or visit Be sure to BookMark it!

21/01/2001 Released my Hack and information on my other!

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Welcome to Pichu's Pokemon Site! Please press Ctrl + D to bookmark my site. If you have any comments or requests, feel free to e-mail me on:
Thank you for visiting my site! Enjoy!

I'm sorry to say that I have stopped my pokédex, but if you can send me info and pics on any pokémon, I will gladly accept it and post in on my new version. I have added my hack and hopefully pokémon Gold/Silver. Enjoy it!

Pichu's Pokemon Site

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(Welcome to my site!! It's all about Pokemon!)

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