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TV Guide - Cast
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If you're a really new comer to the world of Pokemon, the TV episodes have some people who make up the episodes... Meet the TV Cast!

Ash Ketchum
of Pallet Town. On his 10th birthday, he starts training pokemon in his long journey, and dreams of becoming Pokemon Master (he loses in Indigo Plateau). He doesn't catch lots of Pokemon.
P.P.S Rating:- 10.0

One of the 4 Cerulean Gym Sisters, and loves Water Pokemon. Joined Ash because he broke her bike (Episode 1) and there is a rumor about she loving Ash....
P.P.S Rating:- 09.5

Pewter City Gym leader. Loves girls, Joys and Jennys. Likes rock pokemon and was given his Vulpix by a girl he adored. Gives good info on where to go next to Ash.
P.P.S Rating:- 08.0

Ash's Rival and admired by girls. Doesn't admit defeat and thinks he's the best. Oak's nephew, he always gets the better of Ash.
P.P.S Rating:- 07.5

Professor Oak
Old, but understands, loves and works hard for Pokemon. He knows almost all about them, and helps Ash during his journey. He likes both Gary and Ash.
P.P.S Rating:- 08.0

Team Rocket
The 3 primary charachters:- Jesse (thinks she's the most beautiful), James (blue-haired guy) and Meowth (Talking Cat). T.R try to capture Pikachu everyu time they see him but always fail. The Boss (Viridian Gym Leader) gets angry with them, as they never capture good Pokemon.
P.P.S Rating:- 07.5
The most loved Pokemon, Pikachu resents Ash in the beginning of the Adventure, but soon gets over it and is a great companion and Best Friend to Ash. Hates Pok?lls.
P.P.S Rating:- 09.5

Finding this rare pokemon's egg, almost every charachter took care of it's hatching, but (unfairly) Misty holds it. Like Pikachu, it doesn't have a Pok?ll.
P.P.S Rating:- 09.0

Follows the gang after Misty tries to catch it. It did not know how to sing, but when it learnt, everything sleeps. So Ash & Co. try to evitate Jigglypuff, as when it sings, it becomes frustrated that no-one listens to its song.
P.P.S Rating:- 08.5


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